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mslux 07-26-2009 09:43 AM

cheek swelling again-what is next step?
In early may I had to have a re-treat root canal on an upper right molar. I already had thyroid surgery scheduled for early June but was experiencing that tale-tell soreness in the tooth about a week before my surgery so I had it checked by endo as didn't want the surgery interferred with.

He said nothing was wrong and it was too soon after the RC to know if it was good to go or not. I returned a few days later as the "something wrong" feeling was more pronounced. Again he said was tok.

On the day of the surgery I reported to the hospital with a huge swollen cheek. Needless to say the surgeon cancelled surgery for that day and sent me home with an antibiotic. I had just seen that surgeon two days beforehand and I had detailed my concern, but he hadn't been concerned either, until he saw the visible infection in my cheek.

I returned to the endo two days later, June 7 I believe and he preformed the apecectomy(sp?)= gum surgery to accesss that tooth. He wrote my surgeon a note saying he didnt expect a re-infection. I did have the thyroid surgery June 24 and still have some swelling from it, but a few days ago I noticed again that "something wrong" feeling in the treated tooth, and the tale-tell ear pain and some cheek tenderness.

I'm miserable now-does this mean that the procedure was a failure? I'm feeling kind of whiny now because I've had a lot of root canals done over the years, but this is the first time the problem has persisted. My throat being still swollen from the surgery concerns me too although the surgeon says that should subside, but I'm just concerned about having a tooth infected while that is going on

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