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losingmymind 08-26-2003 06:31 AM

Cashodeen please read
Thanks for responding to my question. But i do have one more for you. My son is 10 and with the insurance we have they usally don't pay for treatment of orthodontist until they loose all the baby teeth. But when i spoke with the insurance people they said that there are exceptions. Now,since my son's condition is bad and just by you knowing what the problam is would you consider this bad enough for the "exception". Just in your own opinion. His dentist said he needed to be seen by ortho ASAP.

Cashodeen 08-27-2003 06:48 PM

Yeah, I would definitely think this would be one of those exceptions. I would push for it, if I were you. My cousin's insurance didn't want to pay for his jaw surgery, but his parents were finally able to get coverage.

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