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Root canal and abcess question... HELP!!!

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Old 02-05-2005, 11:12 AM   #1
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ember23 HB User
Exclamation Root canal and abcess question... HELP!!!

I had a root canal done on a mollar about 3 1/2 years ago. When the doc filled it I noticed that a part of the tooth felt chipped (it wasn't smooth all the way around) but I didn't think much of it, since he seemed to know what he was doing. About 2 months ago I started feeling a bit more run down than usual and my throat was getting sore with occasional yellow/dark sputum from, I am guessing, somewhere in my nasal cavity/sinuses. I also had a small bubble/pimple like thing on my outer gum above my root canal mollar. I popped and drained blood (no pus) from it a few times and, as it didn't really hurt and seemed to go away, I figured it wasn't a biggie. Come a few days ago the blood bubble returned and my mollar hurts like heck (almost as much as before I first had it done!) If I don't touch it or chew on it (which is hard not to do) it has a dull throbbing ache of relatively minor pain with a feeling of pressure in the gums and nearby teeth. But if I touch it or chew on it the pain is moderate to almost severe and it lingers a while afterwards. I also woke up today to my nose dripping from the side of the bad mollar and with bright yellow discharge/sputum. I am almost certain that my root canal is bad and that I most likely have an abcess with the infection spreading to and past my roots to my sinus cavity. Does this sound accurate? I don't have dental insurance and last time I had to pay out the you-know-what for the work, even though the doc lowered the price for me considerably. What would be cheaper for me to do? Pull the tooth and drain the abcess if neccesary and possibly take antibiotics or redrill the tooth and redo the root canal? If its only a question of aesthetics... well... I don't care how it looks, I just want the pain gone and this horrible thing out of my head!

Please help me - thanks everyone.

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Re: Root canal and abcess question... HELP!!!

It sounds like you have the exact same thing I have and I just went to the dentist on Wednesday. Mine all started with a sinus infection which they think drained into the area that leads to the gum and tooth (or something like that, LOL). I too have a great big bubble above the tooth, real high up on the gum. It turns out that it is a big abscess which formed because of the untreated infection (I have learned my lesson that sinus infections are nothing to fool with).

First, the good news. They will not re-do a root canal. I was afraid I would have to have another too, plus another crown. I was ready to kiss our tax refund goodbye!

What they will probably do (if it is indeed the same thing) is put you on an antibiotic first (they have me on penicillin). If it doesn't work I am being sent this week to a gum surgeon to have it drained. My advice is to go asap because the sooner you start the antibiotics the better your chances of it clearing up quickly without surgery!

Good luck and let me know what happens with you!


Old 02-06-2005, 05:27 AM   #3
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norrell HB User
Re: Root canal and abcess question... HELP!!!

Yes you are right. It sounds like you have a bad case of an abscess. It seems you waited too long so the infection has spread to other areas. You do need anitibiotic to clear the infection. If there is a lot of infection then it will need to be drained. Usually a failed root canal can be re-treated. Though re-treating a root canal usually costs more than the first r/c. That is because it's more work for the doctor. To answer your question in terms of the cheapest treatment would be to extract the tooth. Of course you want to save it if possible. Call the doctor who did your r/c and tell him your problem and they should be able to see you right away on their emergency slot. Good luck.

Old 02-09-2005, 09:09 AM   #4
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Sustasha HB User
Question Re: Root canal and abcess question... HELP!!!

This is amazing: I have the same problem. I had a r/c 2 yrs ago which the dentist says, "looks beautiful." But I now have a lump in the same place that caused me to "have to have" the r/c. This makes me wonder just how effective root canals really are.
I've been treating it with many different things and now it's not red as it was and it has a tiny white pimple on it. A week ago it was bigger, redder and didn't have the pimple.
I was scheduled to have the root planed and scaled but I cancelled and now it's changing. It doesn't hurt; that's the weird part. Before I took the amox the dentist gave me it was a little uncomfortable to chew on. But it's been fine in that arena for 2 weeks. He said it was a gum infection. Now, how is that different from an absess?

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Re: Root canal and abcess question... HELP!!!

I had a similar problem. I've had three abscesses actually. This last one I had, God, the pain was unbearable, I almost overdosed on painkillers and I wasi n the dentist's office screaming and crying like a lunatic, it was BAD. They did surgery right away to drain the pus out because I think I would of gone and killed myself if I had to live with that any longer. Then they gave me antiobitics. If it's not killing you though they will probably give you antiobiotics first. Antiobiotics will get rid of the pain, but if you don't get any real work done on that tooth then it will most likely just came back, that's what happened to me. See a dentist before it gets worse!!

Old 02-10-2005, 03:40 PM   #6
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Sustasha HB User
Smile Re: Root canal and abcess question... HELP!!!

I don't have any pain but I May just be curing my absess . Or, gum infection. It Was red before; now it's pale pink and the bump is smaller?
I would not be experimenting if I were in pain. My treatment is 3 fold:
I bought Clenzology, a liquid of essential oils in a very small brown glass dropper bottle. I put 3 drops of it on my toothbrush. The next thing I do is use one of those expensive Water Pic appliances w/magnets inside of it.
I also rub bee Propolis on it and take Oil of Oregano gelcaps & vitamins daily.
It seems to be working. I'd much rather ATTEMPT to cure it myself then subject it to more trauma in the dentist's chair. It may be risking pain and/or an extraction to get the root scaled & planed after a root canal. Besides, I've never heard of anyone curing one themselves so it's a challenge If it gets red again and bigger I'll definitely go back to my dentist for scaling and root planing I feel that if you can cure Other things then why not a gum absess? Why does IT have to be relegated to gum surgery?? Is this a con job??

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