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Severe Wisdom Teeth Infection & Clindamycin-HELP

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Old 10-02-2003, 08:36 PM   #1
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Question Severe Wisdom Teeth Infection & Clindamycin-HELP

I have a pretty bad case of pericoronitis from putting off getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I've had numerous infections, and this one is pretty bad, as I believe it spread to my cheeks. I went to the oral surgeon about 3 weeks ago and he said I had an infection, and I never took the antibiotics because too much other physical stuff was going on at the time and I couldn't handle the problems antibiotics always give me. Anyway, the infection is bad now and I NEED to take the antibiotics. I was prescribed Clindamycin. Does anyone have experience with Clindamycin such as getting diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach aches? I react horribly to most antibiotics and get EXTREMELY nauseous, although I haven't tried Clindamycin yet. I have a vertigo problem and am already nauseous enough as it is, so I don't want take something that is going to make me worse than I already am. I know individual experiences with antibiotics vary from person to person, but what are your experiences with Clindamycin compared to other antibiotics? Thanks

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there isn't much that can make you worse than an untreated mouth infection can. you really need to take the antibiotic. maybe the doctors can prescribe something along with it for the nausea. they do that a lot.

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Alright, I'll take it. I'm scared, but I DO actually have a couple of anti-nausea meds since I have the vertigo problem. I just hate to take those because I hate the way they make me feel, too. Meclizine makes me anxious and spacey, and Valium actually works for nausea but I just don't like be zoned out and high. Oh well, I guess I have to do what I have to do.

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Thank you for replying, by the way

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tryingtofeelgood HB User

try getting a pair of sea-bands from the local drugstore - they are for nausea at sea and pregnancy - maybe it will work with the antibiotics that you NEED to be on. Take with food and it's OK to feel nausia - also get some Acidophillus that has to be refrigerated. This will restore normal flora because the antibiotic takes all flora away - good or bad.

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please please make sure that you take the antibiotic. if you need to make sure that you take it with a full glass of water and have something to eat when you take it that sometimes helps with the naesua. the dr. can prescribe tigan (which is an anit-nausea medication) if need be. i have seen far to many cases that end up in the hospital with i.v. antibotics and need i+d (insicion and drainige) on the outside of the face rather than inside. so please take it. let me know how it goes.

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ryanpaus HB User

Getting your wisdom teeth removed might cure your vertigo problems. How long have you had vertigo problems and how old are you(just want to know how long you have had wisdom teeth for)? If your wisdom teeth are affecting a nerve they migt cause symptoms of vertigo such as dizziness and nausea. When are you having your teeth removed? Please let us know if your symptoms go away.

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Hi, this is Lost & Hopeful. I am not using this name anymore, and am back to using Solstice1221, since I wasn't aloud to have both usernames. Anyway, thank you all for your replys. It did give me the confidence to take the antibiotics. I took the first dose about 2 hours ago and do not yet feel anything, so I doubt that I will at all. Once again, thank you, and if anyone is interested in reading my story, here it is. I also posted it in the epilepsy and general board questions forum. If any of you feel like reading something this long, here it is, maybe you can help

Hi, I've had a mysterious illness on and off for the past four months. It started off four months ago with extreme nausea, and then SEVERE vertigo that landed me in the hospital because I was freaking out because the floor was flipping around and spinning. I saw my regualr physician and he said that it sounded like a viral infection of my inner ears. He prescribed an extremely stong dosage of antibiotics, which made me feel even worse, and Antivert for the vertigo and nausea. Meclizine helped a LITTLE bit with the vertigo and somewhat with the nausea. The antibiotics made me extremely sick to my stomach anytime that I didn't have Antivert in my system. Eventually, in about three weeks, the severe vertigo went away but I was left being completely off balance most of the time, with mini-vertigo attacks throughout the day. I was still nauseous almost constantly. This went on for about two months, and I started to feel a little bit better. The only thing that was left was an even more extreme sensitivity to odors, which I already had, and I was skinnier than I've ever been, due to not wanting to eat very much while nauseous and having a fast metabolism to begin with. Although I wasn't spinning like crazy all day anymore, I felt sickly now because I basically had malnutrition. I already lost 50 pounds during the previous year from getting off of antidepressants, and I was already slightly underweight before the vertigo started. I had all the classic symptoms of hypoglycemia. I felt HORRIBLE if I didn't eat, and I would tremble violently if I went too long without meals. The thing was, it was hard for me eat still with some motion sickeness. I started making myself eat frequently, and I had bloating, stomach pains, excessive gas, excessive phlegm, and even more nausea. I immediately thought "food allergies" because I had bad allergies as it was and I always felt like that after I ate. Slowly, I started the process of elimination of foods until I figured out that wheat definitely bothered me, as well as some dairy. The food allergy thing went on for another month before I figured it out. I eliminated wheat, replaced it with other kinds of breads and pasta, and started drinking soy milk. Throughout this entire time, I was really struggling. I'm only 18 years old, and although very life-experienced, I was trying with all my might to get my life on track as I dropped out of high school due to extreme panic attacks and a tranquilizer addiction (that I kicked) a year and a half before. So, I finally elimated wheat and most dairy, ate more frequently, and felt a lot better. I was trying really hard to deal with life without medication. I was prescribed tranquilizers since the age of 13, and I never really learned how to deal with anything in life. I had anxiety and depression that was worsening due to the stress of the illness, and I was starting to get symptoms of OCD, but made myself get a job. I worked for three weeks and worked myself to the bone. I was more stressed out than I've ever been in my entire life, but I was proud and had hope that I could someday function like a "normal" adult, without excessive anxiety. After the third week of work, I got a really bad cold. It turned into bronchitis and all of a sudden, the vertigo came back. It was worse than the first episode when I had it, and lasted for a week straight. The only thing that took most of the vertigo away was Valium, which I was reluctant to take due to the addiction I had to it. Meclizine did nothing for me this time and I truly thought I was going to die. Like the last time, I had severe nausea, severe vertigo to the point of hysteria, a fast pulse rate, extreme sweating, and tremors. It made no sense to me. I took the Valium ONLY WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for about a week, until the vertigo subsided enough to where I was still really suffering, but not in hysterics about it. I just recently went for an MRI and am currently in the process of trying to find a neurologist because of my wide range of other symptoms such as a spacey feeling before a vertigo attack with olfactory (smell) hallucinations, severe light sensitivity before a vertigo attack, the left side of my tongue being numb for a couple of weeks on end, and twitching in my jaw. I have state insurance and it's horrible, so I'll probably have to travel really far to find a neurologist. Also, I didn't mention in my story above, I also had another weird "attack." About a month after the first vertigo episode, I was shopping in Wal-Mart with my mom and suddenly the lights were too bright for me to handle, I felt nausous, and basic malaise. I went to tell my mom and I just fell completely out of it. I could barely speak and could barely walk I was so disoriented. This is how I feel before I have vertigo, but this time there was no vertigo. I felt as though I was just going "out." My mom was scared when she realized that I wasn't just being panicky, and walked me out of the store. In about 10 minutes, it went away. Still, to this day, I'll have periods where I'll be extremely disoriented and feel unwell, and I thought it was related to my dizziness, but now I'm not so sure. It sounds to me a little bit like epilepsy but I'm not sure. I was just wondering if please, anyone has any insight. My mom, who is VERY supportive, is even getting sick of my complaining and is starting to think I'm crazy. I am SOOO overwhelmed by this and so beside myself I can't even describe it. I'm terrified to be by myself for fear of an "attack" et I don't hang out with any friends because I never know when this is going to occur. I am constantly worried, anxious, and agitated because nobody knows what's going on. Please, if anyone has any clue as to what this MAY be, please respond. Thank you to those who read this as this was a very long post.
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you need to give the anitbiotic time. at least 24 hours before you will see a difference. please keep taking it ok

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Unhappy Re: Severe Wisdom Teeth Infection & Clindamycin-HELP

Try doing some research on Depersonalization & Derealization. It's an anxiety disorder that causes many of your symptoms. I have it myself, which is why I recognize the vertigo, bright light issues, and panic attack symptoms. I've had all the bloodwork and MRI's in the world and seen two different inner ear specialists who have said nothing is wrong. Every test shows nothing.

I found that eliminatin my intake of caffeine products has helped a lot, as has taking half a tab of Klonapin every 3 days (I'm scared of dependency also). Drinking decaf tea also helps. The more you think about it, the worse it will get.

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