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espareges 04-17-2004 01:38 PM

New retainer, new braces. Problems. What to do?
I had braces when I was 14 years old. It was great. My teeth were aligned perfectly. My bite was great. As a "retainer", my orthodontist gave me this clear plastic thing that only held the four upper front teeth. On my lower set of teeth, I had a permanent wire retainer.

Four years later, I lost the clear plastic retainer while overseas. A gap formed between my two front teeth.

I tried to contact my orthodontist, but found out that he retired. What to do? I went into the dentist office next door and asked for a referral of some kind. They pointed me to another orthdontist nearby.

So I went. I thought that I only needed a new retainer. So this orthodontist made a plastic retainer with a wire on it and attached two "hooks" that would force the two front teeth together. It brought them together, but for some reason, it made one of the front teeth go upwards. That is, one teeth was now shorter than the other.

The orthodontist decided to put on brackets and wires. Braces. Again. I was 18 at the time. He thought that with the braces, it would bring down the other tooth. Now, he only put brackets on the front four teeth. He also tied the two front teeth together with a flexible wire.

Oh boy. BIG problems occurred. Because he tied the two front teeth together so tightly, this caused the other teeth around it to rotate and protrude outwards.

So now he put braces on all of my upper teeth. (NOTHING was being done to my lower teeth.)

Okay, fine. The teeth are rotating back into place. But I notice a new problem which he doesn't seem to be aware of. My front teeth protrude outwards! And when I bite, my front lower teeth hits my front upper teeth. So, my back teeth don't "lock together". (He does not notice this because when I sit in the dentist chair, my head is leaning back and my teeth seem to fall into place. This is not the case when I am upright.) Also, I notice that the front teeth that had gone "up" is now doing it again. One front teeth is shorter than the other.

What should I do at this point? It appears that I have wasted two years (I am now 20) for a seemingly simple problem. I have been getting the feeling that this orthodontist does not know what he is doing... And I am beginning to hate the braces. (Is it possible to switch to the InvisAlign? And would I have to pay more money, since I already paid for these braces? I paid like $1700. Don't have insurance.) And I can't bite properly.... ...Should I ask to get braces on my lower set off teeth, so it would help "align" all of my teeth?

As a side note, I am thinking of getting my wisdom teeth removed. My lower teeth are getting crowded and they aren't as aligned as before.

ysco 04-17-2004 05:32 PM

Re: New retainer, new braces. Problems. What to do?
I think you should set up an appointment with the same orthodontist, or perhaps a new and a more experienced one and refer your questions and concerns to him. It's hard to advice you what to do without actually seeing the situation, not like I'm a dentist or an orthodontist but still... anyway, I had braces too a while back and I'm not quite sure my teeth aligned in an optimum way and my bite isnt perfect either, but I got used to it. Maybe you should try to, too...

martid 04-19-2004 08:08 PM

Re: New retainer, new braces. Problems. What to do?
Hey Espareges, it seems to me you do not seem to have any confidence in your orthodontist and with good reasons I might add. Instead of spending more money with him, why not get a second opinion?. Continuing with a bad bite could ruin all your teeth by wearing the enamel and cause all sorts of problems for you down the road, and costly ones at that, so get a second opinion, do not settle for mediocre work and especially not a bad bite. Good luck, keep us posted, Marti

espareges 04-26-2004 03:13 AM

Re: New retainer, new braces. Problems. What to do?
Hi. Thanks for the comments. Well, I had an appointment with a dentist (I've never had a regular dentist) earlier this week, and asked him to suggest an orthodontist for me. I've made an appointment with the new orthodontist for an exam next month. So, I'll have to wait... When I went to the dentist, he did show some concern about how long I've had these braces and what they were doing to my teeth. So hopefully the orthodontist I was referred to would help solve my problems.

jrm4337122 04-27-2004 03:22 PM

Re: New retainer, new braces. Problems. What to do?
good luck let use know how it goes

espareges 04-29-2004 12:47 PM

Re: New retainer, new braces. Problems. What to do?
Hey all.

I just came back from the orthodontist (I got an earlier appointment)... Things look grim. =\ He explained to me that 1) He doesn't use the type of braces/brackets that I have on my upper teeth. 2) I will have to get braces on my lower teeth to correct my bite. 3) I may have a problem with my jaw that is causing my strange bite. Which I don't quite understand... Why didn't my other previous orthodontist(s) see this?! Could it have developed over time?? Plus, he needs the records from my first orthodontist transferred over before he can make any other comments. I asked if he could give me an estimate of the costs, but the ortho' said that I had to wait until he could see my records. So, I have to wait until he gets the records, and then I can make another appointment.

I'm very worried about the costs. I've spent so much money on my teeth so far, and I certaintly don't want to pay for braces a third time (at least, not the FULL price). I was wondering if I could get a refund from the old orthodontist... Is that even possible? (And I'm still paying for these braces, at the moment.)

martid 04-29-2004 01:20 PM

Re: New retainer, new braces. Problems. What to do?
Hi Espareges, looks like you have a big problem and it sounds as if you bad bite was caused by the 2nd orthodontist. You can't keep braces forever, it could ruin your teeth (cause decalcification etc..).I definitely would not let another ortho. change my bite again until he saw my records and determined if I had that problem before or after the 2nd set of braces. If your present orthodontist determine the previous doc. screwed up and mis-aligned your teeth you could call the dental board and place a complaint and ask for guidance. But I feel it is rare for a dentist to go against another dentist. I would also contact the american board or orthodontics and get the name of a certified orthodontist in you area. You can do a search on the net. In the meantime, I would also contact the 2nd orthodontist and ask if you can get a partial refund any, or maybe he is willing to work with you on correcting the problem. You may even want to check if He is certified. I hope you resolve your problems. There are some discussion boards on cosmetic dentistry that let you ask questions and get answers to problems from live dentists this board won't allow me to give out the sites names, but you can read my words and do searches on the net, there are also prosthodontists with websites who let you ask questions and eventually post answers. You just have to do a little research. This is a great site and I refer friends to it, but there are no doctors on this site to help you with problems. Hope this helps Marti.d

espareges 04-30-2004 01:27 AM

Re: New retainer, new braces. Problems. What to do?

Thanks for the response. I went searching for those other message boards and found a couple. :] But, I'll wait and see what the new ortho' says about my teeth before posting any messages/questions on those boards.

The receptionist at my previous orthodontist said that the records should get to my new ortho' in a few days. So, I'll probably call the old ortho' late next week and ask about a (partial) refund.

I'm pretty sure that the old ortho' is certified. In fact, the brochure that I was given when I first went to him touted that he had all this experience and is concerned about his patients - yada, yada - and, now that I think about it, it just seems so "flashy" to me. ...During each appointment with him, he would just spend 5-6 minutes with me and then hop over to the next patient, letting the assistant do the rest of the work. Each time I went there, the exam seats were always full (there's 5 of them). This may (or may not?) be common in other practices, but I sometimes felt that things were rushed...

The orthodontist that I had when I was a teen (the first time I had braces) was not like this - it was a "mom and pop"-type of place: only he and his wife worked at that practice, and had very personal one-on-one care. (Plus they were super nice and explained everything to me and my mother... Do these types of orthodontists still exist?)

The new orthodontist seems fine... The exam room only has one seat - so I get the personal one-on-one care. (Unless, there are other exam rooms.) Oh, I forgot to write this in my other post. The new ortho' asked who the previous orthodontist was. I replied, and I was surprised to hear that they know each other. Hmmmmm. (The new ortho' resides in a different city than my old ortho'.)

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