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Canker sores/ cold sores

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Old 09-12-2003, 02:36 PM   #1
princess J 1997
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princess J 1997 HB User
Post Canker sores/ cold sores

I guess this is where I would post about this, in dental issues? lol. I have been getting canker sores since I can remember. I have been to the Dr. about it, he thinks mine are caused by stress. I get them so often, it's like one goes away and another appears a week later. I just had 2 go away. Ok. I have tried EVERYTHING for them. Every canker sore medicine you can buy, nothing even numbs mine, it numbs the rest of my mouth, not the sore?? I saw that using the toothpaste which does NOT contain sodium laraul solphate (sp??) helps to not to get them as well, and I read my bottle and it doesn't contain any. I have read water and hydrogen peroxide help, dabbing it on, tried that. Tried straight peroxide. Read about mylanta and peroxide, nothing. Didn't even sooth it. I also read about Benadryl and acutally I haven't tried that. Anyone heard of that? I also bought straight Lysine to apply directly on it at the vitamen shoppe, that didn't really do anything. I have been taking the supplement itself too, and I was taking it when I got my last 2,I guess they seemed to heal in a week instead of 10-11 days. I saw my Dr about it, and he said there's really nothing else he can do, he prescribed me this paste a few years back,(apthlasol..spelling???) but it didn't touch it! Mine are so bad. Motrin, Aleve, also do nothing. He said there wasn't anything else he could prescribe for the pain. Mine are so painful, I would have to hold one side of my mouth while I brushed my teeth so my toothbrush wouldn't hit it. I also use soft bristles as well. I get them anywhere in my mouth, sometimes I bite my cheek and that can cause them. The pain sometimes is so severe, and I have to eat on one side of my mouth. Arghhh anyone else have any ideas? Or have this problem?

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Shaman HB User


I tink it might be time for you to explore dietary causes. Yes, stress can make canker or cold sores worse, but most people actually have food triggers. Coffee and citurs fruits are two common triggers. You need to do some research regarding foods thatcause canker sores and start trying to see if any of them are triggers for you.

A British study linked canker sores to lack of B12 Folic Acid and iron. Are you taking a daily multi-vitamin to cover your bases? How about a vitamin formulated to combat stress? May help.

I'm not certain how helpful lyseine is for canker sores. It works for me for cold sores, but canker sores are not the same thing as canker sores. Which kind do you actually have? It's going to take a while to find out what you need to avoid. It took me a long time to link my cold sore outbreaks to too many walnuts, but now that I know, I hardly ever get one.

Good luck on your quest.

Old 09-13-2003, 08:59 PM   #3
princess J 1997
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Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Florida, USA
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princess J 1997 HB User

Hi Shaman
Thank you for your advice. I've actually just found some articles on canker sores. Yes, what I have is canker sores (I tend to call them cold sores, although I know they are different.) I have read they are sometimes hereditary. My grandpa gets them alot, so this could be. I personally don't think it has to do with my diet, I don't drink coffee or eat any fruit like that actually, or spicy foods. I eat a wide variety, I'm trying to think, I don't really eat alot of anything? I have taken vitamins since I was little, a general multi-vitamin. Right now, I actually began taking Coral Calcium Supreme, with all the vitamins in it, except iron. Maybe I am lacking iron. Thinking back to years back when I had mono, she said I had a low iron count. And I just read what you said about the iron in another article, about the British study, but hasn't been confirmed in the US yet. It(coral calcium) has the daily values of folic acid and B12 in it, but no iron, and my other vitamin didn't have that much. Do I need some daily iron supplements maybe??

"Lysine and Canker Sores"
"Many nutritionally oriented physicians and dentists recommend taking lysine during an outbreak of canker sores to speed up the healing process of canker sores. The exact cause of the tiny yet painful mouth ulcerations we call canker sores is unknown, but most studies indicate a virus to be responsible. Hence lysine supplements may be an effective treatment as lysine has demonstrated anti viral properties. There has yet to be any clinical trials using lysine as a remedy for canker sores"
After I got them, it just seemed to help it go away faster by a couple days. Walnuts caused yours, huh? Intersting...
Thank you again!

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Old 09-29-2003, 02:16 PM   #4
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Re: "I also read about Benadryl and acutally I haven't tried that. Anyone heard of that?"

I have come accross that (ie: Mylanta but not Benadryl)in my readings trying to find comfort. I avoid acidic foods/drinks that would irritate the "ulcers" or whatever you call the soreness. Biotene is a mouthwash that is alcohol free and antibacterial with calcium. It is a mouthwash for dry mouth relief and useful to help relieve oral irritations. If I run out, would use the Mylanta (in a pinch) as a rinse to relieve the oral irritations.

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Blueyes211 HB User
Re: Canker sores/ cold sores

Yes - I have heard of it but it also contains a topical anesthetic liquid. You can ask your pharmacist to order one for you - they have them available over the counter. The mixture of Benadryl, Maalox and topical anesthetic liquid is called a Magic Mouth Rinse to those in the medical and dental fields. This mixture is recommended for a variety of oral conditions to soothe irritated oral tissues and facilitate eating. The Benadryl works to reduce the inflamation, the topical anesthetic liquid numbs the area and the Maalox coats and protects the area. If you don't want to numb up your whole mouth, simply apply it with a Q-tip instead of swishing with it. As your pharmacist or doctor about this mixture.

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Old 12-20-2003, 05:20 PM   #6
bunny byron
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bunny byron HB User
Re: Canker sores/ cold sores

Princess, I just posted a reply to snoopygirl on this same subject. Basically, in describing your canker history you are describing mine as well. Except that I have found a treatment and even a cure for me.
The treatment in 500 mg of L-Lysine daily.
The cure is no sugar for me, or very little. Especially in the form of candy or a dessert. Citrus and acidic foods have no effect on me as far as causing cankers, but once I have a canker acidic foods exaserbate (sp?) the canker. Something else might be the trigger for you but try cutting out sugar for a month and see what happens. :-)

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