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Had a Root Canal, Questions

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Old 06-13-2009, 12:23 PM   #1
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Had a Root Canal, Questions

I had a Root Canal yesterday. About 8 months ago, I chipped a molar and went to the dentist to get it repaired. The Dentist told me that they needed to do a Root Canal before actually being able to repair the tooth because of a cavity. After many months of setbacks, I had the root canal yesterday. They didn't finish the root canal however, I have to go back on the 23rd so they can finish and fix my tooth. They gave me a temporary filling and told me to not chew on anything hard with that tooth, since the filling could break. They didn't crown it either. If you want an idea of how damaged the tooth was, think of the Molar divided into 4 pieces, with 1 of those pieces missing (luckily the entire piece didn't break, just what's visible). I wanted to ask some questions however:

1. Is it normal to feel pressure on my tooth after a root canal? It feels like it wants to explode or something. If so, how long will this pressure last?

2. Is it also normal for a small bit of the temporary filling to come loose? Will the filling harden over time or something? Like I said, since 1/4 of the tooth was missing, it's possible for the filling to slip out.

3. What foods or drinks should I avoid? My dinner last night was...a bowl of apple sauce. So yeah, any foods I can eat? Cause damn I'm hungry. Is drinking Juice alright? I've been avoiding soda for a long time now, only drank it on occasion. I usually drink Apple Juice, and Berry Juice or some other mixed Fruit Juice like Tropical Punch or something. Bought bottles of water though yesterday as well.

4. Is it alright to use Mouth Wash? I usually use Mouth Wash every night before I go to sleep. But I didn't last night, so just wondering if it's alright to keep using it.

These are the only questions I can think of at the moment. I appreciate the help.

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Thelma-Louise HB UserThelma-Louise HB UserThelma-Louise HB User
Re: Had a Root Canal, Questions

Not sure I know all the answers you seek but will try my best:

Yes some pressure or pain is expected with a tooth recently treated however if it become intolerable contact your dentist. Hopefully he has prescribed a course of antibiotics and a few days of pain killers for you - if so you should be taking them, if not you may want to call him and advise him of your symptoms. The 2nd appt will greatly relieve a lot of discomfort in the tooth.

Yes its normal for temporary fillings to come out or loosen - usually this is just extra surface filling. Should the entire filling come out you can use Dent Temp or Temparin which are temp filling compounds sold in pharmacies or drugstores. However you could also contact the dentist and he can put a new temp filling in it.

Other than the first day - I basically ate normally - I just tried to limit my heavy chewing to the "other" side.

I would avoid using mouthwash or risnses with alcohol - this can dry out the temp filling and make it more likely to become brittle and loosen and fall out. It should be Ok to use one which does not contain alcohol. You may not want to rinse too vigorously nor "over" brush the tooth recently treated so as to not disturb the temp filling as well.

Good Luck!

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Re: Had a Root Canal, Questions

I agree with what Thelma said. I had a root canal done on a molar the Tuesday after Memorial Day because I broke a piece of it off that Saturday of the holiday weekend. I used the tempfill stuff and it worked ok for a temporary fix until I could get in to the dentist.

As far as the exploding feeling, make sure to take the antibiotics because it sounds like an infection.

Good luck.

Old 06-15-2009, 02:45 PM   #4
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Re: Had a Root Canal, Questions

The doctor never prescribed me any antibiotics or pain pills, which actually came as a shock to me. He told me to take Motrin IB for the pain. The throbbing feeling is gone however and unless I bite down really hard on the tooth (which I did by accident yesterday), then I don't really feel any pain. I do have some old Ibuprofen 800 MG pills that I used to take for a muscle problem a few months ago.

Right now the hard part for me is trying to eat some food. Lately I've bought a lot of soft foods to eat, but it's harder for other foods that require a lot of chewing.

Old 06-28-2009, 11:35 AM   #5
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Re: Had a Root Canal, Questions

I had the 2nd part of the Root Canal on Wednesday. It would've been Tuesday but the Dentist's Office was backed up very bad and we couldn't do the root canal that day, so had to reschedule for the next day in the morning. Unfortunately, they gave me another Temporary Filling since I was bleeding too much and couldn't place an actual filling until it heals up some. So I have to wait a month to get the actual filling, then I need to get a Crown sometime after.

Anyway, I had some bad pain following the procedure. The Doctor didn't prescribe me any Pain Pills or Antibiotics. Instead once again told me to keep taking the Motrin. Yesterday, it seems the swelling started and it's still going on today, but the pain has died down a lot, though I'm still cautious about it, and there is pressure that comes and goes. Is the swelling normal? And if so, how long will the swelling last? Is there anything I can take or do to help get rid of the swelling or at least slow it down?

Also, since the doctor didn't prescribe me any Antibiotics, how should I know if I need to go back to that doctor and tell him that I need antibiotics?

Edit: Forgot to mention, but is it normal for the swelling to be on the half of the mouth where I had the root canal? Or only the area around the tooth that had the root canal?

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Old 06-28-2009, 09:46 PM   #6
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Re: Had a Root Canal, Questions

Hi there. Root canals can be tricky business. Sometimes when the dentist works to clean out the pulp ( the nerve inside the tooth) and the pulp is already inflamed/infected, bacteria can be pushed passed the roots, an infection can follow. I'm glad to hear that the pain is gone for you, but watch that swelling. If it gets worse, spreads, is accompanied by fever, is draining pus, or starts to cause pain, these are all warnings to contact your dentist. Many dentists choose to put patients on an antibiotic as an adjunct to the root canal therapy to prevent this, but some feel that removing the nerve should solve the problem and so will not prescribe an antibiotic unless there is a problem. Just really watch it, okay. As far as what you can do for the swelling...keep taking the ibuprophen, and short intervals of ice can also help. If it doesn't improve, call the dentist. Good luck!


Old 06-28-2009, 11:24 PM   #7
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Re: Had a Root Canal, Questions

Yeah, after the Root Canal was finished, the Dentist took another X-Ray to make sure everything was OK, and it was. I also spoke to a Pharmacist today, and he said to keep taking the Motrin since it can help with the swelling. A friend of mine suggested taking Aleve since it's better than Motrin and was better at dealing with swelling. I'll probably pick up some Aleve tomorrow to help me out.

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