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  • Can Wisdom Teeth Make You Sick?

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    Old 12-01-2005, 09:52 AM   #1
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    Can Wisdom Teeth Make You Sick?

    I have been at my wits end trying to figure out what in the world has happened to my health. Been researching everything from the thyroid to male yeast infections. And now it's landed me here in this dental forum. I've been trying to retrace my steps when it comes to symptoms and I remembered a bad mouth infection I had in november 2004. I was in Seattle, WA opening up a new restaurant for my company when I suddenly got really sick. I had the worst fevers, my mouth ached, the little webbing that connects my tongue to the bottom of my mouth was very sore, and I could barely eat from it. My tongue was messed up and there was an infection on the gumline where my bottom left wisdom tooth was. Not knowing what I was dealing with at first I actually tried to work thru it, but by the 9th day of my trip I forced myself to go to the hospital. They helped a little with some Valtrex, but in the end it was a call to my dentist which got me feeling better......... He prescribed me some antibiotics like penicillian v 500 mg. It took a couple of weeks but eventually the infection cleared up and everything was all good.

    Around april I started noticing my I felt bloated all the time and was burping alot. Flash forward to the past two months. I've been suffering from the most random symptoms ever. Everything from massive migraines, sore throat, fatigue, body aches, nausea, sinus complications, stomach and digestive problems, blurred vision, teeth feel funny sometimes, dry mouth, hair thinning, skin texture changing etc etc........ I also noticed at times my ears ache and the roof of my mouth feels funny. Come to think of it at the oneset of all these symptoms I had that problem where that little webbing between the tongue and the bottom of my mouth got really sore and hurt again........ Is it possible that all these problems could be from complications from my wisdom teeth? I should include that I might've done something stupid by trying to medicate myself with some leftover penicillin when that tongue webbing thing first appeared. I've been reading that the misuse of antiobiotics can cause yeast infections and all the non-specific symptoms I've been experiencing can be found with yeast infections.

    The reason I ask is because my dentist told me over a year and a half ago that I was going to have to get my wisdom teeth removed. Being the putter-offer that I tend to be, i've let it go this long without having gotten them out. Now, my top two wisdom teeth are out and above the gumline, the bottom two however are impacted (from what I understand of the term) and only the tops of them can be seen. I've read that having wisdom teeth can cause not only dental complications, but can spread to other health complications as well. Can they do what I described above? I've been so bad about getting in to my dentist within the last year and a half since that phone call I made to him when I was in seattle.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions. I just figured it was worth a shot to pose this question here on this board because so far it's a mystery to my doc why i'm feeling this poorly, I mean I've always been the model of healthy for the longest time. It hit me today, the whole wisdom teeth thing, after somebody had been talking about how dangerous it is to keep them in when you're an adult. I'm a 26 year old male by the way. .

    [Please don't use use cuss/slang words. Saying "these problems" is preferred. Thanks - Well-come Moderator.]

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    Re: Can Wisdom Teeth Make You Sick?

    Doesn't anybody have an opinion?

    I'm wondering if perhaps A: I'm experiencing compilcations from impacted wisdom teeth that are overdue for being removed as well as be B: Causing a male yeast infection by misusing the year old penicillin I had.

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    Re: Can Wisdom Teeth Make You Sick?

    I know bad teeth can cause health probs, but I dunno. I know I was sick for about 4 years with balance probs, dizzyness. heart palpatations, exteem anxiety, feeling like I was gonna faint all the time, diareah every day in the morn,, GERD, indigestion every day, very tired, bad sinus probs, then I got my teeth out, and pretty much every symptom went away!

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    Re: Can Wisdom Teeth Make You Sick?

    Sounds familiar what you are writing. I will try adding my two cents worth. Exact symptoms you mentioned, from the migraines to the horrid feeling on the roof of my mouth, and my dr didn't want to help until I removed all of my wisdom teeth. He said that they can do wonders. I have had them all removed over 6 weeks ago and the same, as you say, "these problems" are continuing with certain symptoms being less intense. After I eat it is as if my head pressure increases and my ears start to ache and yearn to pop. I have researched everything as you mentioned. I get an unusual freezing tingling sensation up the side of my face when ever something excites me, food, freaks me out. Prior to wisdom tooth removal, I had a close to toxic shock episode due to an abscessed tooth that nobody knew about, just me. It took half a year to persuade various ddts that there is sth wrong with that tooth. It had to be extracted and yet the symtoms persisted which led me to remove my wisdom teeth. I feel wasted every evening, it graduates during the day. It leaves me wondering what the heck has been left living in me that anitbios haven't killed and that no dr is able to detect?
    Keep us up to date. This healthboard has always been a most helpful guide for me.
    Take good care.....

    [Please do not use slang/cuss words. Thanks - Well-come Moderator.]

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    Re: Can Wisdom Teeth Make You Sick?

    Don't wait - see an oral surgeon and get to the bottom of your problem. I would not go to a regular dentist - you need to see a specialist. This way, you will know if it's your teeth and go from there.

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    Re: Can Wisdom Teeth Make You Sick?

    wisdom teeth per se cannot cause illness, unless they are infected - that is the opinion of my dentist. however impacted wisdom teeth may cause infection.
    i have had infected teeth (molars) and they can make you feel like your body is facing round 16 of a fight!!

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    Re: Can Wisdom Teeth Make You Sick?

    What happen if I got sore throat and just had wisdom teeth out 4 weeks ago? Is this normal if someone has sore throat when someone had their wisdom teeth out?

    I am getting pain on my left side now and still in pain on my right side when I move up and down. Doctor just clean out the right side to start over and still getting pain through the pack.


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    Re: Can Wisdom Teeth Make You Sick?

    Originally Posted by Bryanna
    Yes any oral infection including an infected tooth, wisdom tooth or other, can cause health problems due to the vascularity of the mouth. Oral infections travel through our blood stream just like any other infection in the body. It is common for the digestive system to be weaken by the infection as well as the immune system. Usually the symptoms are vast and eventually they become chronic.

    Frequently, the condition does not become chronic until the person becomes run down either from things such as stress and/or the infection itself.

    This can occur with any tooth, but frequently an infected wisdom tooth can cause the other teeth adjacent to it to become infected as well.

    Antibiotics can not cure an infected tooth. The only sure way to eliminate the infection is to remove the source and that is to remove the tooth and the ligament that holds the tooth in the bone.

    Basically every person that has ever been on an antibiotic has an overgrowth of yeast in their digestinal tract. One sure way to help combat this is to take a probiotic (good bacteria) daily, even when feeling well. If enough good bacteria is produced on a daily basis in the intestines, then the use of antibiotics on an occasional basis will not cause the overgrowth of yeast.

    Taking probiotics while on antibiotic therapy is significant to maintain healthy intestinal flora. However, the probiotic should be taken 2 hours after the antiobiotic to prevent the bacterias from interfering with each other.

    See that's the thing, my stress levels are off the charts these days. It's gotten to the point where I have also considered anti-anxietal approach whether homeopathic, medicated, or both. As for the probiotics, recently I began drinking BioK's acidophulus live cultured drinks, with 50 million live strains, and my skin and hair have acted so much better. My hair has moisture back in it and my skin is no longer pale and feeling different - it's back to it's usual light olive tone, smoother, and I don't get ingrowns anymore from shaving.

    I'm curious as to how much damage I might have done taking the Penicillin V 500mg tablets for over a week. I mean I wasn't feeling anything flu-like at the time, just the lingual frenulum which felt sore and looked a little infected. So I started popping the pills remembering that they helped back in Nov. 2004 when I experienced that. But a few weeks later I started developing all kinds of the random symptoms I explained. Another thing about my health is that I eat a ton of bread, cheeses, and pastas. Furthermore, I started noticing within the past couple months that my sugar intake was more than it ever has been, I'm talking a huge jump - I was literally craving when I never used to. I heard that all those food groups massively contribute to a yeast infection gone wild.

    I guess my concern is that, again, my dentist told me that I had to get them removed a long time ago (nearly 2 years). He warned me that it could lead to future problems. My mouth is most definately feeling a little different these days along with those other non-specific symptoms I've experienced.

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