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s.g. 02-04-2006 04:34 PM

Is this what a toothache feels like? I'm super scared
My front tooth has been hurting for a while. I was wondering if anybody here could answer my questions. It feels like stinging, pressure in and around the tooth, it sort if feels like it is pulsating most of the time. My gums around it don't look bad or feel bad to the touch. But they hurt like hell. Like the pain is radiating from the inside out. My tooth feels like it mostly hurts on the front side and up insdie of it. I have never had a toothache before and I am wondering if this is what it feels like. It feels like it is around and under the gums and on top of the tooth.

P.S. when I eat it doesn't feel bad of course I chew on my back teeth like most everybody. Biting feels a little weird. Also mouthwash, cold drinks feel good on it. Its a relief. But other than that I feel it every waking hour.

Please let me no if this is normal and what you have done to help the pain. I am supposed to have root canal tomorrow and I am super, super scared.

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