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FaithGC 10-02-2003 08:41 PM

Has anyone had this?
I went to the dentist a month ago for a temporary filling on a molar. He had a hard time getting my mouth numb, but finally did after 3 shots of novacaine.(sp)
To keep my mouth open while he was working on my tooth they put a block of something on the opposite side of my mouth. I've never had a dentist use one of those with me before. I thought what a good idea ;) Anyway, it felt uncomfortable after awhile. Ever since that visit I've had pain opening my mouth wide and also a sound that sounds like rubbing velcro together. I hear it as well as anyone who puts their face close to the left side of my jaw. I went back to the dentist to get the temporary replaced with the permanent filling and mentioned that my mouth hurt and made a noise when I opened it... all he said was "He wished his wife had that problem"
Has anyone had a problem with jaw making sound after a dental visit? I'm not sure what to do do next..any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for any help.

The dentist worked on 8 more teeth after I went to get the temporary changed to permanent...and now I have to go to a different dentist and probably get them all redone...I'm not able to chew any hard food. He did composite fillings on all 9 teeth.. molars etc. I'm very frustrated with getting my teeth worked on. They seemed fine before I went in... (well, just one was bothering me that's why i made the appt.)I wonder if it's because I have medicaid that he worked on so many teeth... I'm feeling sick to my stomach because of it all... I've got an infection in one tooth, two soars on the inside of my mouth... Sorry for ranting.. :(

tryingtofeelgood 10-03-2003 10:11 AM

has he prescribed antibiotics? you said yourself you have an infection - this is how you have to fight it. don't let him bully you with his remarks.

ps he sounds like a jerk.

FaithGC 10-03-2003 11:37 AM

I called the dentist a couple days after he worked on my teeth and had him call in a prescription for penicillin. I've been taking it for 4 days now. I'm scheduled to see a better dentist next week. I hope he gives me the low down on all my problems now.
I was wondering...Will professional ethics allow the new dentist to give me an honest opinion of the work that's already been done?
I definitely agree with your "ps" :)

tryingtofeelgood 10-03-2003 10:35 PM

get yourself some acidophillus to restore good flora to your intestines while on the abx (antibiotic), I am glad you are on some - and going to another dentist :) If you have any pain, tell him - tell him what you need and what you are feeling. you are paying him to treat you.

I doubt the new dentist will say anything - watch for facial expressions as you tell him what was done to your mouth. other dentists don't put other dentists down - it's scary out there. they get scared and we end up with pain.


keep us updated please!

Ouch-ear-pain 10-05-2003 09:02 PM

OH MY GOSH!!!!! Was your mouth sore and did you have a hard time keeping it open? Well if that is the case your dentist made you have TMJ!!! Does your jaw hurt during the day? Your teeth? Your ear? Your joints? I have TMJ and if your jaw pops and locks like mine you probably most likely have TMJ. If your dentist caused it I feel super bad for you becuase TMJ Hurts bad!!!!!! I have it!!!! And it is not covered by any way with dental insurance! You should go back to his office and ask him to check if you have TMJ and if you do, you need to do something!! I am 110% serious! Splints can cost up to 8,000$ if you get tens units and all that! Do something!

FaithGC 10-06-2003 04:36 AM

Hi Ouch,
My mouth just hurts when I open it to eat...sounds like I'm ripping velcro. I do feel like pulling all my teeth out (at least the nine that he worked on!) My mouth doesn't lock..thank God. I'm sorry that you're going through all the TMJ..sounds horrible!
The dentist I'm going to see on Thursday I've seen before... He fixed two teeth that another quack did fillings on last year, but man, is he expensive! I will have to take out a loan if he's going to redo all 9!
I'll keep all ya'll posted...update on Fri. or Sat. depending on how I feel ;)

FaithGC 10-06-2003 04:49 AM

Thanks for the advice, I will have to get some acidolphalus (sp ;) I'm hoping the new dentist will refer me to a dentist in my area. (He's about an hour and half away)I trust the new dentist. He really knows his stuff (but $$$$$!)
I noticed that one of my molars (very back one) doesn't feel like it did before I went in. Feels like it's missing something...should be a rectangle shape. The dentist made it more like two points. Missing the back part of it. I have a mold of my teeth from a couple years ago.. looked at that and it doesn't look like what I've got now. Lovely! If ya can't do the job, refer me to someone who can! I'll keep ya'll posted :) thanks for writing.

Ouch-ear-pain 10-08-2003 09:58 PM

Your Very Welcom Faith! I had that problem too with my back molar! They put this stuff on mine and like in the beginning it was really bumpy feeling but not no more! Keep us posted Faith!! :)

Clan Elliott 10-19-2003 11:32 AM

Hello, Faith: Hope things are looking up for you now, for you have probably seen the "good" dentist?

My question for you is in reference to the comment you made in initial post - that being the fact you are on Medicaid. I am, as well, and it's very difficult to find providers to take you.

Have you approached the "good" dentist about accepting Medicaid for your treatment, rather than having to take out a loan to pay for the services?

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