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KyleG 08-25-2007 12:50 AM

Premolar extraction caused canine tooth to become loose
I recently had the premolar tooth next to my canine tooth extracted. I am getting the same one on the other side of my mouth extracted in a few weeks as well to make room for braces that I am getting next month.

The canine tooth on the right side of my mouth is now pushed out farther than it was and it is quite uncomfortable. I got the extraction on Tuesday and the hole healed but now that canine tooth is the one thats painful and it definetly feels loose. It's not as loose that I can wiggle it. But it feels really out of place and at times I accidently "bite" on it with my other teeth causing alot of pain. I am worried that if I do this or if something happens in my sleep that tooth will fall out.

To tell you the truth I had no idea which tooth my dentist was pulling out prior to the extraction. I had orginally thought it was my canine teeth because they are the teeth that are misplaced in my upper jaw.

During the extraction it literally felt like he was pulling my canine tooth or doing something with it but I later found out it was the premolar tooth next to it. He told me to raise my left hand if I feel pain. Shortly after he started twisting a tooth, I felt pain and he ased me where, and I pointed my tongue on the spot where it was, and it was right behind my canine tooth.

I know pulling fully grown teeth could be hard especially if someones teeth are crowded but I didn't think that an extraction could move a tooth out of place and make it feel like its going to come out.

Now, is this normal to feel? Will the pain go away? Did the doctor do something wrong? Should I sue?

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