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  • White coated tongue and it STINKS!

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    Old 09-09-2003, 10:31 AM   #16
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    lwe HB User

    Bad breath can originate in the mouth, nose, or from chemistry elsewhere in the body that affects the air exhaled from the lungs.

    A doctor once recommended that I take chlorophyll capsules for intestinal cleansing when I complained of bad breath. I don't think it helped much, though.

    If your dentist and doctor can't find any specific problems in the mouth, you should think about the possibility of a yeast or other fungus infection in your nose. I read somewhere that the majority of sinus infections are actually fungal infections, and doctors are doing a disservice when they prescribe typical antibiotics for that, since killing bacteria only helps yeast to grow.

    Using Nystatin solution as a nasal rinse, as I described in an earlier reply, has been helpful to me.

    By the way, I learned about using Nystatin nasally from one of the Yeast Connection series of books by Dr. Crook.

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    Old 09-13-2003, 11:36 PM   #17
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    How dissapointing! The peroxide does not seem to be working aas good as I thought. I went out to a nightclub, and had to talk really close to people. I cringe at doing this, its so embarrasing. I noticed other people touching their noses as they have always done as soon as i open my mouth. i have even had strangers come up to me to talk and introduce themselves, soon after they walk away. Attractive girl, but her breath is VILE! I am sure that is what they think.
    Once again I feel trapped by my breath.

    Please Please, if anyone else knows any other hints,cures ANYTHING just let us know.

    I just want to be able to communicate like a normal person. Instead people think i am simple as i choose to just nod or say nothing at all in as many conversations as possible. my mouth is better kept shut!

    Old 12-04-2003, 12:50 PM   #18
    natural monk
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    Thumbs up Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

    Please don't stop reading if you don't have Candida!!!!!!

    Well, I've been reading this post and others for some time now. I have been struggling with a white coated tongue for a few months now, and can pretty confidently say that is a result of a Candida infection. However, I'll get right to the WHITE COATED TONGUE, as it is by far, for me, the most pressing issue. Below that, I have written about Candida, and finally, why illness is sky-rocketing in the last fifty years.

    Addressing the more pressing issue of the coated tongue and breath.....
    Well, I have very recently used two of nature's very potent antibacterial/antiviral/antifungals with success. I bought pure OREGANO OIL and pure TEA TREE OIL, and began using these (separately) to mix for mouthwashes and simply dropping some on my toothbrush and tongue scraper (almost painfully strong--I liked that because I knew it was destroying whatever that damn coating was).

    I read on a very comprehensive Candida website that oregano oil is more powerful as well as gentler than the popular NYSTATIN (natural is almost always better than man made). In addition, I bought some 'PerioTherapy Toothpaste' from that money mongering jerk who owns TheraBreath, Dr. Harold Katz, as it's the most predominant when searching for a 'white coated tongue'). I have to say that this stuff must help some, as it addresses foul breath bacteria, but the oils are the powerful agents (just wanted to mention, in order to be thorough).

    Please be aware that these oils are EXTREMELY potent and dilution is very much advised (they suggest 4 parts olive oil to 1 part oregano), although not required. I have not been using these for very long at all, so I cannot say that this coating won't return, however, my tongue is pink again and my breath is back to normal. Finally.

    Reasoning for my candida diagnosis (I have diagnosed myself, doctors are too expensive, and nature almost always makes a better, well-rounded, less harmful medicine than synthetics). My diet used to consist of absurd amounts of sugar and other terrible foods. I developed a urinary infection, where I'd have to urinate about 4 times within two hours in the morning, and frequently otherwise. Also, this disgusting tongue coating and bad breath.

    With that, I have drastically changed my diet...Almost exclusively organic foods (the taste is infinitely better and don't have the toxicity of herbicides, pesticides, etc.), where I am sure to eat large quantities of raw or slightly cooked vegetables, as well as other proteins. NO Sugar! I feel stronger and happier as a result. Bottomline.

    The rather expensive stuff................
    Further, I have begun taking the reputable 'Garden of Life' products that are beginning to receive more attention and more praise. 'Fungal Defense' which is a 14-day program made for destroying yeast and the like, is full of the right stuff. Specifically, STRONG & RESISTIVE probiotics. I'm also taking 'Perfect Food' which is also a powerful detoxing agent, full of vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, etc. but also Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSO's, highly stable probiotics). So far so good. They also recommend continuing on the popular 'Primal Defense', in order to maintain the healthy internal flora balance.

    My Views.........
    Our diets are ruining NATURE'S ability to protect us from pathogens. PROCESSED FOODS are the root of evil, as well as pesticides and the like. When we don't get the beneficial bacteria found on plants and all living organisms, from our foods/produce, then the pathogenic bacteria is able to grow unchecked. Nature is perfect. There's no disputing that....for every condition in nature, there is a NATURAL BALANCING. When we disturb this balance, as we are more and more drastically every day, particularly with George Bush as our president (Houston became the most polluted city in the US while Goerge W. was governor!!--and that's just scratching the surface), then problems occur--natural checks and balances are unable to occur.

    Sure, we have increased our life spans as humans...this is due, I believe, in large part to better SANITATION practices. But today's increasing illnesses are clearly a direct result of our habits. Traditional societies used Sauerkraut and various other cultured vegetables because they knew that it had medicinal properties, as well as PRESERVATIONAL properties. The Romans recognized the process of fermantation (which cultured vegetables go through) as 'alchemy'. When they would go on 'journeys', they would be sure to have 'sauerkraut' with them, because it kept them healthy. This day and age, we process everything, we pasteurize everything....this kills all the bacteria, good and bad, and therefore, WE DON'T HAVE NATURES HELP AND PROTECTION from pathogens. Quite simple really, you cannot industrialize the ways of our ancestors, so we have taken easier and quicker and more PROFITABLE approaches to food. MONEY is the root of this issue.

    You are what you eat.

    [Edited to remove websites. Free advertising is not permitted.]

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    Old 12-04-2003, 12:52 PM   #19
    natural monk
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    Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

    Please Let Me Know Of Your Experiences With What I Have Mentioned.

    Good Or Bad, I Am Extremely Interested In Hearing From You!!!!

    Old 01-09-2004, 08:41 PM   #20
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    Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

    " The last 48 hours, I have been doing nasel irragation witha mixture of baking soda, salt and warm water. The first time I did it I was really amazed at all the mucas that came out. "

    Sorry to bump this up, but I have Post Nasal Drip and I was wondering how I do nasal irregation. I have baking soda and salt, but what is nasal irregation and how does it work? Is it painful? Thanks.

    Old 01-12-2004, 10:33 AM   #21
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    Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!


    The link for the nasel irrigation info is:
    hope it helps I use it for my sinus' it stings a little in the beginning but so far so good.

    Old 08-25-2004, 09:04 PM   #22
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    Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

    i have a white coated tongue too and I think this gives me bad breath... I can't take it off by simple brushing... I know there's something wrong... pls help me... Thank you in advance...

    Old 08-27-2004, 01:39 PM   #23
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    Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

    I have the same problem, only mine is a yellow type colour. It's stuck to my tongue like glue, and even though I scrape it off every night, it's back by the next morning.

    It makes my mouth all sticky and horrible, like i've got a cold with flem everywhere or something.

    Old 09-14-2004, 03:08 AM   #24
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    Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

    Hi! I have white tongue for 3 years now. I think it started days after taking medication for the lung disease that inflicted me. Now, my lung is good, but my breath stinks. I have used therabreath mouthwash with tea tree oil, seems the only mouthwash to have a positive effect on me. Unfortunately i cant find any pure tea tree oil from where i am.

    Old 09-20-2004, 07:03 AM   #25
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    Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

    Originally Posted by jack03

    How has the peroxide been working? My son is almost 4 and he has chronic white tongue and chronic bad breath. He's had it for a couple years it seems, and now that he is becoming more social, I'm hoping to treat him effectively so he doesn't become insecure about it.

    I Have had WCT since 1998, tried all sorts - anti fungilin, sporanox i pasted bleach on it back in my earlier days, and now i just brush the **** off as hard as i can to maintain a pink tongue, i am 28 years old married, i believe i passed it on to my wife, she doesn't seem bothered by it but to this day i still am, Now my four year old has developed it, this saddens me so much all i think about at work is how insecure he's be if i said anything, it still makes me feel insecure to this day. i dont have the bad breath cause i never let it grow , i used to but i hate it now, i kept an eye on my son as he grew up never noticed it until this year, is it contagious? i know for a fact that he was not born with it. i like the idea of oregano oil & tea tree oil though - will try that asap.

    please help

    Old 04-21-2006, 12:32 PM   #26
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    Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

    I'm a 25 year old male and i've been dealing with this problem for like 3 years. I've noticed my breath getting really bad like 4 years ago. I went to a breath specialist and wasted about $400 and I probably have easily spent over $300 in bad breath products. Nothing has worked. I've even tried the peroxide wash and that didn't do anything for me. One thing I do notice is that I do have nasal problems and I think I do have post nasal drip. My tongue is almost always white and it is absolutely horrible in the morning. I've been around friends and they always complain of a fart smell that is always around. I think they have an idea that it is my breath but they're too polite to really bring it to my attention. I work in retail and I deal with customers all day and I always see them touching their nose. this is killing my self confidence and hurting my performance at work. Even chewing gum doesn't help. I am very anxious to try this nasal irrigation thing though. I'm sorry I don't have any possible solutions to offer but I do want to let you know that you are not the only one going through this.

    Old 04-21-2006, 12:47 PM   #27
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    Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

    I just realized that nobody has posted in like 2 years. If there is anyone out there with sugestions or experiences they want to share, please post something. this is a socially debilitating problem and I feel like going to doctors and dentist is like a waste of time.

    Old 05-02-2006, 12:43 PM   #28
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    Thumbs up Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

    I have had the same problem with smelly breath. I had tried everything from baking soda, peroxide, and expensive store bought products. Finally I came across something which helped me. It is tea tree oil. I mix it with my toothpaste at night and brush with it. This stuff is very strong and it does not take much. I sqeeze toothpaste into a seperate container with a lid and mix a couple of drops of the oil with is. I only do this at night. When i first started i did it twice a day. Also i took some mouth wash and added a few drops to it to gargle with. This has really helped me. Also i still use a tongue scrapper with some of the tooth paste mixture on it. I bought my tea tree oil at the local drug store, it comes in a brown bottle. It smells really strong and must be mixed with something else. I even carry a small bottle of mouthwash in my car for emergency use, after eating etc. hope this helps someone

    Old 05-08-2006, 06:40 PM   #29
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    Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

    To the person who said they gargle with baking soda and peroxide!!
    How much of each do you use? Does tea tree oil really work?

    Old 06-21-2006, 04:37 PM   #30
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    Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

    Have not seen this mentioned anywhere on this thread ... try being tested for H. pylori infection. It is bacterial infection of the stomach. Contradictions about whether or not it causes halitosis ... but personal experience is yes.

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