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lilmama5of6 06-07-2006 07:44 PM

Hello Ariom
I know how it is,you can not stop thinking about the 12th.It will be here soon,and before you know it all of your worries will be over with.I know once you hear a bad story it stays in your mind for ever.....My father still tells me how horrorable his dentures are every time he sees me. ;) I think you are going to be a great paitent.You are doing the only thing you can do to get ready for something like this.Research,research and more research,and talking to people who have or are going through the same thing you are.
Getting dentures is going to change your life...ok maybe not that much,but it will change your smile.And if you are like me it will also change the way you feel about your self.I always had bad teeth,they were twisted and just ugly looking, even as a child.So it was kind of like a dream come true for me to have straight teeth ,that all looked alike.I do not look in the mirror as much as the first 2 weeks.But I can't help but check that pretty new smile out every chance I get. :D
I have been using fixodent on the top and REALLY works. Start out using a little bit and work your way up untill you find the right amount for you.I did it the other way around and I think that is what made me gag.
About gagging........I normal will gag over any thing and every thing...But I do not gag from my dentures!! Only if I use to much adhesive on them.I think my dentist fitted me perfect.
:bouncing: Having dentures reminds me of having a peanut butter sandwhich stuck to the roof of my mouth..All the time..
There are times in the day when I get the feeling like my gums need air,so I just take my teeth out and air them for 5-10 mins. and put them back in before anyone notices.
Just remember you are worth every penny you spend on your teeth..and if you are half as happy with your dentures as I am...You will love having dentures,and you will be asking your self why did you wait so long.
Have a good night

Ariom 06-08-2006 05:59 AM

Re: Hello Ariom
:yawn: Good morning, Happy to hear from my new friend!!! You know lilmama, I a so glad that I did start researching and found this board with such wonderful people like yourself. Funny thing, is that you are not so far away. I am happy that you are doing good. Thanks for all your positive feedback, you cannot, or maybe you can imagine how much it means to me to have someone give me the confidence to go and get this done. Also for being so understanding and answering all my questions, because I am like a little kid, when you take that rode trip, and the kids say, "Are we there yet? :p That is me, and you have been so nice and patient with me. I think you understand how scared I am. I too have had horrible teeth, and my dentist tells me just think of how good you will look whe this is over. I try, I really do, I guess being an anxious person to begin with, doesn't help. But everyone in my family tells me, it is going to be okay, and is the best thing for me. On the other hand, my mother who had bad problems with her teeth, has had upper dentures for years, she as well had no problems whatsoever, no gag, or anything.( Just alot of salive in the beginning ) But she tells me if I can find a way out of not getting lowers, she wouldn't do it. ( Does this make sense?) She said they give the most probelms because it is the bottom portion of your mouth that moves the most and they became a problem, but she could afford to get total implants on bottom. That is what she finally did because she never wore the bottoms, they drove her insane.

WEll sweetie, thanks for being here for me, and if I ever get on your nerves and ask the same question.... ;) you can tell me to shut up..I will not take offense. :D I am use to it. When I talk to my son about it, he says Mom god, just stop talking about it, and do it! Easy for him to say, perfect teeth, and not afraid of anything.

have a good day, and shall check out the board later.

:wave: Ariom :wave:

lilmama5of6 06-08-2006 08:24 AM

Re: Hello Ariom
:wave: Hello
I agree with you finding this web site was a blessing sent from heaven.I waited over 2 yrs. before I got the nerve to do somthing about my teeth.I do not think I would have even gone to get my teeth fixed if it was not for the people here.They are all :angel: .I think I asked a million questions, and there was always someone to help calm my nerves.Us toothless or soon to be toothless people need to stick together.
Yes what your mother says is true about the lower dentures they kind of float on your gum.I was lucky to save my front 8 teeth on the bottom.So I have a partial,it has 2 little bars that wrap around the last two teeth.It sort of locks them in place.I have been using fixodent on the bottom for 2 days now,to see if it helps hold them in.And I think I am going to keep on glueing them in,it seems to really help me.My dentist told me to play around with different adhesives,untill I found the one that works best for me.I guess some people need more then others.I do not think I have had any more problems with the bottoms then the tops.
My tops cut little piece of skin that conects your gum to your lip very badly( it will never grow back :eek: )And my bottoms rubbed a sore spot.So I would say they both gave me the same amount of problems.But I have gone back to the dentist and he fixes every thing.You have got to go back for adjustments as soon as you feel a sore spot go.I can not say that enough.Just because they are not your real teeth does not mean they are not teeth. You still have to take care of them.
I have to go the kids are going crazy...summer time is here.
I check back with you later.

Ariom 06-08-2006 09:23 AM

Re: Hello Ariom
:wave: lilmama,

I can imagine the little ones keep you very busy :bouncing: . I am so excited about having my grand-daughter here, I cannot wait. Wanted to mention something. A while back I went to a cosmetic dentist for a 2nd opinion. He took a look at my mouth and said go ahead and get the uppers done,( he couldn't save them, only six remaining on top.) but he said that he could do something like you had done. I have 10 teeth on the bottom, 2 of which ( the canines ) have had root canals done on them, with the idea of shaving them down to hold the lower denture with a bit more security. However this 2nd dentist said, he could and would do it for 1500.00 save those teeth and build a bridge or whatever they call it, basically just clip them on the remaining teeth. So I called my dentist and told her about it, and she said, she wouldn't do it :nono: . he was only trying to make some money off of me, and plus that my dentures are ready to go. I questioned her about her strong opinion against this procedure from the 2nd dentist, and she just kept telling me that sooner or later, wthin about 2 yrs I would the bottoms done anyways, because of the bone loss. So see, this is my dilemma. :confused: very :confused: I found this dentist through many searches through the internet and does come higly recommended. but she insists not to go through with him for the bottoms. Now , don't know if I mentioned it, but since you are really not that far from me, i am sure you have heard of NOVA the dental school, well that is where I am getting my dentures done, and have been going there for the past 2 yrs. That is how long it is taken. I never cancelled any of my appts., except for 1, because I had to fly back to dallas when my daughter was having surgery done, and she needed help with my grand-daughter. Other than that I started this process back in October of 2004. I am so confused, I don't know if I should go ahead and do the whole thing, or what? I called her yesterday and since they are students they won't be back in school until Monday the 12th, day of final extractions. But she could at least call me back so we can discuss some things. The one thing that gets me the most is back in April, I had the appt set and everything, I was actually suppoed to get my dentures back then. I show up for my appt., and they tell she had a family emergency. Of course I was not upset, actually I felt sort of relieved. :D I bought more time to adjust to the whole idea. So I had to re-schedule, and that is what is going on. Since that date we only talked once, and that was about my 2nd opinion.

Well waiting for your reply, of course whenever you get the chance. I totally understand kids and how busy they can keep you... :wave:


lilmama5of6 06-08-2006 03:40 PM

Re: Hello Ariom
Wow you have been going through this for some time now.I have heard of NOVA, they are supposed to be a very good dental school.That is the only problem I can see with going to a school for your dental work,it does take a long time to get the work done.I can now understand way it makes you sick to your stomach, worring over this.I think if I had to wait that long for all my teeth I would of chickened out by now..I am a big baby too.....
I am only 33yrs. and my dentist also told me I would have bone loss but he wanted to keep every tooth he could.He said it helps with the loss of the jaw bone.I wanted a full set on the bottom,so all my teeth could be white( I am a smoker,they are more yellow then white now) I wanted that movie star look.My dentist said he prefered to use partials on the bottom if possible.Just for the fact that most people are more comfortable with them then a full set.I can tell you my brother has a full set on bottom and he has no problems with his.So do not worry yourself to much about it.Boy that is a tough one.I have heard shaving your teeth down like that is bad.The only one I know who had that done was my father and he hates the world never mind his dentures. If I were you I think I would go ahead with what your 1st dentist suggested.I do not know though,I guess it depends on how much bone loss you have already had...
:bouncing: I am taking the family to the mountains(NC) for a long weekend
get away.OK we are going to ride Thomas the tank engine.My youngest son is turning 3 on Saturday, it is his birthday present.I will be back late on Sunday the 11th,so when you need that extra encouragement on Monday morning and you will.I'll be here for you.
Keep telling yourself I am worth it,I deserve pretty teeth(like your son)I can do this,and I will do this!!!
My advice is to eat like a pig all weekend!!!!Eat chocolate cake and a big fat juicy steak.Eat a pear and an apple too.Eat loads of potato chips,anything and every thing.I was so affraid to eat after my procedure...
Just think this is the last weekend you will have your ugly rotten teeth.Nothing but a big pretty smiles for you from now on!!!!!!!
Have a good weekend!!

You know you are old when.....
you and your teeth do not sleep together anymore.

Ariom 06-08-2006 06:28 PM

Re: Hello Ariom
:p lilmama, You are hysterical!!!! I cannot stop laughing. I mean about your joke, and the eating like a pig. Believe it or not I had steak tonight, and the whole time I ate it, all I thought about was what you said.

Yeah it is a toughie, but since I am going to have to get full bottoms, I might as well get it over with now! By the way they are only shaving down the 2 canines that got root canaled. Is that even a word??? :o Oh well I know you know what I am talking about. Don't worry Monday morning I am going to be on line, and you are right, I deserve this, and I am getting a little bit calmer, thanks to you. NO have been an :angel: . Don't know what I would have done, if I didn't find this site or someone to talk to like you. Funny thing too, is we are pretty close, like in Florida, and we have another thing in common, I too am a smoker. :D So do wear your teeth all day?
Thanks for being here for me, it means more than you'll ever know, or maybe you do. You are going to have so much fun this weekend. I really hope your son has tons of fun, and Happy Birthday to him. Don't worry about me, I have this feeling everything is going to be okay. Well maybe that feeling might change come Monday. But the sooner the better. I want to have a beautiful smile again. I want to look in the mirror and see the girl with the great smile. God that was so long ago. You know my fiancee is 34...and I am 43. So I have to look good. :jester: He is great, he is going to take the day off, because I am not driving there, we all know, I would do a U turn so quick, your teeth would fall out. :jester:

Have a great night, and talk to you soon. long before you smoked a cigarette? I shouldn't ask you that, but I know I am going to pick one up. Or I will probably wake up Monday morning and smoke an entire pack. :eek:

Ariom... :wave:

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