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Old 10-09-2003, 06:47 AM   #1
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zahnschmerzen HB User
Post Antoni

Hi antoni,

I read with concern that you have to start all over with your onlays after sinking $8000. Have you been able to get any money back from that prosthodontist? Are you considering a complaint to the board?
Also, are you having all the work done over again?
Well, my situation is similar. By bite is totally messed up, after all the teeth that have contact in my mouth (I have an open bite with only a few molars touching) having been replaced with onlays. Add to that that my prostho suggested AFTER finishing the last of my onlays to start all over to close my bite with onlays (mmm, I think he should have thought of that before I paid all that money; he does want to give me a great deal of $300 per hour (!!) plus lab fees). I did get a second opinion on all the onlays and that other prostho says the margins are no good and I should complain to the dentist - but of course my prostho says that anyone claiming that the margins are no good has never seen a gold onlay. Now I am left worrying about the margins and my bite. At the last visit, my prostho essentially told me I had abnormal sensations and was crazy - that the minor adjustments he is making can't possibly cause my bite to be uncomfortable. Yeah, let's change his whole bite (that's essentially what he did in my case) and see how he feels. At a minimum, I feel I should have been warned that I could expect bite problems when placing onlays with my open bite.
I am thinking of getting a third opinion. At a minimum, I want to know if those margins are ok. That's something objective, bite problems are unfortunately not.
I am sure you feel just as bad, if not worse, since your bite problems were caused by a totally unecessary procedure. Do you think it's acceptable to suggest after the work has been completed to start over at a special hourly rate?? I feel like complaining to the board.

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Old 10-14-2003, 11:01 AM   #2
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antoni HB User

Hi Zach,

I'm so sorry to hear things are going so badly. Last I heard just one onlay was bothering you and the bite was off but I didn't realize how severe. All I can say is be very, very careful to have anything more done to correct it as it may make things worse. I like you have encountered different dentists saying different or contradicting statements on what other dentists said. That $300.00 an hour seems robbery to pay all over again. Maybe a hard line approach like fix it for free or you'll sue might work. Or in my case, I got so disgusted with the outright lying that my prostho did that did the onlays did, I will not go back to him because he will just lie again. I wonder what happened to your margins. Maybe finding a prostho that specializes and knows gold onlays well may give you a better opinion. Since my onlay nightmare in April, I've seen 3 dentists(2 prosthos and 1 general dentist) and spent a few hundred on that.

The general dentist emphasized I had an open bite and that my back teeth are way "too short" and don't touch other than in a couple teeth(like you). She said they are mishapen and way too flat. She said some people that are born with open bites(mines posterior) just get use to it and eat soft food. She said the prostho didn't do enough but just fill in space on flat teeth that did no good. She advised BRACES to improve the bite cost $5,000.00 or go back to prior prosthodontist. So she was out. Also said she could shave down front teeth to even out bite, I said no-way(I feel a posterior open bite, I don't need front teeth even shorter). She said my teeth were just shaved down in the back through the air abrasion and the occlusal adjustment that the prostho did. The whole bite can only be improved through braces.

The prostho I saw yesterday said he felt the onlay was not "too low" but just lacking in "full contact points" with the opposing tooth. He could replace it for $1,880.00 but with these risks: 1) It won't work and he would have to replace opposing onlay
2) It could irritate the nerve or possibly damage the tooth and a root canal may result
3) ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE that it would improve things. He also said that he would have me sign something, I assume a waiver to let him off the hook if things go wrong. I figure in a worse case scenario, I could end up paying him alot more than $1,880.00 so at this point, I'm doing nothing. He also felt that the teeth were mishapen from grinding, but I said the air abrasion process completely reshaped them FLAT and he says we'll never know.
I was glad he was honest.

Really, I emphathize with you because it seems like we can go around in circles with the treatment causing more problems needing more treatment etc; and you don't know who to believe.

Keep me posted what happens. I was told at one point to complain to the dental board for restitution but I never did because the prostho I was paying to do the repair work wouldn't support me.

Old 10-15-2003, 06:22 AM   #3
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Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Northeast US
Posts: 276
antoni HB User

Hi Zach,

Sorry to hear about your problems. I know how you feel about wanting to complain to the dental board. I was told it would do no good, so I didn't bother. The prostho that did the onlays would not support me and at the time I was dependent on him to do repairs.

He lowered my arch with left side onlays and like you I have an open bite(posterior). I saw 2 other prosthodontists for 2nd opinions 1 - said to shave the front teeth down to match the molars, 2 - said he could do a replacement onlay for $1,880.00 but there was NO GUARANTEE that it would be better. He also said I ran the risk of damaging the tooth to a root canal or having to redo the opposing tooth. He said he would have me sign something -- I assume to let him off the hook if anything goes wrong. HE also thought I had alot past fillings done on my teeth. I said no-way, it just was air abrasion fillings, but they cut all the surface enamel of my teeth off. I thinks it's robbery that your prostho wants to charge $300.00 an hr for what should be corrective work by him. I know what you mean about contraditory opinions by these dentists -- some say it's OK others say it's no good. ALl we know is how we feel. The bad news is once they ground down teeth, it's hard to know what was previously there or how to recreate it. I just keep my mouth open and try to avoid them trying to touch at all so as to avoid jaw discomfort. A general dentist I saw, felt the prostho did very little and none of my teeth were shaped normally or touched normally. She recommended braces(cost $5,000.00). I said NO-Way to that. Also the prostho that did the onlays rippped me off trying bonding that came off I don't know how many times. So I've sunken $7,000 - $8,000K for nothing.

So right now I am leaving things alone because of the risk involved. I don't believe a word my prostho says because he's done so much lying I never trust him to touch my teeth again.

How are things with you. If I were you, I might have to get a few specialists in gold onlays. Maybe a referral from a University dental office. But the dental field is so corrupt for the money, it's hard to trust even educational centers which should be up on everything.

Let me know how you are doing


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