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deda44 02-14-2008 08:07 AM

crown ruined root canal
I had a root canal done and the tooth prepared for a crown . It took 3 visits just to get the tooth ready for the crown.

The dentist had an assistant take the impressions for the crowns- there were two- one was the root canal.
She made 3 mix attempts but could still not get the impression off my teeth in one piece so the third time she just impatiently squashed and wriggled it off then used her poker to reshape it. I told her this would not work. I complained to the main assistant and at the front desk about what had been done.

A month or so later when the crowns were done the dentist put them on and I could tell immediately they were too tight and felt twisted/warped and I told him so. He thought they were fine.
When he had me bite down I felt something snap on the tooth with the root canal. He took an xray but saw nothing.

Throughout the next few days the pain grew more intense and my jaw began to swell just below the RC tooth but I was on my way to a wedding in another state by that time and could do nothing but be in pain.
Also both the crowns were obviously shorter than all the other teeth in my mouth. Nor did they even go all the way down to the gum line.
They were obviously horrible.

When I returned I went in to the dentist to check it out and this time the xray showed that whatever it is - the post or root ?? had split all the way down.
The crown and the tooth had to be pulled. Over 2000.00 (no insurance) spent on just the one tooth --for nothing. The crown was in one week before it was pulled. Before the crown there was no pain in this tooth.

I tried to tell the dentist what I believed happenned due to the faulty impressions but he was so on the defense and although he knows I told him I felt the snap when I bit down he doesn't seem to think that it was the crown that ruined the root canal and caused the loss of the tooth and all that money.

In regard to crown that was left being smaller than my other teeth along with being completly out of alignment the dentist first suggested that he could file the other teeth down to fit it . I didn't find that acceptable at all .

About compensation he said- I was a work in progress. That was a year ago. I have had one cavity filled by him that ended up needing a root canal but this time I asked for an endondonist. Now I need a crown.
I don't think this dentist gets it.

Do I have the right to ask for compensation now? Seems to me I do but these dentists people are difficult to deal with and I dread this appointment and don't even feel that I should have to ask but he has made no offers.

ami68 02-14-2008 09:43 AM

Re: crown ruined root canal
OMG I am so sorry this happened to you!! I have 2 root canals, and I am not going to get a crown on one of them, its in pefect shape, you wouldnt know i even had it done, the other side needs one, and I hear you on no insurance!! they told me 950 a peice for the crowns, so i will worry about the tooth that looks ucky, and leave the other one. I would call someone, like a lawyer and ask for advice on this, that is allot of money to throw away!! now you have to be toothless? or are they pushing you to get an implant? thats like 3500.00. keep us posted!!

deda44 02-14-2008 12:34 PM

Re: crown ruined root canal
"now you have to be toothless? or are they pushing you to get an implant? thats like 3500.00. keep us posted!!"

Wow your good! It's true I have been toothless and I believe he assumes he will do an implant as we were planning on putting in one behind where this now missing tooth is. But after the kind of work I have received so far I am naturally inclined to opt out on any major work like implants. The dentist doesn't know yet that I have decided to go with a denture and a mini implant instead
It's more than likely that I will be going out of state to a denturist to get the denture as I have already gone through excessive tribulations when it comes to letting a dentist or prosthodontist attempt to fit me with a denture through a a lab technician who I never even see. This kind of practice has got to change as it denies patients the right to have dentures that actually fit.

jenny1234 02-14-2008 05:27 PM

Re: crown ruined root canal
At a minimum you should get a copy of your records (ask for them as you wait) and report the dentist to your state dental board. They likely have a website with a link to their complaint form. Submit a detailed letter about what happened and include your records. If the records are not correct, note the errors in your letter. Make sure they used gutta percha for the root canal filling material.

If you contact a lawyer you would likely get turned down as this is not a big money maker.

Your state chapter of the AL Dental Association, likely has a group that mediates these types of $$ issues. I suggest you contact them...after you get your records.

By all means - FIND A NEW DENTIST.

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