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gympixie 10-28-2004 10:11 AM

WISDOM TEETH- so scared!!!!!!
Hi everyone! I'm new around here... Here's my deal. I'm 23, and I have all 4 wisdom teeth. 2 of them have poked through the gums already (bottom) , and the other 2 on the top haven't. I have no dental insurance, so getting these pulled will cost me about $1,900.

I have been to the oral surgeon this summer because my right bottom one was slightly infected. (had a little bit of pus/drainage coming out of top where skin covered tooth.) The oral surgeon said that it wasn't necessary that I had them pulled then. He said with teeth that poke through the gums, it is very common that they will become infected off and on. He said he can give me antibiotics when this happens. He said to give him a call ASAP if I noticed swelling, or lots of pain, or if things got any worse. He said then, he would pull them. He said I could wait, expecally since I have no health insurance. He also said if I wanted to have them pulled, I could always just make payments on a payment plan. So, he said not to worry about the money.

Since the summer, my one tooth has still been infected off and on. There is no pain. Just a little discharge. I am so scared to have them pulled. I have such a phobia of dentists, let alone a oral surgeon. I'm wondering if I should just suck it up and go and get them pulled so I don't have to deal with it anymore. I just have such bad anxiety attacks, which I'm already on meds for-- and just thinking about getting this done gives me a panic attack! what will I be like when I get there to have them pulled!!

My question is, [B]are there those out there who can tell me of their good experiences with having their wisdom teeth pulled?[/B] I've heard so many horror stories, that I need something to calm my nerves.

2) Is there something they can give you that you will not experience ANYTHING? My oral surgeon uses something called "twlight sedation" with an IV and then I think they have something even more sedated with an IV that he told me about. I just don't want to have to feel any pulling or actually witness any sounds or anything. I want to be put completely out. [B]Did anyone out there have this? Did you experience nausiousness or throwing up after surgery?[/B]

3) How long is the recovery?

Thank you very much in advance. I may be using this board a little till I work up my courage. :(


SouthernTemptress 10-28-2004 02:35 PM

Re: WISDOM TEETH- so scared!!!!!!
I get panic attacks too. But I have had 3 of my wisdom teeth pulled already. One at a time though and by different surgeons within a year and a half. I'm probably going to be getting my last one out soon as well. No problems, even with the difficult fully impacted ones. On one I got a dry socket. But they just packed it once and it healed so quickly. I don't really consider any of those time problematic. I preferred to get it done one at a time, because these people tend to rush to start working on other patients. And of course every dentist will tell you to get them all done at once, but I said I'd rather do one at a time. And after 2-3 teeth, which sometimes takes quite a while to get out, they'd tend to rush. And whenever I hear about nerve damage, it's usually those who had them all done at once which makes sense. I rather have time taken on me, especially when the root is next to or on top of the nerve.. Anyways, after the procedure, some hurt more than others. So don't forget to take your pain medication, if needed. It's worth it.

Oh btw, yes, I had IV sedation on the difficult wisdom tooth. I was completely knocked out, even though they said I wouldn't really be asleep and I'd know what was going on- I never understood that one. I was so scared that I cried before they put me under. But I felt GREAT afterwards. I felt like I was "high" or something actually. No nausea or anything like that.

Good luck!

Doppler4000 10-28-2004 03:37 PM

Re: WISDOM TEETH- so scared!!!!!!
[QUOTE=gympixie]I have such a phobia of dentists, let alone a oral surgeon. I'm wondering if I should just suck it up and go and get them pulled so I don't have to deal with it anymore. I just have such bad anxiety attacks, which I'm already on meds for-- and just thinking about getting this done gives me a panic attack! what will I be like when I get there to have them pulled!!

Actually- Getting this done from a reputable surgeon using the IV anaesthesia will probably be smoother and easier than, say, getting a couple deep fillings done at the general dentist. You'll get there, get a tiny little IV, and then you'll wake up when it's over. You won't experience or have any memory of the procedure. It will be like it never happened, except that your face will be numb and the teeth will be gone, of course. Definitely consider getting them all out at the same time... because you'll never have to worry about doing it again and you won't miss those teeth. Recovery time varies widely-- just give yourself a few days afterwards to chill out and keep quiet taking your meds and putting ice packs (ie, bags of frozen vegetables) on your face. After you're all done then come back and lurk around here telling others who are nervous how it wasn't anywhere near as bad as you feared.

stacey01 10-28-2004 03:46 PM

Re: WISDOM TEETH- so scared!!!!!!
i had this done 5 years ago as a teenager because my orthodontist xrayed my wisdoms which hadnt come in and they were coming in completely sideways and if left in would ruin all the work the braces had done... so i was nervous at first and let me tell you, it was a piece of cake, i was IV sedated and literally they started it and said "count down from 10 to 1" and all i remember is saying somewhere between 81/2-9 .... the next thing i knew, i woke up and they were telling me it was all finished... i felt a little groggy so i couldnt walk straight but other than that no nausea or anything... im not sure that they use the strong anesthesias that hospitals use.... but anyway, there was very little to no pain and recovery was a zip, i had some dissolvable stitches which went away on their own and a week later i had to go have the real stitches snipped and removed .... I had 2 wisdoms cut out and 2 pulled.... i made sure i kept on top of my pain med administration, not going too long without.... so it was an A experience... good luck with your decision, i promise its not as bad as it sounds OR not even as bad as a filling at the dentist (which i cannot STAND myself) :)

krazyghoul 10-28-2004 03:57 PM

Re: WISDOM TEETH- so scared!!!!!!
wisdom teeth are pains in the butt if they are not all the way out. ive only had one out cause that gave me trouble. id never get them all out at once. too much maintenance at one time caring for yourself and biting on those gauze things and how could you eat? when i had one pulled on the left side, i couldnt eat on that side for days. i relied on the right side. what the hell would you do if all were out at the same time? drink soup? it was bad/hard enough to brush carefully around one socket and biting on tea packets when the gauze didnt work to stop the bleeding. i was bleeding badly just from one for over 24 hours because it was hard enough to keep that gauze in place and put on pressure. stressful enough, but with four? my gosh, a person can only handle so much. but hell, if you can avoid eating for a while, can take off from work, and can drug yourself up good enough after the extractions so you dont feel any pain, then go for it. but my oral guy said when it is over 2 fillings, they put people under because it is too much to handle. after the procedure, it hurt like hell. sleepless nights. everyone is different, so take others experiences here with a grain of salt. im not going to give you the fantasy picture with my experience. thats just the way it was.

littlelola 10-28-2004 05:05 PM

Re: WISDOM TEETH- so scared!!!!!!
$1900 seems a bit steep. Is this including the sedation?
Because if that is not the case, sedation will be hundreds more on top of that even.
I can see where your dentist would suggest removal of all wisdom, but he is not thinking of your financial situation either. They might offer a "loan". But getting a loan for this seems kind of ridiculous.
This is my suggestion:
If you decide to be sedated, get the most out you can at once that is affordable for you. Because sedation is too expensive to be doing several times.
If you decide to not be sedated, do just the most important one(s) first because the cost is too high to drop in one sitting.
Or better yet, do whatever you feel is also emotionally comfortable. Because I know how scary it might feel for some. I personally actually don't mind going to the dentist.
I don't have insurance either and was only charged 590 for two of my wisdom teeth to begone. They were also poking a tad out of the surface and could eventually become infected. My other two are already out and give me no problems, so I see no need to have them removed as of yet.
You know my 60 year old mother had one removed in her twenties and the rest have never given her a prob, yet the dentist suggests her to now remove those?
Some peoples mouths are able to fit the wisdom teeth and others aren't. She has no decay or anything of the sort, so I wouldn't think it would be needful. The dentist just wants to make some dough.
Also, there is a chance for nerve damage, which of course an oral surgeon will most likely discuss with you. A dentist I frequent didn't bring that part up though. In fact, he never gave me ANY info at all before my extraction. So you cannot always be dependent on your practitioner for information. As long as they are careful and know what they are doing, you should be fine. But numbness and other problems tend to be not uncommon when coming to wisdom tooth extractions. I think oral surgeons are really the best when pertaining to these situations.

I was never sedated and it wasn't a bad experience. I was given multiple injections, which not all practitioners do, so I didn't feel a thing. I only felt a little pressure from him pulling. Afterwards, I felt some strange on and off pain deep in my gums on the bottom and top of my mouth. That went away within a day or two.
It really all depends on the particular dentist or oral surgeon and their usual techniques and procedures in how good your experience will be. I've heard some nasty stories as well, so it all depends.

lateeth 10-28-2004 08:31 PM

Re: WISDOM TEETH- so scared!!!!!!
I am the bearer of the happy story for you. I actually went to the dental school to have my wisdom teeth pulled. Because i wanted IV sedation, they had to assign me to a 5th year post grad student who had lots of experience (pulling teeth is considered easy so without the iv they would use a younger student). their charge was $165 per tooth for wisdom teeth($65 for other teeth) plus a flat fee of $100 for iv sedation. And I was able to get a quick appt. I also needed a panoramic xray but if you have one you can bring yours.
People who came to the oral surgery dept thru the regular dental school got a cheaper price so if you have time and little money you might consider this approach.
On to the procedure...all the dental students were talkative and very nice. Mine gave me a whiff of something before the iv so i would not feel the iv going in. I felt absolutely nothing, i remember absolutely nothing. they even had this nose thing which looked like an elephant nose which i thought rather funny. I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken + 2 other molars and woke up with no pain. After a few hours i took one pain pill to be on the safe side. the blood clots were uncomfortable and smelly and kept bleeding for a few days but not painful. they gave me a 24 hour phone number and when i called the dentist who answered called back very soon and was very helpful. I was able to eat almost everything the next day even tho i was missing 6 big teeth on all 4 sides. So there are good stories out there. I wish i still had my teeth but I had them for many years(over 50) and they never gave me problems. Like the other posters you should make sure you really need all 4 out. I would do them at the same time if you do. The fasting and getting a ride to the dentist and back,getting yourself psyched , the sleepiness the first day is worse than the procedure.
I hope whatever you do, it is easy. Many people I speak with had no problems. And if you have a dental school where you live, look into that. They were really very good. (and in a less expensive town probably even cheaper than where i went in Los angeles)

photojunkie 10-30-2004 11:43 AM

Re: WISDOM TEETH- so scared!!!!!!
Hi Gympixie!

Well, I also have a positive story for you! I had 3 wisdoms and a molar extracted last month and I chose twilight sedation as well! I can honestly say that the WORST part of the whole process was how freaked out I was before the procedure. I was so scared to do it, but once I was in the chair and asleep, it was over before I knew it. No pain, no unpleasantness, nothing!

I woke up feeling drugged and swollen, but otherwise fine. I heeded my dentists warning to stay ahead of the pain (don't be a hero he said!) and took my Vicodin like a good boy! I spent most of the first day sleeping it off, and by the second day the only problems I could feel was a little tenderness/soreness at the extraction sites and an achy jaw from having my mouth stretched open by the procedure. Recovery was MUCH EASIER than I had feared it would be and within two days I was back at work. As far as food goes, I was eating solids within three days. I probably could have switched from soft foods even sooner, but I decided to play it safe. Besides, I LOVE soup so I had a good excuse to stick with it longer than I needed to!

I stayed away from the dentist for a long long time because I was so scared and if I had known conquering my fears was the hardest part, I would have (and should have) taken care of this YEARS ago! It's like riding a rollercoaster... the scariest part is standing in line for the ride!

Be brave and don't worry!

vickic 10-30-2004 04:03 PM

Re: WISDOM TEETH- so scared!!!!!!
I had all four of mine pulled out when I was about 23 years old. I was completely sedated and was unaware of what was going on. I had some pain and discomfort for the first few days, but pain medication took care of that. In hindsight, I am glad I did them all at once because I will never have to deal with those darn teeth again

leannaaker 11-01-2004 07:30 AM

Re: WISDOM TEETH- so scared!!!!!!
I had all 4 of mine pulled, all 4 impacted, under general anesthesia. It was the best "dental" experience I've ever had. Stopped taking pain meds the next day...stopped bleeding about 3 hours after I got home... I wish I could be under general for all of dental appointments. :-)

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