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Help: New Top Denture Is Messed Up...2nd Time My Dentist Made Mistake, Need Help!

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Old 08-20-2006, 12:01 PM   #1
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red1216 HB User
Question Help: New Top Denture Is Messed Up...2nd Time My Dentist Made Mistake, Need Help!

Hi I am new here, I had all my top teeth pulled out 4/21/05 and had an Immediate denture put in right away, after a few adjustments I was able to talk and eat everything from pizza to hard pretzels, and they worked great.

I got a reline on 10/28/05 but finally on 4/14/06 I decided after saving $600 again (being the Immediate cost that much and I am on SS Disability and had to pay cash for them, I had to save for the new Permanent Denture also)

So my dentist fitted me with the weeks of going back for fittings until the new denture was made, well on 5/26/06 the new denture was ready to put in my mouth, from the start I felt it was crooked, and the little slit on the very top to hold the lip skin thingy was all the way to the left not in the middle, and the front teeth were towards the left side also..............the color was lighter then what I wanted also, but my dentist said all was fine, and I only can see her on Fridays, so for the next 2 Fridays I went back, she put a liner in the denture to try to straighten it out, but finally I told her I am a nice quiet gal here and one of her 1st patients when she opened up her office, so please do something, she said laughing "we made a big mistake, so we will fix it by giving you a new top denture, we will fit you again take impressions, etc." she and her people that work with her were laughing, like it was a big joke, I still think they were someone elses denture they tried to give me, or they made them in the damn back room, themselves, or the guy at the dental lab they use was drunk, lol.......anyway

on 6/16/06 she started with new impressions, and after weeks of going back every Friday ( I do not drive and disabled so I need a friend to take time to drive me back and forth for months now).

On 7/28 the 2nd new denture was put in my mouth, the teeth were way too long ( I do not understand the Immediate denture was made great, is heavy and has a great bite and nice teeth), this has thin teeth, that keep chipping and the gum stuff is very light you can see through, most of all the Bite is way off, it does not go with my lower Real teeth I still have.

I been back a few weeks now, and 2 times the last Friday and it still not right, she keeps saying the bite is fine.................she filed down the long tetth, but the bite is off, I chock, and cant eat anything right.

I am at my wits end here!!

What to do?

She is only in on Fridays, and need to get my friend to drive me again, but do you think she will do anything? Has anyone ever had a problem like this?

I paid $600 up front, and it has been since April I been going back and forth and bothering my friend ot take me back and forth, and after 2 dentures, I still cant eat with either of them.

I keep putting my Immediate denture in with alot of Fixodent to hold them, and I eat everything Italian Bread, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, hard pretzels, popcorn, you name it I can eat it.

Does anyone know what I can do here?

I would like my A$600 back or most of it back, so I can find a dental lab here in Staten Island, NY to go right to the lab and get fitted for a new denture, I thought my dentist would be reliable, but I have heard many people complaining of other work she has done on their teeth, almost every time I go there someone is fighting with the office manager or the dentist.

I am a nice person but A$600 is alot when on disability and not getting the right denture to fit my mouth, something is very wrong here, the Immediate denture was fine from the start until it got too big when my gums srunk.

Thanks for any replies, I am going this Friday and need some input.

Who do I go to with this problem? Seems they are not doing good work, or the lab is messing up, but 2 times since April is alot for me to go through, do you think I can get my money or some of my money back?

Does anyone know who I can talk to?

All replies and help is appreciated.


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wits end 47
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wits end 47 HB User
Re: Help: New Top Denture Is Messed Up...2nd Time My Dentist Made Mistake, Need Help!

Beleive me I understand now you nightmare started on Sept. 19, 2005 and is still continuing.........mine didn't fit from the get go...I have a great dentist now that is working very hard to get me feeling better...
I spend most of my time in bed and just keep praying all will get better........if it were not for my brother I would have given up a long time ago......I know this ordeal has affected my general health as well...........I have always been healthy but am now a mess in every way. I have spent so much time in bed I think it has affected my overall health.. I do work every night but not because I want to but because I have to..I am single and have to have a paycheck.

My dentist told me not to sleep with my teeth in but I have talked to several people that sleep with theirs in and being at my wits end I slept with them in last night and this morning they are NOT hurting like they usually do so I am just going to see now the day goes. The dentist told me that I have a small mouth and I wonder if that is part of my problem as I can't stand my tongue touching the plate all the time.. I don't know if that is normal or not, when I ask my friends that have worn dentures for years they say they don't know if their tongue touches the plate or not..

I hate to say this but from what you wrote about your dentist laughing I don't feel he/she is very concerned about you and your emotional state. I know what you mean about a limited income so I think I would ask for my money back and go to another dentist. You can check with the state and file a complaint against the dentist. I am going to file a complaint against the first dentist that pulled my teeth when I get to feeling better. I just know tooooooooooooo many people that wear dentures and lead a normal life, eat, laugh and just plain feel good. I felt good before this nightmare started and now I feel bad all the time.

Please keep me updated on your progress.


Old 08-26-2006, 06:01 PM   #3
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Staten Island, New York
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red1216 HB User
Re: Help: New Top Denture Is Messed Up...2nd Time My Dentist Made Mistake, Need Help!

Well the dentist said she showed me and let me try the wax try-in of both the dentures which were messed up..................this is what few people with dentures told me had to be done and my neighbor who is an office manage at a dentist office they are suppose to put a wax try in showing you what the teeth and size and color look like and that makes the bite right and if something is wrong you do not like the way it looks or fits, you do not Approve it, and they fix it before it is made into the real denture you buy.

She tried to show me her notes, which I could not read her writing, and I am not a idot I know if she put this in my mouth or not, so I was trying to talk calmly and low and not make a fool out of her that other patients can hear, so she starts yelling at me saying things to me and that she is a dentist 18 years, on and on, and I got her so upset, she angry so she walks out and I jump out of the chair pull that bib thing off my neck, lol, I could not get the chain open, so just yanked it off and broke it, as I got to the room door the Office Manager woman and the tech guy who took my impressions, etc, came in looking upset and worried, I was one of their 1st patients when this office opened in 2005, and they know it has been 4 1/2 months and I paid cash save from a disability the Office Manger said she will give me my money back, but it has to be in a form of a check, and their boss will be in on the 1st Friday to write the checks for all of the staff, so he will write a check for me also, she promised I should call her at 9am and find out the time my friend can drive me to the office to get the check so I can put it in my checking account and get it done right away.

She said she cant pay the insurance company back, I was too damn upset to ask anymore questions, she said I will get my check Friday, but when the check clears and I have my money in my hand, I am calling the insurance company and tell them the whole story.

Until I figure what to do, I will see what I can do with this Immediate Denture, I am finally going on vacation end of September and Fixodent and all that stuff does not hold all day, they are great denture but too loose, they need another reline but I do not know where to go to get one, now I need another dentist.

Well I took her at her word that I will get my money back in a form of a check this Friday, I will write you back and let you know. I pray she was sincere, she looked like she was, the guy looked like he was going to cry, how upset I was, being he is a nice quiet guy and he knows I am a nice person, and they know the dentist messed up, and they have to go along with her, to keep their jobs.

Just pray I get the check Friday.

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wits end 47
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Central USA
Posts: 22
wits end 47 HB User
Re: Help: New Top Denture Is Messed Up...2nd Time My Dentist Made Mistake, Need Help!

Good for you taking up for yourself....

I hope you get your money back tomorrow (Friday).

You can buy Denturite at Walmart..It is a reline that you do yourself...I use it on my first denture. It might help you until you can find another dentist and get a new denture made. It is simple to use.

Beginning to think my problem as something to due with the nerves in my mouth as my dentist and oral surgeon can not find anything irritations. I go back to my oral surgeon on Sept. 14. I do clench and grind my teeth and he is having me sleep with my teeth in. He has given me a muscle relaxer and ibuprofen (600mg) but it is not helping so according to what he said I think when I go back he will be sending me to a neurologist. I just know something has to be done. I don't have any insurance and don't know how I am going to pay for a neurologist and a cat-scan but I guess I will find a way to.

Please let me know if you get your money back.. I will be checking tomorrow to see if you answer.


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