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totter 08-04-2005 09:41 AM

Excessive wear / corrosion of my teeth
Hi, I am 33 and having problems with excessive wear / corrosion on my teeth.

I first noticed the problem about 2 years ago when one of my upper front teeth developed a chip in the front surface. Within 6 months the situation degenerated, with excessive grinding of all interfaces and chipping as if brittle. In addition, the dentist noted that there appears to be corrosion of the surfaces, which he put down to acid due to eating too much fruit (but I don't even eat 5 a day!!).

I was assured that the chipping was not due to actual brittleness or loss of bone density (x-rays taken) and was given a plastic mouth guard to wear at night (for grinding).

I have been wearing it religiously but the condition continues to deteriorate. Looking at the contact interfaces of the teeth it is obvious that the covering enamel on all
of them has been ground away.Also, there are no signs of grinding on the mouth guard, so I tend to think the cause lies elsewhere.

I am not one to worry excessively about my looks, but the fact that this has happened so suddenly concerns me. I have had healthy teeth up to now, but now they are sharp and jagged and bits are breaking off regularly.I'm not keen on the idea of ending up with dentures prematurely! I don't smoke, I feel I eat fairly healthily (balance of fruit, veg, meat, fish), I exercise regularly...

My question is: has anyone else had this at my age and does anyone know what might be causing it (eg. could it be genetic? My mom lost her teeth in her 30's, which she put down to too many sweets).

Any info would be appreciated.

dwhee 08-04-2005 09:41 PM

Re: Excessive wear / corrosion of my teeth
Without seeing firsthand it is very difficult to tell, but it sure sounds like you are clenching and/or bruxing (grinding) your teeth. This can happen anytime night or day, my guess is that if you look in a mirror that (aside from the chipping) the biting edges of your upper and lower teeth are very flat from side to side (in other words the same length). You may need to see your dentist and see if he/she would recommend wearing a brux guard all the time.

Marylander 08-08-2005 01:41 PM

Re: Excessive wear / corrosion of my teeth
Do you have acid reflux? It can also cause severe erosion of teeth, and that wear is sometimes mistaken for bruxing wear. Just a thought!

oldkid 08-08-2005 06:19 PM

Re: Excessive wear / corrosion of my teeth
The biggest culprits in tooth erosion are:

1. Lots of lemon/grapefruit/citrus or other acidic foods
2. Acid reflux
3. Bulimia... this is a biggie and dentists are often afraid to bring it up for fear of offending the patient.

Where is most of the erosion? This can be a big clue in determining the cause.

tommytoon 03-30-2009 04:27 PM

Re: Excessive wear / corrosion of my teeth
I just randomly looked in the mirror about 3 weeks ago and realised by front two teeth had small chips in them, particularly in the middle at the bottom. Now, at the moment it is not really visible from a normal distance but I still know its there. My parents and girlfriend say I have nothing to worry about but I feel like I do.

I was a big fan of chocolate, not so much now, I have stopped drinking coke and have only resorted to water and milk(one glass of milk per day). I felt like I had caught it at the right time, I perchased the pronamel toothpaste and I brush around 3 times per day. Maybe it is just me looking into it a bit too much and noticing a lot when look in the mirror but the clear bits that appear at the bottom of teeth seem more visible, although I have been more careful, it feels like they are getting worse. I have an appointment booked to see the dentist, but does anyone else feel the same as me? Am I being paranoid or is it possible that they are getting worse even though my diet is good and I only drink water or milk.

Someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!

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