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wideawakeinaz 07-20-2004 09:22 PM

question about deep cleaning
my deep cleaning, first ever, is this thursday and then next thursday is the 2nd cleaning. i was told when i made the appointment, that it was going to be done in 2 quads at a time, and will take about 1 hour to 90 minutes.

my question is this, when they do the teeth, will they do both the right side top and bottom or the left side top and bottom or will they do all the top and then all the bottom the next time or vice versa? i'm just trying to figure out, how they will do this or which teeth i should ask to get cleaned first. my main priority is my bottom front teeth, so i'm just wondering how this is usually done.

TootsieRoll 07-21-2004 07:27 PM

Re: question about deep cleaning
Hi There,

I just had the deep cleaning done a few months ago.. It is all well worth it. Your whole mouth feels so much better. My dentist did the upper and lower right side and then the next time the upper and lower left side. It usually depends on which gums need the most attention that they will do those first.

My dentist numbed me with novicane. I still felt some but it was ok.. The next few days after your mouth will be somewhat sore but take tylonol or advil.. Helps a bunch...

Good Luck!

crabbyroad 08-06-2004 02:13 PM

Re: question about deep cleaning
I have just gotten back from my dentist this am, and he wouldn't clean my teeth, is referring me to a perio for "deep cleaning", spoke the same that it can be done is 2 sessions, possibly 3, giving the gums time to heal between sessions. How painful are the stitches, post op stuff? I suffer extreme panic attacks, and was in sheer terror last week after one tooth was infected that I needed to get extracted. I have been bad about having my teeth cleaned on a regular basis, since some years back the numbing shot put me into a panic attack (had ephedrine?in it) when filling a cavity. Luckily last week, they found one that didnt have ephed in it, but they are talking about putting me to sleep via IV for the deep cleaning? Is this normal?

lateeth 08-06-2004 11:22 PM

Re: question about deep cleaning
If you are getting stitches that doesn't sound like a deep cleaning. I just had one on thursday(top and bottom on the same side...makes it easier to eat if just one side is numb). They use stitches when they do gum surgery (flap surgery where they actually flap back the gum and do an even deeper cleaning than a deep cleaning). the regular deep cleaning which my perio just did was scraping the tartar buildup under the gums...she first ran water inside the gum to get whatever gunk would come off that way and then used her tools to scrape all the tartar buildup of many, many years off. I had novacaine and i couldn't feel what she was doing (i felt the novacaine needle though but not bad). I wouldn't think you would need to have iv sedation for a deep cleaning. My teeth were really bad after all these years too. Maybe you should speak with your dentist a few days beforehand about your allergic reaction so they can be prepared with a drug which you can handle.

crabbyroad 08-07-2004 03:53 PM

Re: question about deep cleaning
Thanks Lateeth,

Yes the flap surgery is what he called it. Seems Im in the beginning moderate stage of periodontal disease, and he said they wanted to go below the gums for cleaning, hence the surgery. Im just more scared of being sedated and my panic disorder, the ride there (35 miles from home, and Im virtually housebound with my disorder) Im hoping no reactions, plus I just worry about any procedures or doctor's visits. :rolleyes:

kehorner 08-07-2004 06:11 PM

Re: question about deep cleaning
Crabbyroad- Perhaps you should ask for some sort of sedative pill to take before you leave the house to help with your panic disorder? It sounds like something you should talk about with the doc that handles the panic disorder.

lateeth 08-07-2004 07:05 PM

Re: question about deep cleaning
Hi Crabbyroad, if your dental situation is anything like mine, I don't think they would do a flap surgery without having the perio examine you first. That is several steps beyond some easier things they can do first. I went to a regular dentist first and he mentioned the flap surgery but for after the deep perio cleaning, not before. He would have done it himself but i preferred a specialist. I went to two specialists(perio) who examined me and took much more detailed xrays to see the extent of the problem before proceding with a plan. I read a bit and spoke with people about the flap surgery and found out that it can alter your gums. My perio does not think I should do that unless the deep cleaning and scaling does not work for me. I have very deep pockets (10-14mm) and had to have several teeth pulled.
Anyway, I do not know yet whether my perio's plan will work, but from all I have heard, jumping into a flap surgery first off is a bit hasty.
I am not trying to scare you, but from my experience, it would be important for the specialist to look at your teeth and your xrays first before going ahead with a plan of another dentist, especially one who is not specifically trained in advanced techniques.
I cannot qualm your anxiety of flap surgery as I have not had it, but if you do the deep scaling and planing, it was not at all difficult. Many times this is all that is needed to tighten the gums up enough and reduce the pocket size according to my dentist who is a professor at UCLA dental school so i hope she knows what she is talking about, anyway , i am betting my teeth on her.
Yes, some sort of sedative from your regular doctor might be in order so you can start off calm.
Call the dentist to see if this appt is just a consult, then you do not have to needlessly worry until you find out the plan.

lateeth 08-07-2004 07:09 PM

Re: question about deep cleaning
Also, crabbyroad, is there anyone around who can go with you to the appts. My husband is kindof useless except as a chauffer . He doesn't understand being scared. But my mom, even tho she is 90 and i am 57 would still go along to hold my hand, and that helps a lot.

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