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Dentures and I HATE them.......

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Old 11-01-2007, 05:46 PM   #1
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shrlyjo HB User
Dentures and I HATE them.......

I had all my top teeth pulled and imediate dentures put in. This was in Feb 07. I have so many problems. I have never had them relined. I had a soft reline done and had to remove it shortly after having put it in. The dentist put too much in my dentures and I couldn't bite down without gagging. I dont' think he listens to me. He told me no they fit fine. They are so big now and I can't keep adhesive in them. An hour after putting it in its every where but the denture. I go through 2-3 tubes a week and I can't imagine swallowing that much **** can be good for you. I try and carry tissures with me so I can't try and catch it but.......The dentist says he won't reline them for another 4 months and I am at the end of my rope. I am so tired of gagging and counting the minutes until I can get them out of my mouth. I have gotten where I really feel bad all the time. I am trying to save the money so I can get a new pair somewhere else. They are made really bad and someplaces the teeth don't even meet the pink acrylic. The are crooked and I have to put them in my mouth and slide them around until I can find the right spot. Its been a really bad situation and I hope I don't have to keep going through this...

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Old 11-01-2007, 06:51 PM   #2
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rayefaye HB User
Re: Dentures and I HATE them.......

I'm sorry to hear this have you tried talking to the company who made them. I had trouble with my bottom plate and sometimes they cause boils on my gums. I take sandpaper and shave off the excess so they will fit. I think I would file a compliant with the dental association about how you dentist is treating you. I had my dentures for over 5 yrs and my dentist realign them for me for free, he said that no matter how long it had been it was his responsibility to fix them at no charge.

Old 11-02-2007, 12:12 AM   #3
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legallyblondied HB User
Re: Dentures and I HATE them.......

Then tell the dentist if he feels the dentures fit fine, he should
wear them! You do not need to take this from any professional! Tell him you want another lab to make you a
new set of dentures that fit or you will take him to court for
malpractice or negligence....this will not make him happy but
most dentists use more than one lab and he can have another
lab make you a pair...Also go get another dentist. This man
just feels he can do as he wants and you will continiue to
allow him to do this. Do Not Accept Bad Work. Report him
to the ADA. Also think about Mini Implants to hold the dentures in place they snap right onto these little implants
and they never move....karen

Old 11-02-2007, 09:35 AM   #4
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Sandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB User
Re: Dentures and I HATE them.......

You need to find a new dentist! At this point, a signficant amount of shrinkage and healing has taken place so they should be able to get a reasonably good fit with a reline or a rebase.

Is the dentist withholding the reline for another 4 months because he has already been paid for this service and does not want to have to repeat it at the one year mark?

You really need to be seen soon and get comfortable! Having your dentures flip flopping around in your mouth will not do your gums or underlying bone any good.


Old 11-03-2007, 10:02 AM   #5
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bergerbaby HB User
Re: Dentures and I HATE them.......

firstly i would go back to your dentist and insist he makes you another denture,as it is not right they dont stay in properly at all !!

if he refuses get on to the dentist onibus complaints department for dentist

or what you could do ,is look into telephone directory and find a dental technician and ,go there p[ersonally and get them to make you one ,.it be a lot cheaper anyway than going through your dentist !!

good luck

Old 11-05-2007, 03:33 PM   #6
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sj3fans HB User
Re: Dentures and I HATE them.......

I know just how you feel, my dentures are almost the same as yours, I did wait for my 1 yr reline it helped a little but my dentures still dont fit well, I wrote my dentist a letter about how I felt and he is willing to refund $695 even though I pd $2200. but he did pull my teeth,
Anyway I went to see another dentist and now there saying they dont think a new set will matter, its the way my gums are.
So know I have no clue what to do.

I hope you get yours fixed and have better luck than I am.

Old 11-05-2007, 05:50 PM   #7
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Re: Dentures and I HATE them.......

I am new to the list, just turned 60, had my bottom teeth out 3 weeks ago....had a temporary put in immediately. I have had an upper denture since I was 15 and a partial lower since then too.

I am having a ton of pain, sore spots etc. I was not expecting this, because I can really tolerate pain and was totally prepared for a lot of discomfort and am determined that I can wear this lower denture.

I am beginning to think my dentist is a PIA...he doesn't seem to have the knowledge I had expected. His schedule also seems to busy to fit me in for minor adjustments etc!

Anyhow, I am at 3 weeks since I had my teeth pulled and the lower denture in....I am seeing improvement speaking and wearing them, I sure cannot eat with them at all yet...I can drink coffee, water, etc.

I have had NO trouble with my uppers in all these years...had them relined a few times, but they have been amazing. I KNOW the lower denture is a much bigger challenge, but I would love to talk with some success stories with the much pain should I endure? I know these are temporary and the plan is to make permanents in about 3 months along with a new upper. Now I am concerned that he will screw up my new upper denture! That is just like my own teeth.

Advice? Thank You

Old 11-06-2007, 02:36 AM   #8
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bergerbaby HB User
Re: Dentures and I HATE them.......

i have a partial plate ,3 teeth at front and one at back ,not very comfortable at time and i am very conscious of it ,frightened they fall down when i speak

but loads people dont relaise i have aplate until i tell them

only thing i too is more worried aobut is having to have a plate on lower as it is so hard to get on with so i do sympahise with you

my mum had all her upper teeth and lower teeth out and had a plate for upper and lower and she found it hard too ,but she persaveered and finally got there and she eats anything and everything and is comfortable best thing she had done

hope you get used to your dentures soon all the best

Old 11-15-2007, 09:48 AM   #9
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plasticmouth HB User
Re: Dentures and I HATE them.......

I went through the EXACT same thing with my top detures during the first 'year' !. I got that silicone stuff done to mine too and they were too big and i was gagging etc etc. In the end i ripped out the stuff and had them back as they were by the end of the year.

Now - this is where it gets interesting- They were very loose at this stage after removing the silicone stuff. And after allways gagging on my top dentures i tried something which worked for me, stopped me gagging almost in 1 night and after a week the dentures sort of moulded my gums to the pattern of the dentures.

What i did - I got a tired as i possible could ( almost passing out asleep in tiredness ) put my dentures in my mouth then fell asleep, by the time i woke i forgot they were in there while i was dozing , until i fully awoke and became fully aware of them, then i gagged on them But they felt comfotable after having them in all night, i put them back in straight away and started eating with them, they flopped around a bit for the first week but settled, and i almost instantly stopped gagging on them soon as i started chewing with them while they were sorta settled from having them in overnight. Over the week or so the denture sorta moulded my gums into the shape of the original denture shape. I still have this first set of dentures to this day, and they fit better now than they ever did, and i still havent had a reline , this is still my fisrt set of dentures. Worked for me , might be worth anyone out there having the same problems giving it a go.

Old 11-15-2007, 07:12 PM   #10
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kjorso HB User
Lightbulb Re: Dentures

I had all my teeth pulled in Dec. 2006. I have a bleeding disorder which caused my bleeding gums. I was told that implants were required. .!!! So i have eight implants. Four top and four bottom. I was given temporary dentures until the implants healed. Time passes and i heal and dentist changes his mind, to use these original dentures, to cut costs.
I am not happy, these dentures don't fit. They don't line up. I really look
stupid and have this big upper lip from these dentures. I was told 'hey, dentures are never like real teeth'. I was told, 'get use to it'. I was told
'thats the best i can fit them'. My bottom teeth fit - in front of my upper teeth, which tells me that the bite is Plus I feel like BIG MOUTH
-------all teeth and no room to put food when i eat.
Yep, another opinion needed and i also got a metal allergy test done.
I have eight implants that will never be used. I have a investigator with the department of health, regarding my case. Don't let your problems get to this point. To remove implants costs the same as to put them in. Implants are not required on the top. (suction works there). Implants are over-rated.
It's all about the money. Implants are BIG money. Implants fail often.
Causes are many, like the medicines you are on, health conditions ect.
I found a denturist with 30 years experience. Making dentures is an art. Few can do this work. My new dentures fit like a glove. Look like my teeth. I can sleep with them. I can talk and eat with them. They work better and feel better than my real teeth and finally I am out of pain. I went thro' ten months of hell........ so beware of dentists. ! ! ! !
Get metal testing before you let them put anything in your mouth.
Get a second opinion, ALWAYS.
Get an estimate of costs on letterhead paper and in writing as to what comes 'Free' with the job.
Caution: Most dentists do not want to give you a esitimate, unless they are doing the work. If this is the case, RUN.

Old 11-15-2007, 08:14 PM   #11
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plasticmouth HB User
Thumbs up Re: Dentures and I HATE them.......

Yeah i can't agree enough about seeing a denture technician, dont use a dentist to get your dentures , all dentists are good for is pulling out teeth and fixing them !. My teeth also fit like a glove and i love them better than my old original teeth even when they were in good condition !. Luckly my father had already gone through all this before i did and recomended i go straight to a denture technician , and not let the dentist take the impressions.

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