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Immediate dentures HELP

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Old 01-19-2004, 12:24 PM   #1
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bunny53 HB User
Question Immediate dentures HELP

Hello to All--I have an appointment on Wednesday to see about dentures. My preference is the immediate dentures as I don't want to be without teeth since I'm in a very public environment (higher education). To say that I'm nervous is the understatement of the new millennium since I will opt to have all my teeth extracted. My biggest concern is how quickly one adapts to new patterns of speech. I understand that this is an individual adaptation, but what has been your experience? My plan is to take off the entire week in order to get accustomed to the new dentures in relative privacy, but eventually I will have to return to work. Will it be obvious after a week that something is radically different with my speech? The eating part is not so critical as I can compensate for that easily (and look forward to some weight loss). It's the speech part that has me concerned.

A very nervous Bunny53.

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Old 01-19-2004, 12:52 PM   #2
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Sandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB User
Re: Immediate dentures HELP

Bunny- speech is only part of the adaptation to dentures. The way I was instructed to work through this was to use a tape recorder and read and speak into it then play it back to myself. You feel that sound differently because of the way the sound is transmitted through your skull. To outsiders there may not be a noticable change in your speech. Good luck and feel free to ask questions.

Old 01-19-2004, 05:49 PM   #3
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mysticvenus HB User
Re: Immediate dentures HELP


I'm at my six week anniversary since I had all my teeth pulled (26 in all) and immediate dentures placed. I realize that it is a very difficult decision for you to make and I too was very scared and uncertain about what I was doing. It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for the last six weeks but things are really starting to smooth out. The dentures will feel a little like two bricks in your mouth at first. Forget trying to chew anything the first two weeks. Stock up on soup, yogurt, pudding and Boost. I did'nt have too much trouble with the talking department once the swelling went down. S and F gave me a little problem but I found the more I practiced the better is was. Your tongue has to relearn how to form some of the sounds but really you will find it more noticable than anybody else. I had my extractions done on a Monday and took the whole week of work too. By the following Monday, I was back and work and I too spend most of my day talking. Everybody where I work knew I was having the surgery done but they all said that they couldn't tell any difference in my speech. What they have noticed is a renewed sense of self esteem. I dress better and have starting taking better care of myself. You will do great!!!! It will take some adjustment and you may feel down for awhile. It is an emotional experience. One thing that I did was to take pictures of my mouth before I had my surgery. When I would start to get depressed or fustrated about what I was going through I would look that those pictures and then look at my new smile. It would raise my spirits. Reading the posts here has helped me alot too. It is comforting to know that other people have gone through this. One suggestion, buy yourself a couple bags of frozen peas. They make great ice bags.

Let me know how it all comes out.

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petengretta HB User
Re: Immediate dentures HELP

Hi. I'm 32 and on Feb. 17 I am having ALL of my teeth extracted, upper & lower 26 teeth, That is all I have left out of 32! I have had dental issues since childhood. To look at my teeth they look okay {not great but not brown & broken off} they are always causing constant pain and cold air kills me!I am so afraid of the pain for the first few days that I TRY to NOT THINK about it or I will "chicken" out and regret it when the funds are spent & the NEXT tooth ache comes along. I go next week for my immediate denture & am so afraid that I want get "USE" to them and that the pain will be so bad & the swelling taht I will BEG to take them out for a while {few LONG minutes} and then not be able to get them back in. How long do I have to heal before I can try adheiseves to help me get through my "honey moon" stage until I can adapt? So many FEARS that I want to cry & say JUST DEAL WITH THE TOOTH ACHES but in reality I KNOW this is best. Could someone tell me EXACTLY HOW LONG & HOW BAD the PAIN is from the extractions? I am really very scared, my teeth have hurt so bad I brush & rinse with WARM water, avoid dentist, and went to see this surgeon about the extractions because my husband says the PAIN is unnecessary & could be over in a few days FOREVER and that I make his life PAINFUL when I have my tooth aches :-) Any info. would be appreciated. What is the diffrence in "economy", "custom" & "premium" dentures? Is it the money or is it the quality of "teeth?" {dentures!} Hugs, Gretta AKA the BIG chicken

Old 01-22-2004, 05:28 AM   #5
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Sandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB User
Re: Immediate dentures HELP

Gretta- you are facing one of the biggest decisions of your life. Removing your unhealthy teeth solves one problem, getting dentures to replace them creates another.Dentures take time to get used to. There will many trips back to the dentist until you are comfortable. This is especially true with immediate dentures. The fit of immediates is guesswork at best. You have to have a clear agreement with your dentist about how often he is willing to see you for adjustments and how quickly he will respond to your needs. During my initial adjustment period there were weeks where I saw the dentist almost every day. We both anticipated this and were prepared for it. You must also be mentally and emotionally prepared for this change.
As for the differences between the various prices of dentures I am not totally sure- I imagine it has to do with the amount of imagination and skill used to create the dentures. From what I have heard the materials are a small part of the cost of a quality set of dentures. Perhaps you could ask the dentist if he could put you in touch with someone around your age that he has supplied dentures for. I am sure you something that looks natural and appropriate for your age.

Old 02-14-2004, 12:10 AM   #6
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moylan69 HB User
Re: Immediate dentures HELP

well im 34, in California, had all upper and lowers yanked about 2 years ago. best darned decision i've made to date.

Speech? not a problem really. you'll get used to it quickly enough. pronouncing your S's and C's will make you sound like you talk with a lisp, but eh, minor details. hell week is rough. LOL you will hate that. but when it's over and done with. you wont mind.

Some things you will miss. like being able to just tear into a piece of meat or bite into an apple but i cut it up. so what.

I had them all yanked in about 3 days. did lowers first. then uppers. they will take the impressions about a week before if they're good. that gives the lab time to make them and get them back to you....

oh yeah, im still on my original set too. yeah they're a tad loose and denture rite sure comes in handy HAHA but it's not to bad. all in all i'd recommend anyone who has bad teath, yank em and be done with it.

Dont be no hero with the pain meds. if you've got em, take em. after the healing week. what we call hell week is over, you'll be just fine. you'll be eating soups for about 2 weeks or so and soft foods, very soft foods. dont chew at this point, just put it in your mouth and swallow it. Small bites that is.

hope that helps you.

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Old 02-16-2004, 08:18 AM   #7
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SnJmom HB User
Re: Immediate dentures HELP

HI Bunny , I just had my teethe done january 22, I am so glad I did . I will not lie and say it doesnt hurt It did , But it is all worth it in the end. I was really sore the first week or so , But your dentist should give you pain meds. It did feel funny at first but i am getting more and more used to it. It hasnt even been a month yet and i feel like they are already a part of me, I love the results, I smile alot more, Have no pain and thats the best, It has overall changed me for the better. I know you are nervous and i was too , Beleive me , But you will be fine im sure, Do as the dentist says and all should go fine, I think its great you are takeing a week off so you can heal and stuff. I beleive i had to wait 4 days before going back and him takeing the dentures out, It hurt but im still here , LOL .I wish you luck and if you have anymore questions im sure someone will get back to you on the boards, I had so many nice people help me dureing my post procedure. I will keep checking this post to see how you are doing. Good luck .

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