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cezzy 11-21-2012 02:36 AM

How close to the final stages are they? Help! I dont want to miss it.
Hi all,
I have been reading alot about the 10 signs that death is imminate (happy reading I know) but I am trying to get an idea how long my nana has left as all of the signs noted tend to be for people who have cancer or brain tumors.
My mum is still with me and I love her but my nana raised me and to some degree I have a more daughter relationship with her then my actual mum. This makes this 100x harder.
This is the situation.
My nana has suffered with dementia for around 10 years now. 4/5 years ago she had to go into a nursing home, around 10 months ago she was put into the high dependancy wing. On the 20.10.12 I received a call to say nana had broken her femur in the middle (they have no idea how) but think she may have done it the day before as she wouldnt get up (she sometimes has moods like this). She was operated on on the 22.10.12. She then spent 2 weeks in hospital, due to refusing food and water (on a drip type thing inserted under the skin not in a vein) and her bloods where out of wack. She was moved back to her home on the 5.11.12. They where managing to get her out of bed using the hoist and she was having a little fluid and a couple of mouthfuls of food each meal time if we where lucky.
This saturday she seemed to have a good day ate loads and had more than the usual fluids, but on sunday she refused to get out of bed saying she was in pain and refused all food/ drink besides a little sip of juice to take pain releif. When me and my husband went in to see her she didnt even wake when we was talking and we didnt whisper. Monday the doc had to be called as she was refusing everything and complaining of pain, the doc put her on patches for the pain. Yesterday (20.11.12) doc had to be called again as she still in bed, not drinking/eating, so now docs have said that she needs to have this fluid bag given again but if she doesnt improve that the pathways route is the option. I just feel like they are delaying things and I am worried that she is closer to dying then we think?
Can anyone give me any idea from their own experiences/knowledge what to be expecting what happened with them. Sorry to go on.

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