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tndollface 03-20-2005 06:32 AM

Update on upper teeth removal
Cristie, Well I did it. I had my upper teeth pulled on Thursday. It didn't go too good. I woke up in the middle of the procedure. He couldn't knock me back out, just give me more shots so I wouldn't feel it. One tooth was in my sinus cavity so that had to be sewn shut and the back teeth on the right had bone growing around it so that had to be cut away. I got immediate dentures put in and had to have them adjusted on Friday because they rubbed so bad. The inisde of my mouth is so bruised that putting the dentures in and out are killing me. but I am doing it. I slept with them in the first night but couldn't the second. I go in on Tuesday to have them adjusted.Any suggestions on what to use for the blisters they are causing in the mean time? They had to change my prescription twice because I am so immune to pain pills that they couldn't find anything strong enough. I think once the swelling goes down they will fit a little better, but right now my face is like a water balloon. lol My husband says that I look like little Cindy Loo Who from the "grinch that stole Christmas" I am able to eat a little, anything that I can just swallow without chewing, eggs, biscuits and gravy mashed up, rice, ice cream, apple sauce and here I thought I would lose a few pounds. not. OKay that is my update I am back off to bed. Any and all suggestions on how to get through the next couple of weeks will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kim

crisma 03-20-2005 10:33 AM

Re: Update on upper teeth removal
Hello Kim! I was hoping you would have an easy time. I wish it would have went better for you! I have been checking everyday to see if you had posted an update. At least you are able to get food down. You might try a heating pad for the swelling. For the sore spots you should try Benzodent. It worked miracles for me. I don't know about the bruising and swelling though. Maybe the heat? Or ice? Do the new pain meds help? I am saying a prayer for you. I hope it gets better soon!

P.S. I will ask some of my family that have dentures to see if they have any advise.

shakin 03-20-2005 10:53 AM

Re: Update on upper teeth removal
Sorry to hear you had such a hard time Kim, but the worst is now over and its just a matter of time and adjustment. Try ice packs for the swelling and your pharmacist should be able to recommend something for the blisters, hope it gets to feel better soon. Will be in my thoughts.

tndollface 03-20-2005 01:19 PM

Re: Update on upper teeth removal
Thanks for advice on the benzodent. I am sending my daughter out for some now. I have been using ice for the first day and now heat for the swelling. Today I have two black eyes,( well not really black more yellow and purple) I have tried to keep my teeth in as much as possible, besides taking them out to rinse with salt water but it is getting harder and harder each day. I tried cushing the sore spots with the fixident but ended up just pulling out some stitches when I took them out of my mouth. This should be getting easier everyday not harder. I am at my wits end.

How long before the stitches come out? Before gums start healing? When should you use the adhesive? Will the dentist grind off enough so that they don't rub on my gums and leave sores or do you just get used to it? It looks like I have an overbite now,is this normal and will it get better or are they too thick under my top lip?

The new meds work a little better but I can't take them to often due to my liver problems (oxycodone)

Sorry for all the whining I am just having a little pity party right now, and the only one that showed up is the grinch.

Thanks for listening I will let you know how the benzodent worked. Kim

crisma 03-20-2005 02:42 PM

Re: Update on upper teeth removal
Kim, I feel so bad for you! Don't feel bad about whining. It sounds like you are having a terrible time. They do sell the soft liners that you can make yourself at Wal-mart. I don't know how well they work, but my best friends mom said they worked well for her and helped with the soreness. I think you just cut them to fit and they act like a cushion.

My gums had healed quite a bit by the first week. But it sounds like they had to do a lot to get some of your teeth out, so I don't think yours will be quite that soon. Tomorrow has been 4 weeks for me, and I am not all the way healed yet. Today my hubby took me out to eat for my b-day and we had mexican. I thought I could eat tacos, but it did not go so well. I was pretty dissapointed. I thought my mouth was ready for stuff like that.

I don't know how long it takes for the stitches to come out, but as for the adhesive, my denturist told me I could use it after 7 days. I was worried that it was to soon, but on the 10th day I tried it. It did help a lot. The teeth stayed in place and didn't rub as much.

The overbite is pretty normal too, because your gums are so swollen. Mine seem to look better everyday. The dentist can grind the areas that rub, and it does help a lot. I had to have that done on the 4th day.

At least the oxycodone is helping the pain more. Doesn't it suck having the liver problems? There is so much meds that we can't take because of that.

I will be there for your pity party, lol. It helps sometimes to be able to vent. I had a few days like that myself, and it sounds like I had a much easier time. I pray that it gets better soon and keep me posted on how you are doing. I will be thinking of you. Cristie

I almost forgot. The 3rd to 5th days are supposed to be the worst.

tndollface 03-21-2005 06:01 AM

Re: Update on upper teeth removal
Cristie, I bought the benzodent last night and it helped a lot. Thanks. I have an appointment tomorrow to get them adjusted and hopefully the stitches removed.Today seems to be much better. If I can get them in my mouth, (which is the hard part ) then after about 10 mins they seem to be okay except for the few sore spots that rub. I might actually go to work for a couple of hours today. I don't have to talk to much and the guys are dying for me to come ( I work with my husband and all guys) so I am sure that they cant wait to harass me a little. Might as well get it over with while I am in a decent mood. How long were you off of work for? I wanted to wait till after the dentist appointment tomorrow but could use the paycheck, since I am going to take a week off in April to go visit my son and grandbaby.

The swelling is down a lot and my eyes are much better today, still just a little puffy in my face but not bad. That salt water does wonders. Thanks again for all your help you sure made this alot easier for me than it would have been. I hope that you will be able to eat again soon.


crisma 03-22-2005 07:01 AM

Re: Update on upper teeth removal
Hi Kim, I am glad to see that you seem to be feeling a little better! How did work go? I am a stay home mom, so at least I did not have to worry about going to work. I started my normal routine the 3rd day. I could do most things, but to vacuum bothered me some.

Has Cindy finally disappeared? LOL! I didn't really have any major swelling and that suprised me. The after-care papers the dentist gave me told me to expect that. So I was pleasantly suprised that I didn't swell. The only real swelling I had and still do is under my lower lip. I look like I have a dip of tobacco in there. I hope that will go away soon. I just hope it is swelling and not the teeth being too big.

My biggest concern is that I wonder how long it takes to feel like you have "real" teeth again. I still have problems chewing because I can't seem to get the right way of chewing. I can't tell if I am biting down too hard or if I am not biting down hard enough. My dad tells me that will go away too, but it gets very frustrating. But at least I can eat without a toothache! :D

Everyone I talk to said to be patient, but sometimes it is a hard thing to do. I still don't regret doing this, but I can't wait for the permanent liners in 5 months. The denturist told me that will make a big difference.

Thanks for the birthday wish. I hope you are still feeling better. Just remember, don't start doing too much too soon. The first few weeks are easy to overdo things. You think you are feeling good, you try the normal routine, and that night you realize that your not quite as healed as you thought you were. But I do think the worst is behind you!!! Cristie

tndollface 03-22-2005 09:02 AM

Re: Update on upper teeth removal
Cristie, I went in today to have them adjust a couple of spots that were causing blisters. I have to try them out for the rest of the night and tomorrow go back in to see if there needs to be any more adjustsments made right away and to get my stitches removed. Yahoo!! I can't believe the difference in just a few days. The dentist and receptionist couldn't belive how well I look and how good the fit is compared to what they thought I would be like. I am pretty happy with the look of them so far except that my uppper lip looks like it sticks out a little but now, might just be that I am still a little swollen but I think that they are a little to thick there. I am not going to worry about that right now though. I need to hurry up and feel better. Just found out that my son got home from the war last night and I will get to see him in two weeks when I go to visit my grandson for his first birthday. Hopefully I will be able to chew then, as my Birthday is coming up in a month too. Thanks again for making this whole experience easier. Kim

crisma 03-22-2005 09:26 PM

Re: Update on upper teeth removal
Isn't it so funny how you can feel so bad and how quickly it seems to get better. I am soo happy for you!!! Your lip sounds like mine, so maybe that is just swelling. I sure hope so. Was your son in Iraq? Please give him my heartfelt thanks for protecting all of us here. Does he have to go back? I will send a prayer his way that he will be safe.

When you celebrate your Birthday, you should be doing great by them. I would advise you not to try to eat taco's though, LOL!

I am glad that I have helped you. I am not an expert, but it is a very nice thing to have someone to talk to who has been there. These boards have been a lifesaver for me. I have been a member for about 9 months and it has helped me more than you can imagine. I wished I had found this site a long time ago. Thanks for listening to me too! Cristie

tndollface 03-23-2005 11:46 AM

Re: Update on upper teeth removal
Cristie, I went in today to have the stitches removed and they did a little more adjusting. There were a couple of sore spots that ended up being bone fragments coming through my gums so I have to let those work themselves out but luckily they were in spots that my plate could be ground back a little so I think after all is said and done after maybe one more adjustment I should be good. They said that they would thin out the front under my lip in a few weeks if it didn't go down because of swelling.

You are right about these boards being lifesavers. I never would have made it through 72 weeks of torture on my hepatits treatments had it not been for my friends that I have met at med help. Or this past week without having met you. Nobody can understand the pain or fears like someone that has already gone through it or that is going through the same thing. My family had no idea of the trama that I went through not only physically but mentally with both the hepatitis or this dental issue. So thanks for being the one to go through it with me.

Luckily my son is in the Navy so he never had to go to Iraq. He was stationed in Bahrain. (Saudi Arabia) right next door. They repair the planes that are damaged in the war. They are still not safe there, but I am glad he didn't have to be near the front line. His unit is on call for the next 6-12 months but I don't think that he will have to go back anytime soon, but you never know with the military. It is just wonderful that he is home in time to see his son's 1st Birthday. He missed so much being over there for the past 6 months.

Hope that your teeth are doing better too and wish you much Health and Happiness.

crisma 03-24-2005 06:48 AM

Re: Update on upper teeth removal
Hi Kim! I saw a post a few weeks ago that said if you have a bone fragment that seems stuck, chew some gum and it will help it come out. I haven't had to do that yet(hopefully I won't), but it was good to hear about! I think I may have to have something done with my bottoms. They arer't really hurting anymore, just a few sore spots, but I think they are too big. My lower lip is still sticking out and I don't think it is swelling.

I am glad that I was able to help you get through this. I was lucky enough to know several people that have done it, but most of them had their teeth done several years ago, so they could not remember much. But it is nice to know others that have gone through it and can tell ya things.

I will pray that your son is home to stay. Saudi Arabia is still pretty close and no where over there is safe. I am so happy for you all to get to see him. And how great that it will be in time for his son's birthday!

Does your mouth feel better now that you have had the stitches out? I would think that would make a big difference.

I hope you keep feeling better! Cristie

crisma 04-01-2005 04:22 PM

Re: Update on upper teeth removal
I saw that you were "back", just checking to see how you are doing.

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