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greedy dentist?

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Old 10-26-2007, 02:05 PM   #1
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paradiva HB User
Question greedy dentist?


i found this board when looking up laminate veneers.

i have had the same dentist for 20 years. it seems like every time i think we are "done" with whatever corrective stuff i need, he comes up with some other expensive thing. i have my teeth cleaned every six months and haven't had any cavities in a while so he dosen't make much money on me right now. over the years i have probably paid for at least one of his kids to go to dental school.

the past few appointments, he's been pushing these laminate veneers on me. he wants me to have 6 of them on my front teeth because he said my enaminal is getting thin. i am in my early 40's and i had braces when i was a kid by the way. everybody says i have nice teeth and i take good care of them.

these laminates are 750 bucks each! yeah, we could afford it but it's not like my teeth are in any way unsightly or even giving me a problem. he is telling me these veneers are a proactive measure. insurance won't pay a penny either.

i've already decided to seek out a second opinion so i don't pay several thousand dollars for veneers i could go without.

this last appointment, he really got super pushy and demanded to know when i was going to have the veneers done. that gave me a really bad feeling. he's a very good dentist but i just don't want to be bullied into anything.

i'd appreciate any input.

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Old 10-26-2007, 04:23 PM   #2
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Thelma-Louise HB UserThelma-Louise HB UserThelma-Louise HB User
Re: greedy dentist?

Sorry I may be ignorant on this topic but I have had extensive dental work over the years and have never heard of laminate vaneers being used as a preventative measure. The tooth needs to be prepped and filed down which may cause or lead to a damaged nerve - how can it be a preventative measure. Plus some people find them to be a bit bulky and/or uncomfortable. Personally unless there was a cosmetic need to enhance the teeths appearance I wouldn't risk it. Plus they don't last forever, they can pop off, you need to watch chewing with crunchy or hard food/gum/candy, etc. Even if your natural enamel is wearing thin I am pretty sure the most you might see over time is some sensitivity which can be treated OTC or professionally. I guess my question would be why is the enamel wearing thin - from brushing too hard, using abrasive toothpaste, over using bleaches or tooth whiteners? I have heard and read that GERD or acid reflux can cause the enamel of teeth to wear down as well. Maybe you should look into some newer OTC dental products that supposedly help rebuild enamel. Again - unless there is a visible problem with the teeth (you say everyone thinks your teeth look fine - hopefully you do too) I think you would be spending a lot of money and risking the health of perfectly good teeth - but that is just my opinion. Frankly - due to my extensive dental history I don't quite trust any dentist these days.

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Old 10-26-2007, 07:54 PM   #3
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paradiva HB User
Wink Re: greedy dentist?


what a great post. i did research on the veneers and found the same information you mentioned.

i'm going to my husband's dentist (he's been his dentist for 20 years) for a second opinion.

thanks so much for your post!

Old 10-27-2007, 07:58 AM   #4
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bergerbaby HB User
Re: greedy dentist?

very interesting post !! if your teeth look ok and you dont have any problems there isnt .any need to have vaneers.they are only normally used for cosmetic reasons/
and you obviously dont need them.if it is true about your enamel there is a toothpaste out now that helps that

i wouldnt ,if i were you let the dentist bully you into this .as they are expensive and they are not for life anyway

i am in a similar situation but in a different way !!
i have paid thousands of pounds on my teeth because dentist has told me this need doing and ,was happy to pay as i was having trouble at time with certain
teeth but ,did notice same teeth being done ,over and over again grrrr

and after paying at least £5,000 with present dentist i am in so much pain and discomfort ,and all the money ive paid him i'm worst of than i was at start?

i feel my dentist has made a mistake and now frightened ,to correct it as well as you know ,probably frightened incase i sue him

it isnt the case .as i just want to be sorted ,i have previously years ago under advice to sue a dentist .but i couldnt afford to continue
which blackens your name when you do sue as they all stick together and its hard

whether they are good dentists or not ,they are in it for money now ,not like years ago ,they cared for their patients,

i would go for second opinion IMO good luck

i wished i could say i have perfect teeth ,well i did at one time until i let a dentist loose on them

Old 10-28-2007, 01:04 AM   #5
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legallyblondied HB User
Re: greedy dentist?

If you like this dentist and it seems like you have been with
him for sometime....just stand your ground and do your own
research...they are your teeth and not his..If your teeth have
thin enamel so be it. If they are not cracking, and you have
no pain from this then you have no problems.. I have thin
enamel and I had some bonding done which is easy, cheap
and covered some unsightly brown areas around the bottom
of the teeth because i always have brushed too hard...i do
not anymore and the bonding looks will wear out
and i will have it redone. If the dentist could prove that to
the insurance company that the enamel was worn down so
that it would be a preventive measure to put crowns on them
the insurance may go for this but i do not think they even
cover flouride or sealents because they are a preventive measure...sounds to me like he just want to sell you veneers and it is totally unnecessary as a treatment for you. Tell him to put them in his own mouth .....Karen

Old 10-29-2007, 02:01 PM   #6
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paradiva HB User
Wink Re: greedy dentist?


wow, i've never heard of bonding nor was i offerred it as an option in my case. i don't even have any unsightly brown spots or anything either. i'm going to call him and ask about bonding.

thanks so much for giving me another option to consider.

as for our insurance. they turned me down for veneers because there IS nothing wrong with my teeth at this time. i'm not an insurance advocate but in my case i do see their position. my insurance usually pays 50% on crowns, fllings etc. and 100% on cleanings. i consider myself very lucky to have a dental plan this good.

just because i have had this guy for a long time dosen't mean he's not a greedy person. he was my neighbor for years. he's had problems with other dentists and patients in the past. more than just the usual. i did leave his practice a couple of times but because he has the best technique i did end up going back.

anyway, thanks for the help!

Old 10-30-2007, 03:56 PM   #7
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Kimjo1 HB User
Cool Re: greedy dentist?

Hi guys,
I was reading this thread and wanted to chime in. I have worked in the dental field for 20 + years. I hate to say it but almost ALL dentist want and need to reach a monthly quota. . There are office meetings and the assistants and hygienists actually get bonuses for cosmetic dentistry they "sell". Really stinks!!
As for veneers.... because the prep on the tooth is so little, they tend not to damage your underlying teeth, the lab fees are small (75.00) for the dentist and the result is $$$(700-1500) for the dentist. For crowns, they should never be done unless the tooth has had a root canal OR a very large filling that may fracture and break the tooth beyond repair.

please go with your gut and dont let the dentist "SELL" you something you dont need or want!

Old 10-30-2007, 08:44 PM   #8
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paradiva HB User
Re: greedy dentist?


thank you so much for your input! i appreciate your honesty. i really agree with you about the veneers. he did a major remodeling job on his office last year and that was when he started pushing the veneer thing on me. i'm sure he's trying to make the remodeling pay itself off. he's trying to get more into the cosmetic dentistry area.

his exact words to me were, "when are you going to schedule these veneers!?". he said it in a very dominating tone that sent chills up my spine. it was like he wasn't giving me a choice. i wasn't even there to ask him about veneers, i was there for bi-annual cleaning.

the more i think about it, the more upset it makes me. i'm going to have a second opinion but aside from that, i'm going to look for a new dentist.

Old 11-16-2007, 11:54 AM   #9
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SarahofBorg HB User
Re: greedy dentist?

Heh, think that's bad? I got a story for ya. I went to a dentist I hadn't been to before. I'm on the equivalent of a medicare type dental insurance so this guy is obviously very, very cheap. I watched as this other patient was there who had wisdom teeth problems. He needed them extracted but the dentist said he doesn't do that, and insurance won't pay for it to be done there because he doesn't do them. But then the guy offered to pay in cash so the dentist took him anyway!
Not only that but I was nearby when they worked on him because it was a very small office. I overheard him mention he was on penicillin and they said they won't give him novacaine because of that. The guy was STILL adamant and they did the extraction anyway, without painkiller! Needless to say, there was a lot of screaming and crying. And what was really annoying is the assistant who was taking my x-rays was making fun of him to me.
Sadly, I still go to that same office because I have no choice, but I don't have that specific dentist and I'm OK with the one I have. I plan to go to her only as long as I have to and then switch to a better one when I can.

Old 11-16-2007, 08:23 PM   #10
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kjorso HB User
greedy dentist?

THERE are way to many greedy dentists. As long as nobody reports them,
they continue to practice. Believe ''practice' is the word. There are
rules dentists must obey, if not report them. Report them to the State
Department of Health-c/o quality assurance.
I wrote on my paperwork that i was allergic to nickel. They did what they
wanted to. I broke out all over my scalp, face, ears, ect. I was in pain and
looked really bad. They wanted me to pay to remove the metal, they put in.
DON'T THINK SO. I went to another dentist. They will have to reimburse me that monies i paid out to correct the problem and for pain and suffering.

Old 11-17-2007, 06:41 AM   #11
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keepsgoin HB User
Re: greedy dentist?

veneers are for cosmetic purposes...if your teeth look good then there's no reason for them.
I tells it likes a sees it
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