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SabresLover81 11-18-2001 02:01 PM

Could Teeth Become Straight??
Hey all i had a cavity on my second to last molar on my bottom teeth and had it yanked instead of wasting money on a root canal, anyways i have a tooth (the fang as i call it) thats squished in the front on the same side that it is actually pushed in front of the other tooth taking its place. Now my question is since i got that tooth pulled in the back and there is that gap, in time will my teeth spread to fill that gap and then my fang will be even again with the rest?

Debbie46 11-18-2001 05:02 PM

I hate to tell you this; you should not have had that tooth pulled out, unless you were reasonably certain that it wasn't saveable. I am not a dentist, but I know this: your other teeth will not fill in the space left by the now vacant tooth. I had a very back molar pulled several years ago, only after it was certain it could not be saved. We need ALL out teeth; otherwise the alignment is thrown off. In the future, I would suggest you don't go getting a tooth pulled, unless the tooth is hopelessly lost. Why did you choose to have your tooth pulled, rather than have a root canal done on it? I am curious about this. A root canal is no big could have saved that tooth. Oh well; live and learn, I are going to have to get a bridge; something to fill in the gap...but maybe someone with more knowledge will be able to better help you. Good luck!

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