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Scott9 10-07-2019 10:31 PM

Post extraction question (re: sore gum)

I just had a tooth extraction on previously root canaled tooth 12 days ago. I believe itís 18, second molar. The socket seems to be healing over nicely.

The gum on each side of the extraction site, is still swollen width wise, almost seems like if you had pushed the gums down and they widened out. The level at which they are widened/swollen has not gone done much post extraction. I donít get much pain from it, of course if I touch it and manipulate it it aches a bit and some pain but thatís the extent of it. And other then the feeling of I pushing against my inner cheek, its not bad, my concern is more so if this is normal, and Iím suspicious of either leftover infection or socket bone movement (if thatís even a thing?)

I took a course of antibiotics three weeks prior the procedure, and another 7 day course beginning two days prior to the procedure. Before the extraction I had developed a white pimple like bump on the gum in question, and when the tooth was pulled I saw the pus attached to the tooth.

I inquired with the dentist yesterday but havenít heard back just yet. I decided to finally post about it as I donít see anything online about this it seems. Even if the antibiotics and extraction helped could it still take time for things to clear up from chronic infection or should things have healed further by now and perhaps there is still infection of some sort?


MSNik 10-08-2019 06:21 AM

Re: Post extraction question (re: sore gum)
It sounds like you are still healing but wait for the dentist to call back. He or she may want you to do another course of antibiotics just to be sure... they can also bring you back in and do an Xray just to be sure that the teeth next to the extraction aren't showing signs of degeneration.

Try not to worry, you should have an answer today!

Scott9 10-08-2019 02:36 PM

Re: Post extraction question (re: sore gum)
Thanks MSnik!

I sent a photo and they feel it is healing nicely, however im still suspicious of the gum issue. I just don't see anything online about it and anything you read in terms of healing sounds like (in theory) I shouldn't be experiencing this two weeks in. The lack of bad pain makes it confusing as well.

If it was something that needed addressing I just don't want to let it drag on which is why i've searching for pics and info on healing extractions, but anything you search is dry socket unfortunately, typical internet. On the other hand it's not getting worse either. I will likely wait it out until the end of the week and if there is no change, good or bad, I will have them check it out in person.

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