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Need Advice/Help!

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Old 06-13-2002, 11:04 AM   #1
Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: Salt lake City, Utah-USA
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Debbie46 HB User
Talking Need Advice/Help!

Hi, people. I have a strange problem. Three weeks ago I had a top molar, 2nd from the back, on my right side, pulled. I had countless work done on this tooth, and it still bothered me. Now, the same tooth, oppoposite side, is bothering me a lot. I had had my dentist look at it twice: I've had the tooth x-rayed. Noproblems are seen on x-ray; but my dentist says the tooth is riding right on my sinuses. The tooth I had pulled was fine; no cracks, no abcess, anything. Two root tips were broke; but the doctor who pulled the tooth said that often happens when teeth are pulled. So I don't know if I had the broken root tips before I had the tooth pulled, or not. Now this other tooth is bother ing me. I've taken sinus medication two nights in a row....the tooth has a continual ache in it. I notice that Motrins/aspirins don't help at all; even pain pills do nothing to help. I honestly don't know what to do. Should I just pull this tooth, also? I notice now the right top side is better; now that the tooth is pulled. I wonder if I should get the tooth root canaled, even if no problems are seen on x-ray. But would that even help...I had an MRI done on my face; it said I have "minimal sinus disease". I never got a good answer as to what that means. What should I do? This problem is driving me nuts! Debbie
P.S. This tooth has been bothering me for a long time...but it has gradually gotten worse. For a long time, it would ache a bit, then stop. Now it pretty much aches all the time...

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Old 06-14-2002, 12:54 PM   #2
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2001
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ILMom HB User

Oh, Debbie...I had hoped that getting that nasty tooth pulled a few weeks ago would have been the end of your pain. I don' have any advice to give. I only wanted to lend you some support.

I'm having my dentist permanently fill the tooth that I have been struggling with. It is not symptom free, but I don't think that it ever will be. However, I do have to have it sealed...

Good luck to you. I hope that you find an answer...

Old 06-14-2002, 02:25 PM   #3
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Ohio
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Emi106 HB User

Hello, I'm new here and just read your msg. I went through something like that also.
I had a root canal and a re treat and a crown put on but ended up having it pulled. Then the other side the same thing. I had pain but the Dr didn't see anything and didn't believed me so I went to another Dr and he saw I had an abscess. I'm sure your Dr's good but if you're still in pain if I were you I would go to another one and get it checked out.
I went through so much with my teeth from last year so I know your pain.
I hate it when they say I don't see anything and you have to go home with pain!
I prob went through 7-8 diff dentist
within this year. I found a good Endo and a reg dentist I like.
From my Problems I had in the past I will only go to the endo to get my root canals done. But that's another story.haha
Anyway if you have any ?s, let me know. Hope you feel better

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Old 06-14-2002, 03:17 PM   #4
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Location: England
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niecsey HB Userniecsey HB User

just a quickie note to let you know that when you have problems with a tooth its not unusual to feel pain else where take care

Old 06-15-2002, 11:38 PM   #5
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
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Txlady615 HB User

Just a quick reply that is a really long story..I've gone through 10 years of disability due to dental problems...The dentist saw nothing, or saw abcess/// all saw different things looking at the very same xray. I've spent at least over $50,000 in medical, and $25,000 on dental trying to solve health problems that have turned out to be entirely dental.. I mostly got run arounds, some acting like it was all in my head, or would tell me stories of somebody that they pulled their tooth and they still had pain...The fact is dentist have quiet a market, and marketing plan, since root canals etc are very profitable. . . Finally I insisted some be pulled one at a time, each time feeling some relief in some areas of my face, head, chest etc. Each time the dentist would find either a dead tooth, shattered root and abcess, or an abnomal something showing trauma had occured but would still refuse to pull the others..An MD even wrote them a leter asking them to pull two teeth initially and to remove the ligamanets because blood test showed I had a systemic infection..and at that time I had for sure 2 teeth hurting..He stated the only way to get rid of a systemic infection was to cut it out.....they still refused, put me through all sorts of treatment, including $3500.00 treatment for TMJ, root canal etc! Of course I was grinding my teeth, from the pain of the abcesses!
I continued to have terrible pain, and sinus was getting even worse..finally went to an ear nose throat specialist who said I had abcesses in my sinuses, right on tooth roots...He further said he had never heard of sinus causing dental problems but that dental problems would cause sinus problems...To shorten the story, I am finally now getting them to pull the rest of my upper teeth and hopefully will be pain free. They have determined that the same bacteria /infection that is in dental problems can cause heart trouble (Hello, the right side of my heart was enlarged in '98 and a fast heart rate...became obvious to me that when on antibiotics the heart rate would reduce, as would pain, although I never completely cleared etc.) and it can also cause mengitis and cyst in other parts of the body including the brain. Root canals only remove the nerve and do not get rid of the infection. The infection effected the muscles in my head, neck chest and even had my left shoulder frozen at one time, and off and on I've had a limp in my left leg with pain in my left groan. I could feel drainage down the left side of my neck and have had a red streak down the left side of my throat for years. Several Dr and dentist told me they had never heard of such, as if I was imagining it, and ignored the red streak..My blood pressure would get elevated when muscles spasms were tight from abcesses...and a couple of times when infection was getting worse, it would drop very low...40 / 20 on one occasion in my MD's office. Extraction of one tooth that had had 2 root canals, (root canals against my MD's advise) where the dentist discovered the deep abcess in the root tip, and the root shattered ....and the extraction relieved my high blood pressure, until another tooth became even more painful, then it became elevated again and muscle spasms worse....

Extraction of each tooth has reduced a slight amount of infection and drainage narrowing down the pain that had been all over, since it spread when they would not initially pull one or two teeth 8 years ago. e
ven though I would tell the dentist this, they would refuse to pull the others until I would yell etc..then pull one-two at a time.

Ive taken 8 months of antiobic from the ENT and now finally the dentist are pulling the other teeth, that should have been done at least 8 years ago!

You must decide for your self..but for the sake of overall health pulling is a safe route to consider.
I just hope that I do not have damage to my body including to my heart because dentist would not listen to me..I only had one tooth abcess with an obvous knot on the gun..all the others were root tips, or into the sinus area..I have NO visible gun disease.
Never wrestle with a pig. You'll only get in the mud and the pig loves it.
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Old 06-16-2002, 09:42 AM   #6
Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: Salt lake City, Utah-USA
Posts: 110
Debbie46 HB User

Hi, Txlady. I feel for you. I think it is reprehensible that you had to go through all the suffering you did! Don't dentists's realise that not all patients are the same. There can be cases where people's body's react to the root canals/dental work, period....your problems probably don't happen often to people (thank God for that). You should have had your teeth pulled long before you had to spend all that money, trying to figure out what the problem is. I've been to ear, nose, throat doctors (3); and they saw nothing on my x-rays (but that was over a year ago). I had a few visits with a neurologist: she says whatever my problem is, my brain isn't causing the pain; but she did prescribe neurontin for me to take. It kinds of helps take the adge off how I feel....this neurologist then recommended I see this other specialist. She said this lady had a good chance of "getting to the bottom" of my problems. Well, I go see her: she informs me I suffer from migraines (she was a headache doctor!). She kept asking me about my headaches. I kept trying to tell her I only get headaches if my teeth start to hurt real bad; and that only causes me headaches occasionally. I will get a headache if I loose a lot of sleep; but I don't really have a problem with headaches. I get maybe one headache a month, if that much. So her diagnosis: I have migraines. She had no suggestions for me...
I think my problems are with my teeth...I can't even calculate the money I've spent on this one tooth I had pulled recently. One root canal cost $850.00. It was a re-treat root canal. Well, I can't even begin to know how much I've spent, trying to "save" my teeth. I now have a big hole on my upper right side. I have become somewhat detached to my teeth anymore. I don't care if I pull them, or keep them. I still take very good care of them...I just am not as "attached" to them as I used to be. They have caused me too much pain...
I can only hope that you get the rest of your teeth pulled. Your teeth are not good for you. Ordinarily people can rightly say; "save your teeth"; but some people SHOULD loose their teeth. You definately are one of them. You should not have had to spend the money you did. I'm so sorry you had to go through that!
Good luck to you in the future. I pray you will regain your health. Please post again now and then, so I know how you're doing....Debbie

Old 06-19-2002, 03:30 PM   #7
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: IL
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zahnschmerzen HB User

Dear Debbie,

Reading your posts over the past few weeks has been of great comfort to me, since I now know that I am not the only one going through dental hell.
Here's my story. I started a root canal on an upper molar (after going to ENT in the "hope" that it was just my sinuses) over two months ago, after a few weeks of aches and discomfort. After the endodontist finished the root canal with gutta percha, I was still in pain, so the endodontist went back in and found another canal. A week later, he filled that canal. I was still in pain. Back to the endo: He shaved down most of the tooth looking for a crack, but couldn't find one. X-rays look ok too. Of course, that doesn't rule out a crack or perforation in the root....I don't know what else I should have him do on that tooth (so far, he hasn't charged me for all these extra visits), since the fillings and x-rays look good.

To make matters worse, the same tooth on the other side of the mouth has been acting up for 2 months (sounds like your case, doesn't it?!!). All the endo's tests are inconclusive, but I have spontaneous sparks of pain several times a day, supposedly a sign of irreversible pulpitis. In this thread, you mentioned that your second tooth has been aching for a long time. How long has it been aching? Have you decided what to do about it?
I am not sure what to do. The pain on both sides of my mouth is a source of constant irritation, but I have no desire to repeat the failure of the first root canal. And my trust in my endodontist has fallen, although I have to admit that so far, he has been very nice to me, a "problem patient".
Sorry for such a long post - I just felt like sharing my experience with fellow sufferers like you and ILMom. Thanks for listening, and any comments are appreciated.

Old 06-20-2002, 02:53 PM   #8
Junior Member
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loula HB User

I too am still suffering from a root canaled tooth done over 2 years ago on my front upper. Although there is not much pain an occasional twinge or an ache there is a slight pressure. I've gone around too looking for a dentist who will diagnose the problem and fix it but everyone has told me something different. My nasal passage always feels like there is something in it and they feel like they are sticking together. I get headaches, fatigue, tingling pains in my hands, rashes on my skin. SOmetimes i have a bad pressure in my chest. I've had an MRI and blood tests. Now the ent says I should have a ct scan but I have heard that is a lot of radiation and my body already seems so compromised.. Recently I went and had the tooth xrayed again and they say there is no infection or abcess. I'm am my wits end and considering pulling it now after all this time. THe root canal was overfilled and the filler materail leaks out and shows up on the xrayr like a tail. DOes anyone know if the overfill could cause all these problems. One dentist said it no problem, another dentist said its a failure and to have it pulled. I really don't want it pulled if it could be fixed because its my front tooth and that means I would have to have more work done to get a replacement. Debbie, do you feel at all better since you got that tooth you have been struggling with pulled. I really wonder what miminal sinus disease means. Th ent says I could be having these symptoms from nerve damage to the nerves around the tooth.

Old 06-23-2002, 10:23 AM   #9
Senior Member
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Deb47 HB User

Hi Zahn and Loula. I hope you both can get to the bottom of your problems. Loula, at least you aren't having continual pain in your tooth; though it is very annoying when a tooth doesn't feel right. Something isn't right; that's how it was for me, with a tooth I had pulled. On my best days with it, it always felt strange (at best). At other times it hurt a lot. Its all a matter of what you can tolerate, I guess. Zahn, your tooth still may calm down. It can take several months for a tooth to get better. I have heard this from many dentists; and a few people have posted on this board, that their tooth got better as time went by. I also wonder why a tooth on the opposite side would start hurting. I was told that one side can't really affect directly, pain on the other side of the mouth. I suspect it has something to do with the sinuses. If this other tooth keeps bothering you, then maybe you'll need a root canal. I know how hard/frustrating all this is for you both. Don't ever consider yourself "problem patients". You do have problems, but its not your fault. I also have problems with my teeth, so I know exactly where you're coming from. Sorry Debbie wasn't able to answer you; maybe she left the board for good, for one reason or another....Deb47

Old 06-23-2002, 12:32 PM   #10
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Emi106 HB User

Update from my last post..
I had 2 Root canals done. One on lower left molar and one on lower right molar.
One was done in May and the other This month. Both was at the Endo and was giving me BAD BAD pain so I had both pulled. After Dental I spent $500 each and nothing to show for.
I learned it the hard way that Root canals even at the Endo is not 100%.
I don't think I would want another Root canal done after what I went through.
Some people have no problems with them and some people do like me.
I have been stressing out from all this denal work going back and forth and I'm so sick of it.
I rather be pain free and save my $ then to go through all this.
Good luck to all : )

Old 06-23-2002, 10:02 PM   #11
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ah683 HB User

Hi Txlady615,

Did the ENT doctor determine that you had abcesses on tooth roots from a catscan? Both an ENT and oral surgeon wanted me to have one, but I am a bit concerned about the radiation. They do know there is decay under the temporary, so alternatively they want me to get that cleaned out by a general dentist first.

I have had slight swelling on the maxillary sinus on the side of that tooth for many months, as well as post-nasal drip. Some dentists are telling me to just fix the tooth, without root canal, get a good seal, and give the sinus a chance to heal. Wonder if that's realistic.

You sound like you've read a lot of the holistic/biological I have.


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