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maxsam 08-14-2003 10:32 PM

Get teeth fixed or get dentures - need help
I am 54 years old and have not been to a dentist in years and years. Always a money problem and no insurance.

I am in a little better financial position now and would like to have my teeth fixed but I will probably need crowns on every one of them. I do have some crowns and a fixed bridge now but most have to be replaced. I can see this thing costing well over $10,000.

I would like to hear from people who have had a similar situation.

Did you just wait it out until your teeth were bad enough so that your dentist would recommend dentures?

I just can't make a decision. At my age from what I understand I will eventually lose my teeth to gum problems anyway. So I don't know what I want to do. I don't want to invest all that money and then in ten years have to get dentures anyway. Maybe I should just have the front teeth done so that at least they look nice.

Also I would like to know if anyone has gone to a dentist who puts you out and does alot of work at one time. If I decide get my teeth fixed I don't want it to drag on forever. I just want it done in maybe 2 months total.

Any advice would be appreciated.

partialremodel 08-28-2005 10:32 AM

Re: Get teeth fixed or get dentures - need help
I've been terrified of dentists all my life, so having bad teeth hasn't helped me. I'm 42 and have good insurance, so have been trying to catch up and maintain myself. A few years ago, I saw a few different dentists before finding one I am comfortable with. None of them would pull my teeth and give me new ones because they want to fix them. Well, I have 3 of my own left on the bottom and they are barely there anymore, so have my 1st of 7 appt's tomorrow to get my bottom denture. I would tell you to just go with the dentures and save some money ! Have you tried laughing gas ? That's the only way I can get through any dentist visit !! Good luck and keep me posted.

chatty8484 08-28-2005 11:29 AM

Re: Get teeth fixed or get dentures - need help
I am a 28, at 13 I was in a serious accident and had alot of facial trauma and reconstruction surgery and so on. Since then my teeth went downhill literally almost overnight, I was always sick, abcesses, fevers & infections! I had all my teeth pulled out this May and have had dentures since mid June and will get my permanent porcelan ones in about 5-10 months.
I needed about 15-18 root canals and all had to be crowned and had 3 opinions done in trying to save my god awful teeth. If I would have had the root canals and bridges done they figured at most they'd last is 1.5-2 years then I'd have to go back and pay to have teeth pulled or crowned again. So I made the decision instead of putting about 40 to 50 thousand and still be sick and later have to get it done again, I got mine pulled.
Do I regret it.....not really. Yes it's different it's a change and no one likes change...but if you go into with a positive attitude it'll truely help.
If you really can save them and not for a short time only, save them.

The other word of advice, yes I know to each their own but when/if you finally decide dentures is the way you are going, get your teeth pulled then wait as long as you can to start making them. Your mouth/gums shrink the most in the first year of getting teeth pulled.
I did all my impressions 2-3 weeks post op so here's an example;
May 27th teeth out
June 6th made impressions (about 5 appointments in a two week period)
June 17th ready and in my mouth

Well just from June 6th to 17th wow they were too big. I am now 3 months post op and am still healing/shrinking so they one day fit great then the next they are to big to the point no glue or powder helps. The reason being is they were made at 2-3 weeks post op and I was swollen so by end of August think how much difference their is in your mouth/gums, I never ever thought of that when I was making my dentures I just thought yay teeth!!!!
So if you can wait till your denturist feels your healing is done to about 60-70% wait, you'll get better placement of how/where your teeth sit, size of denture, the longer you wait the less bulky it should be and the more you feel it fits..mentally you do better.
So ya if I didn't have to work and if I wasn't so self paranoid and I also got married 3 weeks ago and I wouldn't do it toothless so I wanted my teeth and now I wish I had a bit more patience and waited to make them.

I am so sorry for rambling but it is a serious decision and if it's just for looks don't pull em, look into veneers or fillings,caps whatever there's nothing like you'r real teeth:)

Good luck, let us know how it goes:)


Sandybeech 08-28-2005 01:17 PM

Re: Get teeth fixed or get dentures - need help
I am 41 and began wearing full dentures 5 years ago due to pregnancy complications- long story. Anyway, making the decision to go with dentures is not an easy one. If you know someone who wears dentures, descretely ask if you have some of their time to discuss them. Be honest and up front- I think most denture wearers would have liked to have had some input from others- this board is an excellent source of info. It is not quite as good as sitting down with someone and asking questions and seeing the person close up and also knowing how they get along.
Be sure that dentures are the best solution for you. There is so much more to getting your teeth pulled and replaced with dentures- there are the physical effects and maybe more important- the emotional effects. This is major surgery, it is the removal of a body part and the replacement with a prosthesis or two and all of the implications of using artificial aids.
Do not go about this based on cost alone- there are places out there that will sell you a package deal- extractions and dentures for one low low price- and you get what you pay for. Again this is a good reason to seek several opionions and get everything in writing. Compare costs and above all, be comfortable with the practitioner you select.


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