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Old 09-13-2003, 03:56 PM   #1
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Anoka,MN,USA
Posts: 54
jwarneka HB User
Exclamation HELP!!!

Hi, I am new to this place and in desperate need of help, I don't even know where to begin,
I am a 26 yr old mother of 2 beautifull lil girls, who is slowly and very painfully losing all of her teeth, so far I have heard about 16 different possible reasons as to why my teeth are going bad, everything from the morning sickness of my 1st pregnancy wearing away the enamel of my top teeth , to Iron deficiency, yet nobody seems to have a solution, or want to help me, If I have to have another tooth pulled, (wich I will, I am in pain as we speak) I will lose the ability to chew food period,
the main problems started during my second pregnancy, One night we were getting ready to go somewhere (me and my husband) I was brushing my teeth, and as I looked in the mirror, pieces of my top front teeth were flaking off while I was brushing, and leaving a hole, I was shocked, I had no clue what was causing it or how to stop it, I had always been good about brushing my teeth, (I'm one of those weird people you hear about that likes the taste of toothpaste)so I could not understand why this was happening, and to boot I was misinformed that while I was pregnant they couldn't fix any of it, that'll teach me to listen to the relatives, so they continued to wear away, and it became painfull to brush my teeth, because it was wearing away right at the gumline, finally after the birth of my 1st daughter, I went and saw a dentist, right away, his only solution was to pull them all and give me complete dentures, I cried for weeks, I was only 24 yrs. old, this was horrible news for me, then a friend suggested I try going to the major university for help, so I did, but at the time that they finally got around to doing any work on me, I was already pregnant(yet again lol) with my second daughter, so the best they could do for me was alot of novacaine, and let me tell you, I was in hell, here I was 6 mos pregnant, in the chair, and they were drilling away down to the nerves on my front top teeth, and I could feel every lil thing, I was crying, but on the other hand I just wanted to get it done, they applied this ceramic like stuff, to what was left of my teeth when they were done, I was never told that this was not a permanent solution, I knew I needed more work, but I thought that the front was fixed, so when 4 mos later, my entire right side of my face was swollen and hard with infection I went back, only to recieve this very condesending attitude form the technician, when she informed me that they had expected me to come back sooner, sorry for giving birth to my child, next time I'll have the baby here in your office, ok. I was then told, that my top right front tooth would have to come out, she said that they could fit me in in a few minutes, so I finally was in the chair, again, and the students could see how I was in such pain, when they tried to inject the novacaine, I screamed, my jaw as too infected and sensitive to even make that bareable, I was in tears, they said that they thought that I should wait untill the infection had gone down, and they would perscribe some antibiotics, but thier teacher had different ideas, the man was a dentist, he was supposed to teach them how to deal with patients, people who were in pain and distress, what did he teach them, how to terrify your patient, he walks in and says let's have a look, I figured he just wanted to check things out, he says this has to come out, he then takes the needle in hand shoves my head very forcefully back into the chair forces my mouth open and jams the needle all the way into my bone in my mouth, I swear I screamed so loud that everybody came in the room thought he was killing me, then when he realized he was being watched by more than just me, he throws a fit, he takes the needle throws it across the room knocks over the instrument table and says "well, we're not going to do this today, not with your behavior" like I'm a 3 year old, in a fog, and crying I left with my husband after he had made a return appt for me, I told him on the way out what had happened and that I wasn't ever coming back , he said he had heard me scream, and wasn't sure if it was me, he was very upset, since then I have had to have 6 more teeth pulled, I can't chew on the right side of my mouth and definetly can't smile, I have no clue where I should start, when every dentist I have been to has been a nightmare, the only person who has treated me right lol is my oral surgeon who has had to pull all of my bad teeth, if he were a reg dentist, I'd be set, and my teeth would be taken care of by now, ya know, I want to be able to smile when my girls make me laugh, I'm sick of thinking I look like a monster, I'm sick of being in pain, I need help, if anyone has any advice, or any help they can offer, it would be greatly appreciated, it's nice to know that somebody else out there might have a better way, or some advice, because right now as it seems, no one can help me .

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Old 09-14-2003, 12:36 AM   #2
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Anoka,MN,USA
Posts: 54
jwarneka HB User

Ok, so maybe my first post was a tad long, and drawn out, I'm sorry, maybe I was rambling, I think it's the frustration talking, lol it is nice to know I am not alone when it comes to have dental "issues" as the hubby puts it, lol thanx for atleast reading what I wrote, I DO appreaciate it

Old 09-14-2003, 01:10 AM   #3
princess J 1997
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Florida, USA
Posts: 12
princess J 1997 HB User

Wow.. I really don't know how to help, but I wanted to let you know I read this and I can't believe what you have gone through! I am so sorry, that is SO terrible! I just can't believe you have gone through this terrible pain and have to deal with your mouth like that. That story at your dentist just made my mouth drop! "we aren't doing this now, not with your behavoir" WHAT!?!?! So, for sure there is no other dentists you can find? Your Oral surgeon can't reccommend someone new maybe? I'm sure other people will have some good ideas. I just wanted to let you know I am here for ya and I am sending good thoughts your way!

Old 09-14-2003, 08:11 AM   #4
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2003
Posts: 198
Yos HB User

Hi jw,

Now that you're not pregnant why not go to a regular dentist again or ask your oral surgeon what he thinks? He'd be far more qualified than anybody here (unless they're a dentist) to give you an answer. Whatever the reason(s) for your teeth falling apart it doesn't sound like they'll last very long. If a dentist told you 2 years ago that the best solution is dentures then I doubt that a diagnosis today will be much different. But like they say in the lotteries, "hey, you never know". Go and see a dentist again and take it from there. Given the number of teeth you have missing already you'll probably need a partial denture to restore some chewing ability. The sooner you see a dentist the better your chances will be to save at least some of your teeth.


Old 09-14-2003, 03:38 PM   #5
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Anoka,MN,USA
Posts: 54
jwarneka HB User

Thank you very much for all of your encouragement, it means alot,

And yes, I'm pretty sure that I will have to see the surgeon this week, so I will make sure I ask him some questions, it's just nerve racking ya know, I just want to ve done with all of the pain, and hassle, and be able to smile again, lol hell, I've evn thought about doing that show "Extreme makeover" just to get my teeth fixed, lol that's how desperate I am,
and yes, when you are missing teeth , paticularly in the front like me, it does make you feel ashamed, I'm always thinking that people are embarrased to even be seen with me, but my real friends, (thank god for them ) are just great, they make sure that I feel comfortable , and are always trying to boost my self esteem,
like I said, thanx for the advice and kind words, it means alot

Old 09-15-2003, 06:46 AM   #6
Toothless Wonder
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: South Africa
Posts: 51
Toothless Wonder HB User


I read your mail and could not believe what I was seeing. This dentist ought to be struck from the roll, how on earth does he get away with treating people so badly. I've had lots of health problems in the past ranging from lung cancer, cancerous nodules being removed from my throat, and all the chemo that went with both. Thankfully I have been cancer-free for well over 12 years. However I think it somehow played a hazardous part on the health of my teeth and eventually I had to get them all pulled as they were in such a bad shape. When I got the prognosis initially I was horrified as the mere thought of dentures at age 35 was beyond what I could endure. When I thought of all the years of suffering with my teeth and the embarassment I felt when opening my mouth, I knew that I had to face facts and do what was necessary to get back my winning smile. I had my teeth extracted, waited three months for the gums to heal and have just recently been fitted with complete upper and lower dentures. Where I am right now I profoundly grateful and do not have any regrets. All I've lost is teeth. What I've gained is far greater. I no longer have to hide my mouth behind my hands when speaking or smiling. I have no pain anymore, my health has improved tremendously over all. I can eat more variety of foods now than I ever could with my bad teeth. The list is endless. Wearing dentures or the need for them is not as bad as I had envisaged. In fact I am glad that I finally plucked up the courage to do something about my teeth.

I wish you the very best of luck and hope that you will find a solution to your dilemma.


Old 09-16-2003, 02:42 PM   #7
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2003
Posts: 11
kens4ever HB User

Here's a thought as to why your teeth are disintegrating...could it be that your mother, while carrying you, took some sort of medications that affected your teeth? I have a friend who's mother took some sort of medicine while pregnant with her and she has always had gray teeth.
Also, it's not good enough to simply brush your teeth as I am sure you know. Regular visits to your dentist as well as flossing are very important. I am learning that the hard way as I am undergoing extensive dental work. I had scaling and root planing done on all quadrants of my mouth, had 3 teeth pulled (2 wisdom and one dead front tooth), bridge work done and now I have two absesses going on which I am on antibiotics for and will be undergoing root canals I am sure. All this because I thought brushing was good enough. Now it's up to me to make sure my children don't make the same mistakes that I have.
The best of luck to you dear.

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