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Can Wisdom Tooth Cause This?

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Old 02-03-2007, 10:06 PM   #1
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laskalady HB User
Can Wisdom Tooth Cause This?

I've had a little piece of a wisdom tooth come in on the top right side of my mouth. During this time I've had pain off and on in my 2 front teeth, and noticed that my two front teeth arent aligned. The pain went away for a couple of months..but now its back. I get pain off and on in my 2 front teeth and I notice more unalignment..its like one of my teeth is getting pushed up in front of the other front tooth. This is really freaking me out. I think it must be due to the wisdom tooth trying to grow in. Does this mean its growing in crooked? What should I do? The dentist I saw told me it takes long for the tooth to grow in but its been 7 months now since I noticed the tooth growing in and it still isnt in..just a tip of the tooth I can see and feel through the gums. Could this mean I need all of my wisdom teeth pulled? How can they pull a tooth which hasnt even grown in yet? Would they have to do surgery and go under the gums? Please let me know..i"m desperate for answers as I can't see the dentist anytime before 2weeks from now. Any advice is truly needed! Thanks!

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Old 02-04-2007, 06:04 AM   #2
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Re: Can Wisdom Tooth Cause This?

It could be crowding the teeth- maybe it's impacted, and that's why it's not fully in by now?? I know mine didn't take that long to come in- maybe 1-2 months. Go back and see what he says- and tell him your concerns- did he do xrays??

Old 02-04-2007, 10:10 AM   #3
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laskalady HB User
Re: Can Wisdom Tooth Cause This?

the wierd thing is that i got full mouth x-rays at this horrible dental place i took my tmj dentist my x-rays and he was working with my fillings and tmj problems that he kind of just brushed off the wisdom tooth thing. I then asked him to look at the x-rays..but he said he couldnt really see the wisdom tooth on the xray, but he could see and feel the tooth growing i'm going to have to go back and get a specific xray i guess of that tooth so they can see whats going on.
If it is impacted and crowding the teeth...would this cause gum/tooth pain? Would they want to take it out..or will it stop growing on its own as there is no space?

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Re: Can Wisdom Tooth Cause This?

If the dentist couldn't see the tooth it may be that the x-ray wasn't far enough back in your mouth for it to show up. If the tooth isn't erupted by now, it probably isn't going to. Wisdom teeth don't have to be extracted unless they are causing pain or other problems, which sounds to me that is the case with you. You would want an x-ray of the specific are where the tooth is erupting. Sounds to me like your tmj dentist doesn't deal with wisdom teeth, as alot of general dentists don't. If he gives you no satisfaction, I would go to an oral surgeon. They are specialist in their field and they would be able to give you all the options. I was a dental assistant for 10 years and 4 of that was in oral/periodontal surgery. The methods have changed a bit since I changed career paths, but the principals are still the same. Let me know how it goes.....I'll be looking for your response. Good luck!

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Lil_Volcano HB User
Re: Can Wisdom Tooth Cause This?

One of the reasons (besides just crowding and shifting) it is not good to leave wisdom teeth in when there is not enough room in the mouth for them to fully erupt is that they can grow up against the mandible (lower jaw bone) and possibly impinge on the nerve that is housed in that area. Removing a wisdom tooth after this has occurred may cause permanent damage to the nerve, resulting in permanent loss of feeling and function in areas that the nerve supplies.

The other risk is for removal of upper wisdom teeth. If they are allowed to start erupting where there is not enough room for them, it is possible that the root of the teeth may be lying snug against the floor of the sinus. If they are removed by a good oral surgeon, complications are unlikely -- the oral surgeon can tell you for sure if it is imperative that you have them removed or if it would be ok to leave them in. However, the most common complication in this situation is this: since the tooth is sitting against the bone, as the tooth is being extracted, it could possibly break a hole in the bone in the floor of the sinus where it was making contact. The sinus walls are very thin bone, making them fragile and susceptible to breaking with this type of force. Remember, though, that this complication is rare, and your oral surgeon should be able to determine if you are at risk for this happening by looking at the radiographs. The correct decision should be made by weighing the risks of leaving the teeth in with the risks of taking them out.

As you can see, this is why the best thing for everyone to do is to have wisdom teeth removed BEFORE they are fully developed and erupted. The root is the last structure of the tooth to form, so you want them removed before the root becomes involved with the jaw bones to minimize complications later. Sometimes the wisdom teeth are lying against the bone anyway, and there's nothing you can do about's just the way you were made.

So, why would you want to remove your wisdom teeth if they fit into you dental arches with no problem? Here is why: it is difficult to reach the most posterior surface of molar teeth with your toothbrush and floss to remove plaque. If you can't remove the plaque, you are at greater risk for caries/decay in those areas, as well as periodontal disease. Lots of people miss these areas on their second molars...imagine the difficulty reaching all the way back behind a third set of molars! Why make your home care more difficult and time consuming, and deal with caries risk if you don't have to? You don't need a third set of molars - two sets of molars are plenty functional! As long as you have your first and second molars, there is no reason to have another set of molars - because the risk of disease while having them present is higher than the actual need for the teeth.

The only reason a third molar would ever be needed to provide full function is if you have lost one or both molars for whatever reason. In this case, a wisdom tooth may be retained to replace the first or second molar that has been lost. Then, there would be an obvious need for that extra tooth. Usually if this is the method used for replacing a lost molar, it will take some working with your dentist to align the teeth so that the tooth/teeth behind the space where the tooth is missing do not drift into and lay down to fill in that space. If your tooth is laying down, horizontally, it has no function that way, either, so it is important that the teeth are guided into that spot so they stay upright and in good function.

If you question anything I've suggested here, you can ask your dentist or oral surgeon. Hopefully, though, this gives you a better knowledge base and an understanding to go from when you are discussing your oral health issues with your professional health care provider of choice...I know a lot of times the professionals that treat you don't take the time to thoroughly explain procedures and the rationale behind them. It usually doesn't mean they don't know what they're doing or that they're doing something wrong - they just think they have more important things to do than going in-depth on educating their patients about their own oral health care! Sad, but true. Most people don't know the true benefit of having their wisdom teeth removed.

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