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snowleo 12-12-2009 08:22 PM

Re: White coated tongue and it STINKS!

I have been trying to get rid on my BB for years. I actually had bad gun=ms and have fixed them and the BB stayed. I was reading this post the other day and saw something about the Tung Brush. I went out and got it today along with some SilvaFresh toothpaste and now my tongue has been pink for the first time in years. So far it has been hours and My breath seems fine. I even stuck my finger down my throat and I had no offensive odor anymore. I hope this resolved my BB issues. It has been ruining my life for years.

I put the SilvaFresh on my Tung Brush and just cleaned for like 3 minutes and it seemed to work so far. I do not know if the SilvaFresh is doing it or the Tung Brush but I would at least try the Tung Brush first.

Also over a year ago I threw my original Tung brush away and used the Orabrush and Orasweet tongue brush and scrapers but they did not seem to work for me at all.

I also tried with no success Peroxide, Grapeseed extract, Glycerin, Sun Flower OIL and most of the other oils.

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