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Rickhard 10-19-2004 07:36 AM

Eating ground flax seed increases the red blood cells ability to transport oxygen
Hi. I read this on the net. My experience has made me believe it is true. I started eating ground flax seed on June 21, 2004. I eat a half cup or more a day. Since I started eating flax my ability to do aerobic exercise has increased from forty five minutes a session four or five times a week to ninety or more minute sessions five or six times a week. My lifetime best is two hours and sixteen minutes and thirty three seconds. That was after eating flax. The only previous time I rode the bike for two hours before flax was when I was taking a liquid oxygen supplement called Oxybuild 1200. I regularly ride the bike for over an hour and a half now. When I was taking the oxygen supplement I only rode the bike for forty five minutes except for the one day I rode it longer to test it. Before flax I was riding the bike no longer than forty five minutes. One day I rode it for an hour and it was too much. I was tired the next day. I stopped taking the Oxybuild 1200 about seven years ago. It was expensive and then it went off the market. If you can do any aerobic exercise at all and you start eating the ground flax your endurance and abilities will increase substantially, I believe. I'm not familiar with CF. I'm an asthmatic and the ground flax has helped a lot with that. I've had bike rides of two hours and six minutes, two hours and eight minutes, also. I began riding the bike longer than forty five minutes on a regular basis because it just got too easy. I didn't feel like I had really done anything at the forty five minute mark. Please learn more about flax. Eating the ground flax seed will imrpove your overall health. It's loaded with Omega 3 essential fatty acids. It has many health benefits. I cook the ground flax with my oats. They taste great together. Cooking is okay as long as you don't go over 350 f degrees. Good luck.

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