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buffalogirl71 03-02-2012 06:21 PM

stomach pain
Hi. I appreciate any help with this. Last summer I started having a problem with diarrehea. I thought I had colitis but I was told instead that my ovary was pushed back and that may be causing the problem but probably not. The doctor was not able to do the surgery to move the ovary back where it needed to be(idiot) and I have been more constipated lately and just noticed a huge area above my belly button that is really hard, like I have abs of steel which I do not. I have gained substantial weight lately and it's all in my belly. Could this be some type of cyst? Any ideas what this could be? My abdomen area looks really swollen and my pants are really tight around the waist. It is really hard to find a doctor around here so my only hope is to go the emergency room and I feel so stupid doing that.

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