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    Unhappy So much work.. so little time

    Hi everyone! I'm up tonight with some bad tooth pain and was looking for a remedy and found this site which seems to be pretty helpful.

    A little about my situation.. I had never been to a dentist in my life until I was 19. The dentist at that time told me that all my molars needed to be filled and I was young and knew nothing about this stuff so I agreed to have all the work done in 4 weeks time. The last visit I had with him he had to drill the right bottom molars and this one particular tooth did NOT numb whatsoever. He drilled eventhough I asked him to stop. He kept saying "Just another minute. It'll be over soon." So I let him finish. When I walked out of his office I never went back and hadn't been to a dentist in 10 years.

    Earlier this year (I am now 30) I began having some major tooth pain. I live in a small town now and was able to find ONE dentist who would accept my insurance. My husband and I both went into for our appointments together to be x-ray'd and examined etc.. all was fine until I had my first appointment for two molars to be extracted. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I was so scared I was shaking and I let the dentist know as nicely as possible that I was scared. His reply was a long boring lecture on how he is not the same dentist who caused me pain 10 years ago and how he didn't deserve to be feared etc. I felt like a 2 year old and figured what the hell, suck it up and get it over with.

    I sat there. He numbed me up good with a few shots and pulled 3 teeth. I was shocked because he didn't say he was pulling the third which was a wisdom tooth. Before he began he said he wasn't worried about that tooth because it was impacted and was no big deal. During the entire procedure he talked about the insurance I had and how he was so proud of himself for doing "charity" work in the area. Like I wasn't even there to hear that!! Never the less, I let it go. He had done a good job and after the procedure I realized that I had no reason to be scared of him but I was offended with his behavior but what could I do? He was the only dentist who wasn't booked up who would take my insurance. Guess that should've been a hint.

    So after that I went home and my mouth healed up fine. I was surprised at how good he was as far as the procedure went and I wasn't angry that he took out the wisdom tooth but it would've been nice to know! lol

    My husband then went in to see him three times for root canals on one tooth within a months time because the infection kept coming back. The dentist drilled it each time and left it open with no filling or anything. My husband was happy that he wasn't in pain anymore either. He went back and had the tooth filled with a temporary and told not to worry about it for awhile. To give it some time to heal.

    After about 4 months the infection came back. By this time we had a dentist in our town closer to home who would accept his insurance. This dentist has two offices one for private insurance and the other is a clinic (My husband goes to the clinic to see him and I go to the private office). The new dentist took xrays of his tooth and told him that his previous dentist used an old method for root canals and shouldn't have (he drilled too far down. you can see it in his xrays. the drilling looks like it went past the jawbone) and that regardless of whether he had his tooth pulled or not he will have infections in that area for the rest of his life - so he had that tooth pulled and he's doing great. Whereas I on the other hand am having more difficulty.

    My new dentist removed 2 molars and performed a pulpotomy or whatever you call it and put a temporary on that one tooth (which is now decayed). GRRRRR

    The work he's done has been great but now the pain has begun all over my mouth including places where there shouldn't be pain because there are no tooth there. When I bend over or laugh it puts pressure on the side of my mouth where the two molars were taken out. It's like a stinking ache. I even have pain radiating up the side of my face and into my ear. It feels like I have a severe migraine.

    I'm just frustrated because my teeth are badly decayed from not going to the dentist all these years (my fault and I accept responsibility for that). My mother, her sisters, their mother etc.. all had decayed teeth that had to be removed by the time they were in their 30's.

    When I told both dentists about the decayed teeth in my family and asked if it's hereditary or just bad hygiene or what they told me it was pretty much nonsense and that I wouldn't have the same problem, but I do. I brush all the time and I floss and still my teeth are decayed. I asked if maybe the pregnancies I had maybe contributed to the decay because when I was pregnant (3times) I was constantly sick and spent a lot of time vomitting.
    My new dentist said that yeah it did help cause the decay because a lot of the enamel is gone from my teeth. I think he said about 80%.

    During that examination my dentist went through the problems with me and outlined all the procedures he wanted to perform and it was going to cost me about $18,000. I said No. What about just having all my teeth pulled and getting dentures? He said it would diminish my quality of life, that my jawbone would deteriorate, that by the time I was at the age for dentures I wouldn't be able to use them because I'd have no jawbone to hold the dentures in place, and it's not something he's prepared to do.

    It would cost me so much less to just have my teeth pulled and get dentures. I don't want to spend a lot of money on my teeth only to have them fall apart years later. I'm sorry but at this point with the pain and looking at the cost, I am becoming a cheapy. LOL

    So, after spending most of the past two weeks in pain and my dentist won't see me until my bill is paid off (I've been paying on it every month since September), I am extremely frustrated. I feel that maybe it's high time I just put my foot down and just get rid of my teeth and get false ones but I am having a hard time finding an oral surgeon who will actually call me back and schedule an appointment or something.

    Why are dentists so persistent when it comes to someone else's teeth? Why try to sell sell sell? I just don't get it. When I go to my doctor he doesn'tt push a certain type of birth control or diet plan on me. LOL

    Sorry for the long post! I just needed to get some of it out.
    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: So much work.. so little time

    What he said about the dentures is true. First of all your chewing force decreases to about 25% (and you lose the sensation associated with teeth). Bone does resorb over time (a bone graft ie surgery is the only way to correct this). Dentures don't last forever-partly because of wearing down the teeth and because the bone resorbs. You will need to have your dentures relined or redone every 5 years or so. In the short run it may be cheaper to get dentures but in the long run it will be much more costly. Do your own research here to find the general feeling with those who have gone from having most of their teeth to having no teeth.

    There is a reason why he may not want to do put you into dentures. He knows from experience what denture patients have to endure and he doesn't want to be responsible for putting you down that path especially when you have a chance to save your teeth. I would do the same in his shoes. Once you lose your teeth there is no going back-it's irreversible. It isn't like birth control or a diet pill (all which can be stopped or changed whenever you wish).

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