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niecsey 06-04-2006 09:10 AM

NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(
Hi all lm due to go to the dentist this Fri (9th) but l honestly cannot wait any longer l am in agony brief update filling fell out of upper big tooth at the side l left it cos l am very nervous of anything to do with ME medically and dentists scare th apnst of me....but lm in aginy my appointment to have this treated or removed was cancelled as the dentist was off sick if she hadnt l wouldnt be typing this now l would of been treated l cant sleep and when l do l wake up through the night l have stuffed cottonwool soaked in ambesol, sensodyne corsodyl not in that order or together into the hole it gives me some relief l know l have to go and l will go but l am terrifed and need some reassurance about getting in that chair l know it will take the pain away but what can l think about to take my mind off what is going on? any tips would be really appreicated thank you (have to go mouth going beserk!) its goign to have to be tommorow l cant stand this l feel and look ill.

JenniferE 06-04-2006 10:49 AM

Re: NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(
[color=indigo]Do not use Anbesol in that way to help relieve the pain. Anbesol is pretty strong and is not designed to be used this way.

Instead, use oil of cloves. What you want to do is, clean the tooth really well. Place a small piece of cotton dipped in clove oil, blot the piece of cotton to remove excess oil, and place it on the tooth. Leave the cotton on the tooth for a few minutes until the pain begins to subside. When the pain decreases, remove the piece of cotton. You can then take dental wax, orthodontic wax, or even candle wax, and mold that over the tooth. The wax will help protect the tooth. The oil of cloves is a natural sedative to the exposed nerve and delicate tooth tissue. [b]Do not drown the tooth in clove oil[/b]. It only takes a tiny bit to be effective. The wax will help to protect the tooth from exposure to air and debris.

In between the doses of oil of cloves, take an over the counter pain medicine at the recommended dosage throughout the day and night, even if you do not have a toothache. It is much easier to prevent the pain than it is to treat it.

Keep the tooth as clean as possible.

To help with your anxiety about the dental visit, you can take a set of headphones with you and your iPod or whatever portable music/story device you have. Listen to soothing music, your favorite music, the radio, or one of those books on tape type things during the dental visit to help keep your mind off of the procedure.

Since the tooth is really sore to begin with, before the dentist begins to work on the tooth, he/she will numb your tooth for you. Before the injection, the dentist will most likely place a Q-tip with a gel or liquid on it in your mouth and smear it on the gum tissue surrounding the tooth. The gel or liquid on the Q-tip is a numbing agent that will numb your gum tissue before an injection. The dentists do this so that their patients will not feel the needle. All they will feel is pressure from the anesthetic going into the gum tissue to numb the tooth. [/color]

NitroChic 06-04-2006 11:28 AM

Re: NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(

What a great post. Very reassuring. Isn't it true that Oil of Clove will eventually kill the nerve to the tooth? I just thought is was worth mentioning, because if neicsey is anything like me, she will use the remedy and not go to the dentist. THat could be detrimental. Let me know if that is not correct.

niecsey 06-04-2006 12:07 PM

Re: NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(
That was a fantastic reply thank you ever so much! :) Dont worry[U] l will [/U] go!!!!11 lm not leaving any of my teeth to develop problems again remedies only work for so long l know ive tried them ;) Ive been using the ambesol for weeks now just ran out last night you know when your in pain you will do anything for relief and theres nothing as bad as tooth pain in my opinion.. Nitro if l can go to the dentist you can too! ;) My dentist said my oral hygiene is outstanding that is because l really do look after my teeth esp since l developed the problems and didnt want to go near the dentists office!! Even looking/passing one used to make me shiver :( l clean l floss l use listerine at least 3 times a day more when my tooth is hurting as it also gives me relief its bonjela thats now on my cotton wool lm sorry but l couldnt do without it at mo plus theres no where open to get oil of cloves! Thank you again your post was great xx

niecsey 06-04-2006 12:12 PM

Re: NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(
Hi yes it does kill the nerve! Eventually ps like any other medicines etc you can overdose so l wouldnt recommend going mad with the stuff!!

lilmama5of6 06-04-2006 03:23 PM

Re: NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(
:wave: Hello niecsey
I use "Benzodent" on sore spots form my dentures.It is made from the same stuff baby teething gel is made from (benzocaine) only stronger. When I had dry socket from an extraction my dentist told me to put a small amount directly into the hole. :D Boy does it help with the pain!! I am sorry you have to wait to have the work done.Your dentist should have been able to refer to someone, or better yet have someone cover her practice.

JenniferE 06-05-2006 02:27 AM

Re: NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(
[color=indigo]Oil of cloves is very potent. It works almost immediately to relieve the toothache, but it's not a cure all. It's only meant to be used temporarily until your dentist appointment. You do not need to use much of the oil at all. Using too much of the oil for a long period of time can eventually cause problems with the nerve of the tooth. Whatever you do, do not drown the tooth in oil of cloves. Use it how I recommended with the cotton and you will be ok until your dental appointment. [/color]

niecsey 06-05-2006 04:46 AM

Re: NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(
Hi guys and thanks l see the dentist tonight l am in pure agony :( lve got myself all worked up my head is busting l feel awful it woke me up again at 5/09 a.m this morning as it has done for the past few days l was told the dentist will rpob do something tempory l think l want it gone l think it would be for the best l dont want this again lm also worried as l have hyperthyoidism graves disease and my levels are nearly twice what the should be lve been reassured its fine to have treatment done while hyper but its still playing on my mind and it will egagerate any anxiety symptoms l do get fast heart sweating etc...... l wish today was over l really do l will come back and let you know how l get on thanks guys xxx

JenniferE 06-05-2006 08:39 AM

Re: NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(
[color=indigo]Good luck! You'll do fine! [/color]

niecsey 06-05-2006 12:58 PM

Re: NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(
Thank you x well l went l even went in on my own thats a first l wasnt too bad got 2 non epi needles waited and guess what? I DID NOT FREEZE!! l cant believe it l wasnt menat to get this blighter out :( l go back friday to have it removed with an epi needle she is really really lovely l feel safe with her shes really young but she is so damm good reassuring well looks like l will get worked up again for friday lol :( ive got antibiotics she agreed it needs to come out cos even with root canal etc etc theres no guarantees and ive suffered enough now thanks again l will keep posting ps lve got some, oil of cloves as lm in pure agony :(

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