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bubblegirl 01-07-2011 08:48 PM

Multiple Systems Atrophy
I don't know whether I'm posting this in the right section or not!?

My cousin has MSA (she is 65) At first she was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease about 2 years ago, but her symptoms rapidly got worse & recently they changed the diagnosis to MSA. It's apparently very rare & though some of the symptoms can be helped to some extent, there isn't a lot they can do for her in the long term.

I just wondered if anyone can give me any insight into this horrible disease? She is about to go into full time care because she now needs assistance with most basic things.

Thankyou for any input! :)

ssimme1 06-13-2011 10:06 PM

Re: Multiple Systems Atrophy
Can I ask how long it took for them to diagnose your cousin? My mother has been sick for four years with no diagnosis.

bubblegirl 06-13-2011 11:42 PM

Re: Multiple Systems Atrophy
My cousin was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease after about 6 months of rapidly worsening symptoms. She had left work about 2 months earlier because she had trouble walking & sitting long hours at the computer.

Unfortunately she has deteriorated a lot since my first post & is now in full time care. She is now in bed all the time & has trouble breathing & maintaining a stable blood pressure. Her speech is very difficult to understand too these days & she has to be fed- & then has difficulty swallowing.

We have been told that life expectancy after the first symptoms is about 7 years at the most, but she has had it for less than 3 years & it seems to be worsening at a very fast pace in her case. Her breathing is the biggest problem.

Does your mother have Parkinson's symptoms? Has she been examined by a Neurologist? Is she in care? I really hope that she doesn't have MSA & that you get some answers soon! ;)

ssimme1 06-14-2011 08:04 PM

Re: Multiple Systems Atrophy
She's been tested for Parkinson's and it was negative. My mom sits just fine, the only thing she does now is watch television, I am thoroughly sick of Fox News and Judge Judy. She has symptoms of about 8 different things, but they can't pin point it. She's seen multiple neurologists, including the top neurologist at Johns Hopkins, she seems him every six months right now. She lives at home with me and my dad, which gets to be a huge stress. It's been about five years now, I'm in my last year of college and the whole situation doesn't help. I think my family would settle for any diagnosis just so we could finally know.

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