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dd50 01-25-2004 09:06 AM

I.V. Sedation while on Toprol? Scared!!
Hi all,

I'm really worried about having the I.V. solution with taking Toprol for my heart arrythmias!

I'm on 50 mg. of toprol and it slows my heart rate down and cuts down on the amount of andreneline I produce ( I overproduce). I'm fairly worried that by having 'another' type of sedation on top of the meds I'm on ... will be too much for me, and slow my heart down TOO much.

I'm scheduled to have 1 wisdom (bottom left) tooth out on Tuesday, but I've not seen this oral surgeon before, I'm a new patient ... and want to be able to sit down and talk to him a bit before he removes it, do you think he'll take the time to do that? I'm in severe pain in between my dose of aspirin/tylenol, and don't want to put this off any longer ... but I also don't want to just go in there, and have them pull it before knowing of my medical history.

They do know that I have mitral valve prolapse ... and that I have to pre-medicated ... but I'm also on meds for high blood pressure ... and that also scares me .. and I don't think I've told them that yet.

I intend to call them tomorrow and talk to the nurse (or whoever it is I talk to).
The problem is that I just had an infection in that tooth ... and I finished the antibiotics a week ago, but now the pain has started up again, and I'm afraid that the infection is back! I only have $600.00 a year in dental coverage, and have used $100 of that all ready for a visit to my local dentist and 2 x-rays. The cost of the I.V. sedation and extraction witll be, $350.00, plus office call, so as you can see, I'll be using just about all of my coverage up for the year. If I wait, and just go in for a consult and x-rays ... to see if the infection is back, I may not have enough to cover the actual extraction! UGH!!

Any suggestions .. thoughts?

Also: I'm taking aspirin every 4 hours .... will that cause a problem with my 'clotting' after the tooth is out? When would you suggest I stop them?

Thanks a bunch everybody!

Ann123 01-25-2004 09:38 AM

Re: I.V. Sedation while on Toprol? Scared!!
[QUOTE=dd50]Hi all,

Our oral surgeon always talks to us before extracting to find out what is going on. They know the risks of what they are doing and get a medical history before starting. I would not let them extract without insisting they know all that is going on with you. I would prepare a list of everything you want to mention and check it off as you mention it as it is so easy to forget something. Can you ask your medical doctors opinion as well? Also I would ask the nurse when you call about the aspirin. If the tooth is still infected they may not want to extract it yet. Good luck to you.

letsconnect 01-25-2004 09:56 PM

Re: I.V. Sedation while on Toprol? Scared!!
Hi Dee,
I'd say try and get rid of the infection first... depending on how complex the extraction is, but if it's fairly straightforward, you could get it extracted with local anaesthetic alone rather than IV if you're scared of IV... the thing is, local anaesthetic isn't effective when an infection is present, because pH is lowered... so you should really get rid of the infection first, even if it takes a number of courses of antibiotics... don't be afraid to tell your surgeon about your concerns, and only go ahead if you're 100% satisfied that the procedure will be safe and not too uncomfortable... hope this helps

dd50 01-26-2004 05:31 AM

Re: I.V. Sedation while on Toprol? Scared!!
Hi Ann,

Yes, I've decided to call the dentist office early this morning .. and explain my concerns to the receptionist, and determine if I should come in for a consultation, exam and x-rays first .. to make sure it's ok to go ahead and extract them. For some reason, I get the feeling that they just want to get them out no matter what .. and they're the ONLY oral surgeon that will take a deposit and bill our insurance. :(

I'll also ask nurse about aspirin .. I HAD to take some last night, it's the only thing that would stop the HORRIBLE pain that started up again.

Thanks for responding! :)


dd50 01-26-2004 05:38 AM

Re: I.V. Sedation while on Toprol? Scared!!
Hiya Letsconnect,

Well, as far as I know .. the extraction is fairly straight forward. My teeth aren't impacted .. that is to say they're both right there .. like all my teeth, completely through the gums.

I can't use local anaesthetic, because of my heart ... can't take the eprinephrine, cause it causes heart palpitations in me. Soooo .. I'm stuck with the I.V. sedation. I've considered not going completely under ... that way if there's a problem, they can bring me up faster. Not sure .. but will discuss that with them. And yeah ... I need to make positively sure that there's no infection first .. before they extract. I just have this weird feeling that they don't care, they just want to get me in there and get me out. :rolleyes:

Will be talking to nurse this morning ...


dentalnitemare 01-29-2004 09:58 PM

Re: I.V. Sedation while on Toprol? Scared!!
if you don't feel comfortable go with that gut feeling you have and maybe go to another dentist reguardless of the money.It's well worth it in the end.Better safe than sorry especially when it comes to your health.Good luck I'm having some dental problems myself and don't have any insurance so I understand the money situation very well.

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