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my wisdom teeth removal story-really long- but detailed! :)

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my wisdom teeth removal story-really long- but detailed! :)

I always come on here looking for answers about illness and things that are wrong with me. especially about wisdom tooth removal-which I had been dreading and fearing for so long! lol. so I thought I should do my part and share my story. Im 22 and I am not great with pain! lol! Ive had a lot of dental work done since about may-june 2006, I dont like dentists so I didnt go for a while and I thought I was taking good care of my mouth and teeth-but I was wrong. lol! I have some gum disease-so Ive had scaling and plaining (sp?)several times, and numerous cavities filled..a root canal and 2 crowns..yeah-a lot! so I dont know why I was so terrified of getting my wisdom teeth out- they were causing some of my gum disease and had been impacted and partially erupted for years! you could see the complete side of my tooth-facing up- on my bottom left of my mouth. food was trapped constantly-it was a mess! so anyway, I finally had enough and made my appointment-with an oral surgeon that my insurance wasnt going to pay for (so far they have paid most anyway!) but I went to him because his office was about 2 min. from my house-all the others were 20 min. or more away. also-he did jaw surgery and wisdom tooth removal on my brother like 10 years ago, and almost everyone else I know went to him. he is popular because when I called, the soonest consultation was like 4 months away, and the soonest surgery was 5 months away. I was so scared- I had heard so many horror stories about it, but I knew I had to do it. by the time surgery day came, I was so use to the idea-i was hardly nervous! I was excited that I had a week off work! lol! so everything happened really quickly, I filled out some paperwork and before I knew it I was in the chair and they were putting laughing gas on my nose (ive never had it before, and I really didnt feel an effect- it made me talk wierd and i think i giggled when I didnt mean to- but my mind was completely there!) so then they did my iv ( i had to get it in my hand- i almost always have to get bloodwork taken there, and I had an iv before when I was a kid and it was in my hand. I felt it, It pinched and stung hard, but all drs. tell me the hand hurts worse than the arm.) so then I started to feel weird quickly and I knew I would be sleeping very soon! (ive been put under before and I didnt have any bad effects afterwards- just feeling weird when u first get the iv) so then i started to have a metallic taste in my mouth-right as the dr said i would (later that day- hours after surgery when I was remembering this, I couldnt decide if this happend to me or if it was something I saw on dr. 90210-haha! im still not 100% sure! but I remember the taste!!) so the next thing I remember was feeling like someone was doing something quickly in the bottom right side of my mouth. I dont remember if it hurt or just scared me, but I remember that, then the nurse waking me up and trying to get me in the wheelchair, then I started pointing to the side of my mouth where I felt the dr. doing something last- and she asked if it hurt and I nodded "yes" and she got the dr. who gave me some numbing shots in my mouth. I dont know the time frame of all this- or if my mouth really so I dont know if when I felt him working in my mouth, if he was finishing and just putting gauze or if it was when he started-or somewhere in between. then I remember getting in the wheel chair and looking down as the nurse wheeled me to the car. my mom drove me home and I remember the short ride (everyone I know said they dont remember how they got home! haha!) and I remember thinking- "im so glad I chose to go here...its so close to home! I totally dont mind paying for everything!" and then my mom helped me get in the recliner @ home and I had an ice bag on my face, but the dr. told my mom to fill 2 gym socks with bags of ice and tie them below my chin-so they wraped around my jaw-so my mom did that (fyi-its better to put actual ice packs in the socks..we did home made ice bags the first few hours-lets just say I changed my clothes 3 times that day because i was soaked!!) I dont remember having any pain the first day- I ate some milkshakes and soft food-but I did have serious numbing! the whole bottom of my face was numb for the whole entire first day- that was scary! half of what i ate or drank-i drooled out (Also why i had to change clothes so many times! lol!) I thought i had the nerve damage i had read about so many times before! now i think it was those extra shots i got! and my mouth was stiff feeling. I cant remember each day after that-they all start to blend! I slept so much and took so many pain pills- i was like-in and out of consiousness (sp?). I remember it was really hard to put a spoon in my mouth the first few days, and I had pain if I didnt take my pain pills (meprozine-i think thats what it was called) and advil every few hours. I also had to take a huge anitbiotic. I got them out on a friday and i think it was sun. night that i woke up to take a pain pill, i got some yogurt to eat (i ate before taking every pill so i wouldnt get sick to my stomach-never did!) and I was standing in the kitchen and my dad happend to come downstairs-it was like 2 a.m. and i started to feel weird. I was kinda dizzy and didnt know if i was going to throw up- my stomach didnt hurt-but i had that sweaty ill feeling-then I started to feel like I was going to pass out- and started pacing in the hall b/c i was scared, then I finaly sat down and I couldnt lift my arms off the kitchen table, i felt so heavy and was seeing black spots and I was soaking wet sweating but freezing cold and clammy, so my dad ran and got my mom, and she helped me to the recliner and got my pain pill and soon I was ok..I dont remember if i was in a lot of pain or if it was just because I had just gotten up-but that was really scary. then I had a lot of pain in my lower left side for the next couple days (nights were the worse! the pain pills stopped working) so I finally went to the dr. and I had dry socket- he put this nasty stuff in there that tasted horrible and numbed my tounge- i tasted it constantly for prob. the first 2 days and then off and on until the following tue. when he took the rest of it out-it was some herb mixture i guess. it looked like spinach and clumps would come out every now and then. it hurt pretty bad when he put it in- he had to like...scrape the bone off first,and i was already in pain. but later that day i hardly had any pain. (it hurt to have it taken out-scraping feeling again-but it didnt take as long-so not as bad) my dr. said u can do everything right and still get a dry socket (but dont use straws or spit!) so after that i really started to recover..its now sept. 3 and I only have some slight tenderness every now and then. I had a little bone chip come out..(the sat. before last i believe.) when I was rinsing my mouth out. now I use this squirter thing to clean the sockets until they fill in with new gum tissue or whatever. im still really gentle brushing and flossing or my gums swell and are sore-also chewing gum seems to do that too. its been like 3 weeks. im just glad its all over! its not as bad as i thought in some ways-but in the middle of the night when i had pain from the dry sockets- that sucked! and treating the dry sockets was pretty bad. but the surgery was so easy! if u have the choice to go under anastesia(Sp?) our or stay awake-get put under! originally I wanted to stay awake (which my oral surgeon didnt even man!) but when u go under-it makes it feel like u go to sleep and wake up like 2 seconds later-its great! I did have to sleep in the recliner for like 2 weeks. if I tryed to lay down flat my face would start to throb... and I found out after I got my dry socket treated, that u are only supposed to keep ice on for the first 24 hours..then warm moist heat after that...i kept ice on for 5 days i think! lol! but it felt good and I didnt have much swelling! I counted and I ended up taking 21 pills from friday-wed. (before i had my dry socket treated-i had to stop taking them b/c i had to go to work that friday.) i took like..2 the first day,3 or 4 the next and then it was like 5 each day till wed. when I took 2. I think thats pretty much everything I can think of to is really long, but i hope if gives everyone who is wondering a good Idea of how you might feel after getting your wisdom teeth removed..even tho everyones expierence is a little different. good luck!
(p.s. sorry if theres a ton of typos-i typed quickly and its too long to go back and look for boo-boos! lol!)

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