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Jeff380 08-09-2012 09:01 AM

New. Chrons disease 6 years. Afraid of Colon Cancer.
I have chrons disease and have had loose and water stools for about 5 years. Occasionally I'll see a very small bit of blood after I'm done silk g. Never on the stool or in the water. Recently I have had to episodes of pain in my lower left groin minutes before a solid bm ( which is then followed j Stanton by a soft/ watery BM. I'm worried I might have an obstruction. During these two episodes of cramp/pressure pain I had no bleeding and the stool Assad soft brown, as it always is. Normally my stools are loose and broken apart, sorta soft and look flat. Could this just be because they arnt formed enough to hold their shape coming out? If I had an obstruction would I hurt every time instead of these two episodes ? Perhaps just a log jam situation? Also with colon cancer would my bleeding be more pronounced instead of the twice a month pencil streak on my toilet paper? I get regular blood tests and they never show anemia, which would be indicative of invisible bleeding from he right colon. I think I might of read too much and scared myself. The GP and GI were not concerned with my bleeding or blood counts. I first noticed the pencil streak blood in Feb, idnassume is show signs of anemia by now if it were hidden

I'm 24. Chrons Disease in small intestine. No family history colon cancer but IBD is known in two immediate relatives.

Sorry for spelling and format. Posted on my phone. :(

jacktwo 10-16-2012 01:30 PM

Re: New. Chrons disease 6 years. Afraid of Colon Cancer.
get your doctor to prescribe you azathioprine. its an immunosuppresant drug (pills) that will stop your anti bodies attacking your bowels, which is basically what crohns is - your body thinks your bowels dont belong there, so they attack. thats how you get inflamation and pains and bleeding in the colon which shows in your pooh.

try that drug. with some people, that drug alone is not enough. theres another drug called infliximab (liquid drug injected via infusion machine into your blood - i have mine every 2 months. takes 1 hour) which you can take alone, or with azathioprine. this attaches itself to the inner walls or something of your bowels and effectively heals and stops inflamation and crohns pain attacks.

ive been on aza for over 1 year and now infliximab for just under a year. i have no pains, i am in remission. I have not had an attack for over a year. I can gain weight back easily and i dont get blood when poohing anymore, poohing myself in my sleep anymore, and no more liquid poohs. only big healthy long fat ones and easy to pop out.

these x2 drugs imo are the ONLY things you need to do to fix crohns for your lifetime. its a genetic disease that has no cure, so you are with it for life and thus must take these drugs for life. but these drugs are fine, they only fix and bring you back to the health u need to be. they dont damage in any other way for most people who have tried them.

go ahead and take this post on a print out to your consultant / doctor who is dealing with your case and get them to give you these x2 drugs. everyone with crohns in the UK gets these. if you are not in the UK and he / she says no. pack your bags and move to the UK for a crohns free life for free on the NHS, so long as you pay your tax and national insurance by doing a legit job - thanks! :)

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