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    Old 05-19-2009, 05:50 AM   #1
    Junior Member
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    Carrie1970 HB User
    Question Top Denture? Bridge? help!

    Hi there!

    I haven't posted here in a while - will try to give a background without being too long! I have had dental problems my entire life. I am 39 years old now. About 12 years ago, I had many root canals (almost on all of my teeth), and had a six tooth bridge on my front six teeth. This never seemed to sit right, and I had a lot of gum problems. About 3 years ago, my new dentist (I moved to a new state) removed that bridge and gave me a new temp bridge in an effort to try to clean up my gum problem with a better fit. This worked.

    Due to root canals gone bad, I had an apicoectomy on tooth numbers 8 and 9 (the two front teeth), and a back tooth. One of the front teeth (I think its #8), never stopped hurting after the first apico. I took rounds of antibiotics, it would get better, then hurt again. This went on for months. My oral surgeon decided to re-do the apico on that tooth. That was in December. The tooth still hurts (it never stopped), and now I have a "bump" way up under my lip/nose area that hurts a lot. I am on antibiotics again and am going back to the oral surgeon to get it checked yet again next week.

    To get a permanent bridge on these 6 teeth is going to cost about $7500. I believe at this point I can only think of getting tooth 8 extracted? I do not believe this tooth can be saved and I am not going to have an implant as I dont trust this area of my mouth after all the surgery thats been done there. So I am guessing that the extraction itself will cost quite a bit (I am always put out with anesthesia).

    I have 11 teeth on the top, which is actually 3 bridges. The front 6, then two bridges on the side. All of these teeth had root canals, and now 3 have gone bad. I am scared eventually they will all go bad. In the past 3 years, this has cost me $28,000. I do not make a lot of money and most of this was paid via credit card, or loans from family members.

    So now I ask myself, should I just have all top teeth extracted and get a top denture to at least have a final solution to this? If I pay for the bridge, and something goes wrong with any other tooth, I have no money left to have it taken care. This scares me very much. My oral surgeon is against this, he thinks its drastic, and then I have thrown all my money away. Either way, that money is gone to me. I am concerned for the future, and getting out of pain! This is causing me a lot of financial and emotional stress.

    I am looking for honst advice from anyone who cares to share.

    If I were to get a top denture, can anyone answer these questions for me:

    - approximately how much does the extraction surgery cost (being put out with anesthesia)? Just a ballpark is fine

    - how much pain after this type of extraction? Will I be out of work for a long time? Lots of swelling?

    - how much approximately is a top denture?

    - are they very uncomfortable? Different types? I have never seen one.

    - will it make my mouth / face look different? Will it shove out my top lip?

    - do temp dentures go in right after the surgery? How long does this last? Does it look ok in the interim?

    - is it very hard to get used to? I do have a bad gag reflex.

    I am worried sick over this! I am meeting with a new regular dentist today, as I dont like my regular dentist. I do like my surgeon, tho.

    Any advice and help would be sooo appreciated!

    Thank you!


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    Old 05-19-2009, 10:44 AM   #2
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    bergerbaby HB User
    Re: Top Denture? Bridge? help!

    hi i do feel for you as i have been in same boat,spent thousands of pounds ,on trying to repair damaged teeth what dentist have done to me

    i am afraid i cant help you a lot on your questions ,as i wouldnt know
    i do have a denture with 3 teeth on the front and one at the back

    i can answer one of your questions in what denture i have got ,is
    "would it make my lip bulky at front"??

    No it wouldnt if denture was made right ,it would fit to suit shape of your mouth and face !!

    i too had a bridge and because of a dentist not putting it in or making it properly i was in terrible pain and after years of finding a dentist to put it right
    i had another one put in a far beter one ,but because of the damage caused from the first one
    it came to a decision i had to have the bridge taken out !!

    and now i got a denture with 4 teeth and a tooth at back on it

    i cannot tell you how comfortable is a full denture ,but i do know whether you have a full denture or part ,your denture feels whole of your mouth !
    probably a full denture would be more comfortable rather then part denture like mine
    as its not fighting against your own teeth and have to fit in

    i do know many including my mum who has a full set of teeth and get on really well with them she eats anything and everything with them
    top dentures i do know myself are far easier to get on with
    as you have the suction of the roof of the mouth to keep them in place !!

    bottoms dentures are far harder to get on with purly as they have no suction to help them stay there !!

    but preserverance gets there in the end and you get use to them
    my mum said it took her a while to get used to them and she did gag for a bit but eventually she was fine with them

    i would advise ,you to find a good dentist or a denture technician and ask for a good set to be made
    as you will feel more confident in a good denture that looks good rather than a cheap looking one that looks false
    loads people dont realise i wear a denture

    but obviously a denture covers the pallette of your mouth so you wont have as much enjoyment as much as you have now having a dentuire as its covering whole of your mouth
    as at moment you still have your roof of your mouth free from plastic

    hope you understand that bit ??

    incase you dont as i am not always good at explaining things

    at moment your roof of your mouth ,your pallette tastes the food you eat
    when you have a denture ,it covers the pallette so food hits the denture rather than the pallette
    but saying this obviously you still enjoy your food lbut you willalways feel the plastic in your mouth.

    but reading what you said how many acycetomy's you had and nerves taken out
    it does weaken your teeth and eventually you probably need a denture in end as your bone structure and teeth would break
    so thinking of how much u spent already and if you can afford any more ?
    to whether it actually work or not?

    but i do agree in great caution even if you could afford implants ?
    i doubt too implantrs would be for you as you have to have good bone posture and good gums for them to work
    and are harder to maintain so might cause you more grief in long run

    me personally i wouldnt go for anothr bridge ,see if they perhaps can do something with the ones you got now ?
    or i would for now get a costing from a few good dentist or denture technicians and think long and seriously
    whats best for you !!
    as obviously once you have teeth out your only option is a denture as you cant put your teeth back once theyre out

    hope some of what i said helps you !!

    but at the end of the day it has to be your choice and no others
    try and talk to people who have dentures and weigh things up?

    good luck

    Old 05-25-2009, 09:54 PM   #3
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    Toothy73 HB User
    Re: Top Denture? Bridge? help!

    Hi Carrie,

    I am in same boat as you- spent waaayyyy too much money, only to have most of my (even twice canalled-capped) "saved, root canalled-and-capped teeth pulled due to failure of root canals and fractures. I , too, am seriously considering getting dentures because I am so tired of being in pain, having painful dental appointments, abcesses, root-canals (only to fail) and dnetist says "NO WAY" and too drastic- but I say WHY??? It all goes down the drain, wasting money, being in pain, hating to go near a dentist office because each time is more bad news, more thousands I need to come up with to fight whichever problem pops up- etc. So I, too, am researching. Not sure if saving a few roots is best like called root-supported overdenture or if that new suction-valve denture is good...I, too feel like I don't want implants because whats to say those won;t fail, too- they have failure rates and I read on here a guy who paid so much for them, only to have them fail in 10 years (even though that is long, it still seems like more wasted $$, time and pain)-so keep me updated on your quest. My parents both had dentures and are happy. I am young, too- 35 (wel, I guess not that young LOL)

    Old 05-25-2009, 11:06 PM   #4
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    moneyshot HB User
    Re: Top Denture? Bridge? help!

    I got all my top teeth pulled 6 months ago, i can answer these questions as they happened to me.

    - approximately how much does the extraction surgery cost (being put out with anesthesia)? Just a ballpark is fine

    >>I paid $5200 canadian

    - how much pain after this type of extraction? Will I be out of work for a long time? Lots of swelling?

    >>I took one week off work (vacation pay) and BOY am I glad I did.
    Its just so nice to sit at home and recover.
    I was used to toothaches and the pain from having them extracted was about half that.
    I did not swell much at all, I had sedated surgury , I was not put under.
    I was awake and talking and co-operative but I remember nothing :P

    - how much approximately is a top denture?

    >>It was included in the above mentioned 5200

    - are they very uncomfortable? Different types? I have never seen one.

    >>I have a full top denture
    At first they bothered me, now I put em in and forget em.

    - will it make my mouth / face look different? Will it shove out my top lip?

    >>Your gums will shrink alot after extraction, then the dentures fill this gap.
    In the end I look normal with the denture in....but kinda weird without them.

    - do temp dentures go in right after the surgery? How long does this last? Does it look ok in the interim?

    >> I had them put in right after extraction.
    I looked like a million bucks the day after.
    I am still wearing the "temp" dentures as you call em. In my case I will be
    keeping these dentures, I have had 3 soft relines...more than average.
    I want to wait as long as possible to get the hard reline so I know the
    dentures will fit better. Some dentists will try to get you to hard reline after only 3 months. These patients end up going back for another reline after they dont fit anymore...more shrinkage.

    - is it very hard to get used to? I do have a bad gag reflex.

    >>It is hard to get used to them the first 3 or 4 months.
    The dentist can help you fit them if you have a gag problem.
    I too thought gagging would be a big problem for me...not so.

    For me dentures was the ONLY option. I do not regret it and happy now.
    Toothache?? PAIN??
    distant memories now.

    These are strictly my own views and only a dentist and yourself can determine what is right for you.


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    Old 05-31-2009, 03:27 PM   #5
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    Carrie1970 HB User
    Re: Top Denture? Bridge? help!

    Thank you all for your detailed replies! I have decided to get my six upper teeth extracted and get a partial. I will start a new post as I have some questions still.

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