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One month with my new smile

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Old 06-16-2006, 06:28 AM   #1
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: psl,Florida
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lilmama5of6 HB User
Talking One month with my new smile

Hello Everyone
I am keeping you all up to date.It has been 1 month since my extractions and temps were put in...I am sooooo glad I did it!!! I still can not believe I had the balls to do it.But boy I love my smile now..
Things are healing nicely,atleast that is what the dentist says every time I see him.I thought the extraction holes would look better by this time,but they do look good compared to the first week.They did look gross.I can even touch my gums with my tonge now.
It is wierd at times I actually get the feeling that they are my real teeth.I some times feel like I have food in my teeth and after trying to remove it with my tonge, I realize I do not have my real teeth,and no food gets trapped in my dentures.
I do not look in mirrors at myself as much now,but I still can't help to take a quick peek at my smile every now and then.
Getting used to dentures is an ongoing adventure.I have tried to eat just about every thing up to this point(Not an apple yet)with much joy in the fact that I could.Chewing has even gotten alot easier for me now.I have not lost alot of taste when eatting as others say they did.Most of your taste buds are on your tonge not the roof of your mouth.But I do like eatting my chocolate with out my dentures in,some things you have to do naked.
My uppers are getting very loose.I have to use adhesive on them or they will slide right out...Looks like it is time for a reline,but I am affraid it will have a funny taste,so I am waiting as long as possible before I do that.I have also started to fixodent the back part of my lowwer partial it makes it easier to chew harder foods.I still can not figure out how to eat hard candy.My dentist says it helps to chew on hard candy of all things..Is that not what helped rot my teeth out to begin with?
I am always affraid I will lose my dentures when I laugh....Now I always make sure I use my tonge to hold them in when I do laugh.
If I had to pick the one thing that bothers me the most about these things is.....I can not bit my nails any more!!!!My husband loves my new nails as much as my new smile!!!Now if I could only get my boobs to grow back!!!!
I will keep on posting how I am doing.....
I hope you are all doing as well as I am!
Good luck on your "DENTURE ADVENTURE"

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Old 06-16-2006, 06:18 PM   #2
Join Date: May 2006
Posts: 84
NYtoTN HB User
Re: One month with my new smile

Hi Lilmama
Happy 1 month anniversary. Glad to hear that you are doing well with your dentures. I am one day behind you. And I am doing well too. I never would have guessed it when I was crying during my first week. But it really does get better with time. Sometimes I even forget they are there. My uppers are also getting very loose. Thank goodness I have the implants. I'm not sure how they will work out though because 3 of them ae loose. The dentist is waiting to see if they will tighten up in a few months. I hope so.
I went for a soft lining of my partial lowers today. They were always very painful. And none of the adjustments ever helped. But the soft liner did the trick. I stopped to buy gum on the way home. I've been practicing chewing all day. And I'm getting good at it. But I hate the tast of the soft liner. That takes a while to go away.
I haven't tried adhesives yet. But I'm sure they would help the wobbling. Is it difficult to take out the dentures when they are glued in? And is it difficult to clean the adhesive off the dentures?
When you drink or eat someting with a lot of liquid, does it get under your dentures. It does for me and that is annoying. I always have to take them out and rinse them after I eat or drink. Or the taste stays under the dentures. If I'm not able to take out my dentures to rinse them I will swish a mouthful of water around and under them to rinse them. That is probably what I dislike the most.
I'm planning to have the 6 teeth I have on the bottom (in front) bleached so that I can get really while permanant dentures. These immediate dentures I have now are called "natural white" which really isn't very white at all.
Well, keep posting. It's good to having someone to compare notes with.

Old 06-16-2006, 08:50 PM   #3
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: psl,Florida
Posts: 60
lilmama5of6 HB User
Re: One month with my new smile

Hello Ny/Tn
Happy One Month to you too.
How long does the taste of the soft liner take to go away?I have heard it is really bad?I did not go for an adjustment this week because I do not have any sore spots. OH YEA!!!!!!!!!I think I should have a liner put in,but I do not want a bad taste in my mouth.How bad is it?
WOW!! you are chewing gum...great for you.I still have not tried that yet.I never was a big gum chewer,chocolate is my thing.
I have to glue the tops in or they would not stay in.My bottoms started to wobble to much but fixodent does the is not any harder to take them out when you use adhesive,but it does feel wierd, kind of like having bubble gum stuck to your dentures and the roof of your mouth.If you swish with warm water before you take your dentures out it makes it alot easier to release the adhesive.You do have to wash it of the roof of your mouth at night.My dentist gave me a tooth brush made for dentures,it has 2 different sets of bristles on it.One looks like a tooth brush which works great on the teeth parts.And the other is a round set of bristles which works great on getting in the adhesive off the inside.
My father was sent home with nothing when he got his dentures.So I feel lucky to have recieved every thing you need and extra.I still have not used up the free samples...
The only problems I have with getting food stuck under my dentures is in the spot where my wisdom tooth was removed on the bottom,only half of it is covered by my dentures,and it is such a big hole.Small food like rice and bits of pasta just seem to always get stuck in there.And when I eat ice cream or chocolate, they always get under my upper dentures..I know what you mean by rinsing your mouth out after eating.I do not have to do it after every thing I eat now,just the big meals.
I talked to my dentist about having my teeth bleached...He said to have a deep cleaning done a couple of time and try the whiting kits they sell over the counter first.But to wait untill about 9 months after the extraction,just before you get your perment set.....or you will be going around with white teeth on the bottom and our wonderful natural white teeth every where else.I like the sound of that"natural white" I have always called it yellow...
keep on you said.. I like to compare our healing...

Old 06-17-2006, 12:03 AM   #4
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: Colorado
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wintersun HB User
Re: One month with my new smile

I KNOW!!! I missed biting my nails the most, too. Now I have to clip them. Onward and upward, girs!!
I am 7 mos old, and ready for perms!!

Old 06-17-2006, 09:00 AM   #5
Join Date: May 2006
Posts: 84
NYtoTN HB User
Re: One month with my new smile

the soft liner tastes like stale gum. When I woke up this morning it reminded me of the taste of gum if you fall asleep with it in your mouth. It's not horrible. It just spoils the taste of asnything you est or drink. It also makes my gums tingle a bit. It lasts for a few days. Also the dentist told me that the soft liner doesn't stay soft. After about 30 days it starts to harden. I didn't kno that.
I'm going to try the Fixodent.... Ha, that sounds like a car repair shop...
My dentist gave me a special toothbrush for my implants but not a denture toothbrush. I should ask him for a denture toothbrush.
He gave me a special mouthwash that I had to use twice a day for a week after extractions. But no free samples of anything.

Wintersun, you sound like you are getting used to your dentures. I remember that you were very unhappy about a month ago.

Well, have a great weekend ladies!

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