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  • extreme pain from sensitivity or crown prep..Please help

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    Old 08-04-2005, 10:44 PM   #1
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    Unhappy extreme pain from sensitivity or crown prep..Please help

    I have been to the dentist 5 times in the past week and a half.

    Visit 1: I was prepped for 3 crowns all in a row on my upper left side. 2 already had root canals and the other one was just a big filling that the dentist recommended a crown for. They put the temporary crowns on all as one piece since all 3 teeth were together.
    After this visit I developed constant pain that would wake me up every 2 hours. The pain would go from my left temple all the way down to the bottom of my jaw. I am almost 9 months pregnant so all I could take for the pain was 500 mg tylenol every 4 hours. The tylenol would take a half hour to kick in and then stay in effect for about 1 1/2 hours leaving me 2 hours of pain before I could take more tylenol.

    I called the dentist and made appointment #2 2 days later.

    Visit 2: The dentist looked at my teeth and said that there was a gap along the gum line where the temporary is. She began to fill it in with some type of bond and hardened it. When she put the bond in, my tooth was extremely sensitive and I about jumped out of the chair. After this I thought the pain would go away. However, I was still taking the pain medication and waking up all night after this appointment.

    That appointment was on a Thursday so I figured I would see what happened over the weekend. Sure enough I was in pain all weekend and ended up having to call the dentist again on Sunday and tell her that I needed to come back in Monday.

    Visit 3: The dentist decided to take off the temporary crowns and remake them. A little sensitivity during procedure but not too bad. I was numb with novacaine during procedure. They remade the temps and made sure all gaps were closed.

    Went home and still the constant pain. Called dentist that night and told her that I needed to come back in and have xrays (mine are 5-6 months old that she was looking at).

    Visit 4: I went in the next day and she took xrays. She says there is no evidence of infection or needing a root canal. She prescribed penicillin thinking that maybe I had a sinus infection or something. She said that my permanent crowns would be in soon and I could come have them put on and the pain would probably go away.

    Still had constant pain after this appointment. I had an appointment to go back in 2 days to have the permanent crowns put on.

    Visit 5: Went in for my permanent crowns. Still in a lot of pain. She gave me novacaine shots and I was very numb. They popped the temps off and started fitting the permanent crowns. The two that had root canals fit fine. However, the one that I had been having pain in, the one without the root canal, did not fit. I was told that they would have to cement the two in place and send back the other to be remade and that they would call me when it came in. They put the two on and then she had to make another temporary for the other one. Her assistant was the one making the temporary and she had to keep blowing air on it to dry it which hurt real bad. Then she started putting this sensidyne stuff all around the tooth (without the temp crown on). I was sitting in the dentist chair with tears streaming down my face because even though I was numb the pain was so unbearable. She finally got the temp on after 30 minutes of torturing my tooth with air and sensidyne. The assistant went to talk to the dentist and she asked if I had been taking the penicillin. I told her yes I had and she said well that should clear up the pain.
    So I have been on the penicillin for almost 3 days now. It is still not working. Shouldn't it be working by now?

    It has been 15 hours since I went in. I am still in constant pain and taking tylenol, penicillin and putting orajel on.

    She did the xray and "ruled out" a root canal, infection and she also did some tapping on my teeth which she said was fine and she did a cold test which she says was fine. It is obvious that something is not fine or I would not be in pain.

    I do not want her to put on the permanent crown if it is going to continue to give me problems. If she does not want to find a way to stop the pain then I will find a dentist that will. I do not want to be in labor and have to deal with a toothache on top of it. I would rather be in labor pain then in the pain I have been in for a week and a half. At least then I would know there would be an end soon.

    So my question is this:
    Would having a root canal anyway at least kill the nerve and stop the pain and sensitivity?
    Are there any other options to killing the nerve, other than extraction?

    Thank You in advance!

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    Old 08-05-2005, 04:51 AM   #2
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    Re: extreme pain from sensitivity or crown prep..Please help

    sorry to hear of your pain. i know its the last thing you need right now.
    i wonder if maybe you fractured the tooth, which is not visible on xrays, and not visible to the eye. a rct might help, or the tooth might need to be extracted. talk to your dentist again.....good luck

    Old 08-05-2005, 04:59 AM   #3
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    Re: extreme pain from sensitivity or crown prep..Please help

    I had a similar problem a couple of years ago with two teeth next to eachother. Neither were root canaled and when they were prepped for crowns the pain was really bad. I believe a big part of the problem was they used a connected double temporary crown and the seal was not good, so I was very sensitive. He said it did not need a root canal but I wanted to be sure so I saw an endodontist. He also said the teeth did not need a root canal. They both thought the pain was from the crown preparation and the temporaries and would settle down. When I got my permanent crowns in the teeth still hurt quite a bit but began to settle down. It took almost six months before the pain finally went away and the teeth have been good for about four years now, so it can happen. One thing my endo. recommended which I thought was an excellent suggestion - he said not to have the permanent crowns attached with permanent cement until the pain stopped. They just used a temporary cement so they could pop them off easily if the pain did not go away and I did need a root canal. I had them on with temporary cement for six months with no problems. You might want to consider this option rather than risk possibly ruining a good crown with a future root canal.

    Old 08-05-2005, 08:04 AM   #4
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    Re: extreme pain from sensitivity or crown prep..Please help

    CTmom has an excellent suggestion in cementing the permanent crown on with a temp. cement, so long as the perm. crown is one that is intended to be cemented and not bonded. If the tooth that is bothering you hurts worse when you close or bite then the bite on the temp. is most likely too tall and an adjustment in the occlusion will probably help, if the pain increases when you get something cold or hot in the area then the nerve is probably irritated and an otc anti-inflammitory will help, if the pain is not affected by temperature change or sweets (where the crown is not sealed completely), then see if the gum is irritated. Make sure that you keep the area as clean as possible.

    Old 08-05-2005, 03:12 PM   #5
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    Re: extreme pain from sensitivity or crown prep..Please help

    Sounds like maybe your bite could be to high. When your bite is thrown off then what happens is it brusises the ligament around the tooth and would cause extreme pain. This isn't going to go away until the bite is taken care of. So if it feels like when you bite down that both sides of your jaws come together at the same time. One side doesn't hit before the other. Also temporary crowns do not seal very well and this could cause some sensitive. I wouldn't think the kind of sensitive that you are talking about though.

    Old 08-06-2005, 05:32 AM   #6
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    Re: extreme pain from sensitivity or crown prep..Please help

    I have been having the same kind of problem. I had my root canal a month ago, and just got my temp. crown yesterday. I too sat in the dentist chair and cried throgh 2 of my 4 procedure. The dentist finally decided that I had TMJ. The pain you are describing in jaw and temple is exactly like I had. Do you also have pain in your ear? And do you grind or clench your teeth at night? My dentist prescribed a muccle relaxer for the TMJ, which has helped some. I am going back in next week so he can fit me with a nightguard, I also go to my chiropractor and he adjusts my jaw. It is getting better, the TMJ, but I now have blisters all in my mouth and my goums around are very red and swollen. You might want to ask your dentist about TMJ,this could be the source of some of your pain. You also might want to ask your OB about taking vicodin. I have a friend who took it when she was pregnant for headaches, and she was even seeing a high risk OB DR. Good Luck!

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