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  • Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

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    Old 01-08-2005, 06:08 PM   #1
    Katia's Avatar
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    Katia HB User
    Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    Iīm 21 now, and I canīt remember having been without pain since I was 17. My teeth have been okay I guess, but I did have quite a lot of fillings for someone that young. I never had any pain though. I have to say my dental hygiene has been good, I was very diligent about it and the dentist also didnīt complain.
    Then, at 17, a filling fell out and I didnīt go to the dentistīs for 3 months since I was totally phobic. When the pain grew too big, I went of course, had to have a root canal that took about 8-10 sessions to finish and only did finish because it was driving my dentist nuts and not because it was all good. After a year I had developed a fistula and they said my roots were all septic. I should have had a root resection but I refused because I was too scared and the pain was insane. I had the tooth extracted, but it only got better after an infection of the bone after which it had to be opened again and cleaned.
    After that I was painfree for exactly one month, then the same tooth on the right side (it was the second molar) started to hurt. Nearly same procedure, only that I had nothing to blame on me since I went to the dentistīs immediately, but several of them didnīt find anything for nearly half a year. The x-ray apparently showed nothing. Then someone opened the filling - underneath it was full of bacteria. I was told, no problem, it doesnīt touch the root. So it got cleaned and filled. The pain increased a 1000 times, so after 2 weeks I started a root canal which took me 8 weeks at my first dentist. Then I went to the dental clinic because I couldnīt stand it any longer. All they did was opening the tooth again and cleaning it, and that was supposed to be THE miracle cure. After a few weeks I got another dentist who continued the treatment - it made no difference at all. At this time I was already having pain in all my body, especially my neck, upper back, my chest and my arm, everything on the right side of the body. I started getting migraine-like attacks once a week with headaches, dizziness and pain as well as ringing in my right ear. I went to another dentist, who saw that the root with already septic and did a resection. Iīm not scared anymore, just exhausted. This is now three weeks ago, and it hurts worse than ever! Sometimes I think I canīt stand it another minute. My whole body is feeling sick, and I have piercing pain all over my head. I really donīt know what to do! NObody seems to be able to help me, and I canīt get all my teeth extracted since I have NO money for implants or bridges. Iīve done all kinds of homeopathic cures to reduce bacteria, I have a totally meticuluos dental hygiene, Iīve taken so much antibiotics over the last months and it didnīt help A BIT. Itīs like Iīm immune to all of this.
    And it doesnīt stop. About 9 months ago, very soon after this molar started to hurt, 3 of my teeth in the upper jaw, right side (14,15,16, very visible ones) started to feel funny and have grown into a huge pain long ago. Iīve been to several dentists about it. Some of them didnīt even want to look at it since their schedule was so tight and they only agreed to look at the root canal problem. Others told me I needed orthodontics and sent me away with my pain. Iīm so sure that itīs too late now anyway. The pain is enormous.
    What am I supposed to do? my life just seems like an endless row of pain and painful treatments, and in the end I lose my teeth nevertheless.
    My only solution, if I lost these teeth too, is to lock myself into my room and never come out again. I definitely wont get out in public looking like a bum. Iīve lost any hope to get a boyfriend anyway - who would want something like me?
    I now nobody will be able to do something, but Iīd be so thankful for any hints or advises.

    And yes, I brush my teeth at least twice, but mostly three times a day, I floss twice daily and I never drink sodas or other sweetened drinks. I always carry water around to rinse after eating.
    And: Iīm really careful about not stressing my gums when brushing my teeth - I always softly brush downwards -, but nevertheless they seem to disappear slowly (or not so slowly), which leaves me in pain once more and worried.


    Thank you all.


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    AuntieRosie (07-29-2011)
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    Old 01-09-2005, 01:48 AM   #2
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    Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    Katia, it sounds to me like you have had a terrible time and I am sorry for your pain. Do not give up as you will find someone to cure you. I have had great success at a local dental school. I am not a patient at the school right now but am seeing one of the professors at the graduate school in her private practice on campus. If you live near a dental school check to see if they have similar setup. My professor/dentist knows an awful lot about dentistry and is up on all the news. She also knows something about the other specialties and has colleagues right down the hall. I think because they all teach and talk together, they have a well rounded knowledge that a dentist out in private practice might not get.
    I hope you do not have to lose more of your teeth but if you read the stories of others on this board you will find that there are many who have lived happily with their replacement teeth. And many of them are young like you are.

    Old 01-09-2005, 06:45 AM   #3
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    Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    Step one would be to find one dentist and stick with them. The more people poking and prodding in there, the more suggestions of treatment you will hear. If you stick with the same dentist they will know your history and all of the symptoms and may be able to better treat you.

    Old 01-09-2005, 03:16 PM   #4
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    Katia HB User
    Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    Thank you all very much for your support. Sometimes I feel like a monster because dental problems this severe, especially when one is young, are not really a socially accepted issue to talk about. I only have one friend who understands me and tries to support me, the other two Iīve told about act as if I were just making it all up.
    Iīve been to the dental school department of our local clinic, where I was just treated by three different students who didnīt really seem to know what they were doing. Some time afterwards I was going to a teacherīs private office on a friendīs recommendation, but he was the one who was working on the root canal for weeks and not really trying something or even asking me how I felt. The main point was that he was operating on a private basis and not accepting insurance, so I couldnīt pay for it in the long run.
    I know I have to stick with one dentist, but it looks easier than it is. I`m quite happy though with the one who Iīm with now, but the problem here is that heīs 50 miles away from where I go to school and his office hours are basically just in the mornings (he only does surgeries in the afternoons, and I hope I wonīt have to get surgeries every time I get there ), so I always have to take the day off when I go to the dentist. It really is affecting my daily life. But for now Iīll definitely stick to him.

    I really just donīt understand why my teeth are reacting this way even though I do my best to keep them healthy. Do you think itīs just genetic? My mumīs and dadīs teeth are okay, I guess, but my auntīs are bad. Sheīs been a vegetarian for about ten years now. Iīve been one since I was 12, but I started eating meat again last year. Could this be related to my bad teeth? Or what other reason could there be?

    My other question is what can happen to my body if Iīm in constant pain. I rarely ever have enormous tooth ache, where only the tooth is affected, with swelling and everything. The tooth hurts a bit in the beginning and then the pain extends to the surroundings, like jaw, neck, ear, back, arm, head, wherever the tooth is located. Doctors usually donīt seem to believe me that my pain goes that far and is really intense. In the last months I was regularly having this ear attacks I was writing about, and it goes as far as Iīm not able to go to class because I canīt stand the noise of the teacherīs voice (no joke! It feels like my ear-drum is about to burst), or once when I was shopping I was sure I was going to pass out because the whole right side of my body from neck to calf was getting numb for a few minutes and I couldnīt keep the balance (because of the ear?). It was really scary.
    What is it with me that my body or my nerves or whatever donīt seem to handle tooth ache? Itīs like as soon as something is done to my teeth, like drilling, my nerves get irritated and everything becomes worse and worse.
    Iīm sorry, I donīt mean to lament...

    Iīm thankful for all responses. Feel free to share your stories with me!


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    AuntieRosie (07-29-2011)
    Old 01-09-2005, 04:08 PM   #5
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    kerry1 HB User
    Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    You poor thing!!!

    First of all, stop blaming yourself. This is probably genetic.

    Secondly, stick with your faraway, mornings-only dentist. If he's good and you like him, he will be a lifesaver. NEVER give up a good dentist if you can help it.

    I've been lucky and blessed with good teeth, although I have some minor problems now that I'm in my 40's. I've found that taking calcium citrate supplements (calcium & a bunch of other vits/mins) makes my gums a lot stronger and healthier - less sensitive. Taking Vit. C is also helpful for keeping infections down. And gargling with mild salt water, lukewarm, at least once a day, will curb infection inside your mouth.

    There is a procedure dentists can do that will desensitize your gums. There's also de-sensitizing toothpaste for sale in supermarkets & drugstores. You might get tested for allergies. It sounds like your tooth infections are spreading throughout your sinuses, which is alarming. Once you get on top of those infections, your health should start rebounding.

    Don't give up!! I know a lot of people are terrified of dentists, and for good reason, but you need to stick with it. Good luck!!

    Old 01-10-2005, 08:36 PM   #6
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    CurlyQ HB User
    Wink Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    Have you seen a periodontist? If not, I think you should schedule an appt. with one ASAP. A periodontist can perform a simple, painless test, to show what kind of bacteria is in your mouth. This is very important to know, because different bacteria respond to different medications.
    Please stay positive!

    Old 01-11-2005, 08:24 AM   #7
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    Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    Just wanted to post saying I really, really sympathize with you. I'm sure these things are generic and certainly not your fault. I have also had trouble with my teeth all my life (I'm older than you I know) and I believe a lot is down to the fact I was given pacifiers dipped in sugar(!!!) as a baby. People didn't know so much about dental care then. The dentist I saw last time (they change ours every two years) wants me to make a list of everything I eat- I refuse to have a guilt trip about the state of my teeth and so should you! I don't even like sweet food and never did even as a child. Anyway, how many people do you know who eat loads of cakes and chocolates and have great teeth? I really hope you get sorted out, I know how awful this is, and you don't even get anything nice at the end for your money, do you?

    Old 01-17-2005, 01:10 PM   #8
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    Katia HB User
    Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    Hi everybody!
    Thank you for all your suggestions and support. Itīs just really hard to
    be optimistic when nothing is getting better.
    Today I have been to the dentist again, but it didnīt start off well, they seemed kind
    of ****** even though I had an appoinment, but they said it was just a non-regular one
    because Iīd said I was in pain. Yes, I am, so can you please do something?
    I was waiting for 3 hours until he even looked at me, then they did another
    x-ray. I tried to explain all my symptoms as detailed as possible because I thought maybe itīs
    my fault that nobody does anything about my teeth for the reason that I donīt express the urgency
    enough. I said that my body is hurting - and Iīd said that often enough before - and he
    didnīt really want to believe me! In his opinion it was kind of impossible that anything could
    hurt like that. But I insisted, so finally he fixed the filling of one of the 4 teeth that are hurting
    apart from the absolute problem tooth (the doctor said he couldnīt do anthing anymore for me
    except extracting the tooth, so if I wanted to do it, I should tell him). Beneath the bad filling there
    were cavities, weīre at the root again and Iīm supposed to wait for 2-3 months if the tooth
    recuperates. EVen now itīs already hurting more than before. Itīs literally pulsing with my heart beat.
    What keeps me going is the prospect of a dentistīs appointment and the undying hope that everything will
    turn around on that date. I expect some kind of miracle so that Iīm able to get out of bed every
    day and do my work while in pain 24 hours. Is this a life? Why does that have to be so bad? It sounds so
    simple, going to the dentist, getting stuff fixed and itīs over. If it goes on like that, Iīll have no
    teeth, let alone money, by the age of 30.
    While dentists are not believing me something is wrong with this or that tooth, others are already starting
    to decay. And so on and so on. I really, truly have no idea what to do.

    Of course I appreciate your suggestions and will try all of them as soon as possible!

    Good Luck to everybody who hate their teeth as much as I do.

    Old 01-24-2005, 12:46 AM   #9
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    Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    ugh, i just wrote a big message and for some reason it didn't go through. Katia, I am 22 and have been dealing with problems like yours since 17 as well, when I broke my hand and developed carpal tunnel syndrome. I also have a problem with my teeth because my orthodontics got botched. anyway what my post was about is that doctors don't know anything they can't learn about in a book. If your symptoms haven't been documented they will usually assume that it's psychological, also they do not want to risk making a wrong diagnosis as they can be sued. Doctors stick up for each other on this matter too, they are cowards.

    I suggest you try a different approach at dealing with your problem, try to change your life so you enjoy it as much as possible. Sleep a lot because it keeps stress down. Eat well, work out, laugh a lot. If you enjoy your days more, the pain will become secondary and it won't consume your thoughts as much. There are people who have it worse, so may as well be thankfull that you are not one of them.

    Good luck!

    Old 01-24-2005, 10:49 AM   #10
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    Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    Did you ever consider trigeminal neuralgia? I'm having alot of problems with my teeth right now and my dentist suggested that I might have this...look it up on a search engine..I'm sorry to hear you're going through this...

    Old 03-03-2005, 11:39 AM   #11
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    Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    Hello everybody,
    Iīm really sorry I couldnīt write for a long time. Thanks for the support. In the meantime my condition at least didnīt get worse. My problem tooth still hurts, but when I keep myself busy during the day I can make myself forget about it for some time. This is my new strategy, really - learning to live with the pain. I only canīt imagine to go on like this forever.
    Today I went to see my dentist again. He also didnīt see any other option than extracting the tooth if the pain continues. He also noticed that my teeth began shifting since the other tooth got extracted. My bite hasnīt been too good before, but now itīs really becoming obvious. The teeth only close on the right side. On the left and in the front thereīs a gap, so I couldnīt even nibble on my nails if I wanted to since I canīt close the teeth. Great. The dentistīs recommending an implant and braces, but whoīs gonna pay for it?
    I really donīt understand why this isnīt covered by insurance. I mean, you donīt choose to have bad teeth, do you? Every single cold which would probably disappear on its own is paid for, but teeth, which donīt recover on their own and have such a big impact on your well-being and also social integration (who accepts people with missing teeth?) are at your own cost.
    I really donīt understand this.
    Bye yīall.

    Old 03-06-2005, 09:47 AM   #12
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    Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    Katia your teeth health depends on whether your drinking water had flouride when you growing as a child. In places where flouride was in the water either naturally or by plan, those children drinking flouride have must less cavities. I think it has to do with the growing process and the hardness of the total tooth structure, because as a tooth starts to decay it gets softer overall. So check your childhood water supply.

    Old 03-07-2005, 06:03 PM   #13
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    Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    Katia I have been reading and keeping up with your post here and I really think it would be in your best interest to make an appointment with a Periodontist. Sometimes dentist do free evaluations of your mouth to diagnois your problem maybe even a Oral surgeon. Seriously check into this. Some places advertise dental for cowards not saying you are but they seem to be more sympathetic toward people with extreme problems. I hope this helps? Good luck

    Old 03-07-2005, 08:45 PM   #14
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    Re: Teeth all ruined at 21!!! Please help!

    Hi. My name is Kim. I just want to let you know that you are not alone at all. I'm 29 now and my teeth started going bad right after I gave birth to my second child at the age of 22. We think that it might have had something to do with my pregnancy because my daughter started having the same problems at the age of 2. Her front 4 teeth on the top rotted almost as soon as they grew in. I took her to the dentist and asked them to pull the four teeth out but he didn't want to do that so he capped those teeth. She was so proud that her teeth were pretty again. She spent almost the whole day in front of the mirror and carried around the picture of her new teeth (we still have this pic). Less than 1 week after she got her new teeth (caps) one popped off. I felt so sorry for her. 1 month later another one popped off. As time went by the other two caps pushed up into her gums and her real teeth cam through the bottom of the cap (to give you an idea, the dentist shaved her real teeth off almost all the way to the gums) she got infection after infection and now all the caps r gone. However, she still has one of her rotten teeth. When she went in for her cleaning the dentist told me that almost every tooth she has is starting to rot and i need to take her to a spec. She is going to turn 8 years old in 2 months and still has dental problems. Mine r so bad that i have to get them all pulled and get dentures. I work in a vets office and i'm trying to move to the front desk but they keep telling me one thing after another as to y I cant...i think it is because of my teeth. i feel they r holding me back from alot of things in life. I have things and ideas that im trying to do to get mine and my daughters teeth fixed i will share them with you if you like and maybe it can help you with your problem and maybe we can put our heads together and try to help each other. if u would like to get the details just send me an email. good luck and i will put u in my prayers.

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