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franann 09-24-2003 02:13 PM

bleaching teeth
My daughter will get her braces off soon and I want to find out what is the best way to get rid of stains on her teeth. Her two front teeth have whiter stains along the sides that meet in the middle of her mouth that are from not flossing when she was a young child.
It seems that ordinary bleaching trays would not work on this. Isn't there a laser bleaching procedure? She also has a small brown spot(dark - peanut butter color) on one tooth that could have been caused from trauma to the tooth. The dentist said this could be fixed when she got older, but he didn't say how. Anyone have any experience with these kinds of stains?

tryingtofeelgood 09-24-2003 02:24 PM

I would go to another dentist. I have not heard of fixing something later when it sounds as if there is a problem with the tooth now. If there was any trauma to the tooth it could cause the tooth big problems later on. She may not be feeling pain now, but it should be checked. Also, bleaching can cause severe sensitivity to teeth - especially if there is something underlying going on. How do you know the dentist trays will not work? Although it did not work for me. They say the laser works best and is an hour procedure - best to get all done so they are the same color. \

I wish your daughter and you the best.

China1980 09-24-2003 03:40 PM

Hi fran! I got my teeths bleached about 2 mos ago. I never had yellow teeth or anything but just wanted them to look whiter... I had ZOOM done. It took about 2 hours. The lady who did my ZOOM was just an awesome person very friendly. I've never had my teeths bleached before so I was a bit uncomfortable about the procedure. But there was nothing to worry about. Everything went fine. It's just that it does take 2hrs. I do get some zings... kinda like a zap on your teeth when the laser is on your teeth but it comes & goes....

franann 09-25-2003 06:18 PM

To tryingtofeelgood: My daughter has had this brown spot since she was a baby(she is 16 now) and has never had any problems with it. The tooth errupted from the gums with the spot. The dentist said that it was just discoloration from possibly hitting her mouth or medication. Her orthodontist was a pediatric dentist before he went into orthodontics and he was not concerned with it either. And she has also seen an oral surgeon to remove teeth, and he didn't mention anything about it. I have used the bleaching trays, but I didn't know if they would work on this type of spot or on the whiter marks on her teeth. Maybe the whiter marks are where the tarter build up prevented that part of the tooth from darkening, so when the rest of the tooth is lightened with bleaching, it will match the lighter area. Who knows.

tryingtofeelgood 09-25-2003 07:25 PM

i understand now ;) i do not know if the bleaching trays will work. i do know that they made my teeth dehydrated, but then found out the dentist tolf me to wear them for too long. I would suggest a free consult with a cosmetic dentist. Perhaps she is a candidate for porcelain veneers - although now you're into something more invasive to the teeth.

good luck. keep us updated.

Caligal 09-25-2003 08:46 PM


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