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willow22 09-01-2009 09:32 AM

Please help: big decisions - LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
I've had a very disheartening visit to my dentist. Gum problems flared with a vengeance recently (severe pain, swelling, visible infection at one tooth) and after two sets of bitewings I have advanced perio disease (pocket depths were all over the place, 2's to 9's, but most were higher than 4, a lot of bone loss per dentist). I was given options that are all hard to come to terms with:[LIST=1][*]cut/suture surgery on gums, remove loose front teeth and get front partials[*]surgery +get implants but must build up bone with grafts first, all fees involved cost could go as high as $20,000 so that's out of the question[*]remove all teeth and get dentures. I am [I]so not[/I] mentally prepared for that option! (Tho will admit a small part of me finds the thought of no more dental issues is an attraction.) [/LIST]
I knew any news would not be good before I went in so researched LANAP. When my dentist wanted me to see his periodontist/associate right away I told him I really wanted to get a LANAP consult first and asked for a referral. But he didn't know anyone (I've checked, no one in the nearby area does this). And then he sort of shot it down, said I might get good temporary results but within a year my 'teeth would probably fall out' so what was the point of it? (He was exaggerating to a degree - I think - in trying to make his point.)

He agreed to hold off till I got the consult. I had to call the manufacturer to get dentists referrals, thankfully since I live near a large city and two LANAP trained dentists less than an hour away. But it's still a 'cold call' because I know nothing of either of them.

Anyway, I am desperately searching for input from anyone who has had LANAP, especially with bad perio disease, and what the results were further down the road. (3 days of searching the web and this is the only site I found with personal experience relayed.) I see a couple members here had it done last year but have not posted back since - perhaps (fingers crossed) that means they have no further problems to report/ post back about?

TRC101 09-02-2009 07:15 AM

Re: Please help: big decisions - LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
Sorry to hear about your situation. You're definitely not alone.

I had LANAP done to me last October. Similar situation - pockets from 3 to 8, mainly all above 4s. I had been going to a dentist who said we could "maintain" it by having cleanings every 2 months. That didn't work.

So I researched everything and opted for LANAP. I had the procedure done last October and have gone back for my regular cleanings since then. However, they will not probe for pockets depths until the 1 year mark, so I really don't know how much my condition has improved. I'm scheduled to have my next visit in mid-October, so I'll post results once I have them. What I can tell you is:
- my gums look healthier and pinker
- I have zero bleeding when I floss and brush
- teeth that were once super sensitive to cold (ie, exposed root) are no longer sensitive. I think because the gum has reattached.
- I'm a maniac about my dental care

Only negatives are that I'm also a bruxer (teeth grinder). Even through I wear a nightguard, I still wake up with sore teeth. Party because of the bone loss I think. The 4 front bottom teeth that were slightly mobile are still slightly mobile. I'm guessing I haven't had any of the bone regeneration that some claim can occur as a result of LANAP. After the procedure was done, I definitely lost some more gum tissue between my teeth. I think they call it "papillia"? Basically most of those are gone and I have small spaces between my teeth. Not sure if this was due to bad technique with the laser or if she intentionally cut them back. Kind of annoying becuase now food gets caught in there and I have to swish with water after every meal. Not a huge deal, but kind of annoying.

Anyhow, I feel for you. For a while it's all I thought about and stressed me out like crazy. Now I'm just accepting the fact that I'm doing all I can to keep my teeth and hopefully this procedure has worked. If not, getting Dentures is not the end of the world. My Dad has them and he functions just fine. If you end up going the denture route, there's a great forum called denturesanewsmile out there

I'd suggest getting a lanap consult before you do anything. When you meet with the dentist, ask to speak with some references who have had this procedure done more than 1 year ago (ideally 2 or 3 people). If you can afford it, this would definitely be a logical first approach before getting any teeth pulled.

As far as your current dentist shunning the lanap idea, it's typical. Mine was the same way. How could a patient with no formal training possibly know more about treatment options than a highly educated and trained dentist? ; ) Don't listen to them...get a 2nd opinion.

willow22 09-02-2009 10:28 AM

Re: Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
Thank you so much TRC101 for the info!
I have my LANAP consult tomorrow. Just put a post-it on my xray envelope to get other patient references, and some other questions (thanks for that!).

Yes, it's stressful and demoralizing. But I see that a lot in posts here, so am not alone for sure! Think the part concerning me most is some options, once done, there's no turning back (such as extracting teeth).

I'm also considering a consult with a DDS who has an onsite denture lab so no sending out, just to get his take. He has advanced education in implants, so no doubt will encourage that if possible, but again, I think it's just going to be far too cost prohibitive. We'll see.

Oddly enough I have no bleeding when brushing (except when I switched to Oral B Pro toothbrush, but that lasted 2 days, thought it was the high rotation of the brush). No sensitivity, gums didn't appear obviously diseased till this flare-up. This past week they hurt so bad I don't sleep, have to cut food with a knife, and clearly have changes in gum appearance, swelling, dark spots. Obvious symptoms hit full force out of the blue.

I am a jaw clencher, don't even realize I'm doing it, and think sometimes I do grind my teeth at night so will mention that.
I am concerned that your mobile teeth are still mobile. I have one front tooth that is barely hanging on (injury from minor accident) and a couple others that are slightly mobile from perio disease. I was really hoping those would become stable again post LANAP. (My teeth used to be near perfect till shifts started to occur.) Was told by my DDS that a bridge can't be done on that very loose front tooth because of slight mobility of surrounding teeth, so unless I opt for bone graft/implant on that front tooth, or am offered an alternative in consults, I'm definitely looking at a partial there.

Thanks so much for the info on the denture board, I am checking it out next. And thanks for reassurance about DDS reaction. I was disappointed in that regard, and it brought my visit to a subtle but swift close (no cleaning or exam by him as was planned, just wrapped up the conversation, a bit of whispering behind me and hygienist said "ok, I'll walk you back up front now.) Hours there and all I had were bitewings and discussion, and was so stunned by news I got just wanted out of there anyway.

I keep reading/hearing there is little to no pain with LANAP. Was that your experience? I've handled caps, root canals no problem. But the thought of someone cutting my gums and stitching, just can't seem to bear it.

the74impala 09-08-2009 10:57 PM

Re: Please help: big decisions - LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
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Results depend on many things, but you taking care of yourself correctly is HUGE! LANAP is not magic, but it sure does some neat stuff. It is too bad so many dentists are ignorant to what LANAP offers, and poo poo it out of that ignorance.

As long as you don't define "demoralizing" as being told by someone who cares that you are in bad shape, and here are your options, go somewhere else. I don't know any LANAP dentists that make people feel bad intentionally. You are actually in the majority of all adults if you have gum disease, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! No doubt about it. Just don't give up until you find out all your options. If no one near does it, call and find out who is closest. It will likely be worth the drive.

Also, not everyone bleeds, especially if they smoke. Which by the way (smoking) is about the worst thing you can do for gum health.

TRC101 09-14-2009 10:25 AM

Re: Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??

I keep reading/hearing there is little to no pain with LANAP. Was that your experience? I've handled caps, root canals no problem. But the thought of someone cutting my gums and stitching, just can't seem to bear it.[/QUOTE]

The laser was the easiest part. The needles hurt, especially ones in the pallet....but if I can survive it, anyone can. The cleaning was forceful...not really painful, but probably one of the deepest cleanings I've had in my life. The laser is really nothing. The smell is kind of gross, but it's a piece of cake. I was definitely sore for a few days after the fact and my teeth were mildly painful for a few weeks after the fact.

Tim in MA 11-04-2009 01:31 PM

Re: Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
As a follow-up, I had my 1 year check-up today from my LANAP procedure. My perio-charts show a lot of improvement on my pocket depth. Before my surgery, I had pockets mainly from 5 all the way up to 8. Lots of 6's & 7's. Today when the checked, I hand mainly 3s, 4s, and 5s. A couple 6s here and there, but definite improvement. Unfortuantely I'm still bleeding. The probing didn't hurt like it did pre-lanap, but she did see slight bleeding when she probed. The cleaning brought out more blood, which tells me I still have signs of infection. I honestly don't know what else I can do differently - I'm absolutely maniacal about my home care. I'm happy my pockets have shrunk, I'm not happy that I'm still bleeding. Not sure what other options I have at this point except staying on top of my home care and getting cleanings every 3 months....

aliensweetie 11-29-2009 05:35 PM

Re: Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
Hey sounds like you have been on a road.. i don t have any loose teeth but was told to get a periodontist consult he told me in april flap surgery was the best..than last month he called and suggested this lanap be done.. I agreed and made an appointment for this week but.. my question is why would they just do the back two teeth molars on top.. i know i have perio.. diease and to do it on all needed teeth..? he also wants to put endogain growth enhancer in those two back molars.. one is a 8 and one is a 6 he said.. these two teeth with endogain would cost 3000 sounds higgh to me anyone have any input ...thinking of getting a second opinion.. appointment is set for tues morning..

willow22 11-30-2009 09:08 AM

Re: Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
Oh boy, this site and by browser don't like each other.
I had a long detailed reply and browser crashed again.
Have not been able to get back here, so much going on
(surgery, then broke my ankle, immediately followed by flu). :dizzy:

First, wanted to thank everyone for responses!
I'll add more info later, have work today.
In brief, LANAP was NOT horrible, and I'd highly recommend it!!!

[B]aliensweetie[/B], I mostly wanted to get a quick response to you for now.
$3k is a lot of money for 2 teeth. Have no idea what endogain is. Urge you to get that 2nd opinion!!
Here is my cost breakdown:
(Note LANAP cost includes 1st pass with laser to remove infection, then ultra sonic cleaning (scaling planing), then 2nd pass with laser to seal gums, plus all surgical follow up appointments and I think another perio cleaning in 6 months. Have to check my paperwork on that, but you get the idea. ;) )
LANAP upper: $2200
LANAP lower: $2200
4 extractions: 760
Temporary Partial: 250
Total $5410

LANAP is an approved procedure so dental insurance paid about $2000. Used up my limit for the year, but hey, every bit helps! I was able to get a medical line of credit with a lender through my dentist, with no interest for one year, so that helped too.

So as you can see, total for only LANAP was $4400 and that was my entire mouth. If you're going to get it done, I would urge you to get it all done a.s.a.p. If I done research and known of lanap sooner, odds are very high I would not have lost my 4 front teeth. So if you know you have perio, best to get it all taken care of.

I'm not a dentist (obviously), but it just doesn't make sense to address an infection at only two teeth. There is nothing stopping the remaining infection left in the rest of the gums from spreading right back to those two teeth that were treated ?!

Do get a 2nd! I don't think I can say web site name here. But you can google "PerioLase" and first hit will be manufacturer of the machine. Check the info for patients, they will list a toll free #. Call, tell them you'd like names of dentists close to you. They will ask for your zip, then give you 4 dentists that are nearest. They will tell you how long each dentist has owned the laser (5 yrs use was a comfortable number for me), & verify they completed all training. But they can't/won't make a recommendation, so checking further up on a dentist after that is up to us.

I just don't get treating only gum area at two teeth, it doesn't make sense to me.

aliensweetie 12-01-2009 12:12 PM

Re: Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
hey thanks willow I did go today for a second periodontist opinion he said do right side which is 1800 or so and left side 1900 all adds up doesn t it..he believe my bone loss is cause of wisdom teeth that was what the emdogain is to regenerate bone not I am confused..
said something about root sensitivity afterward which is of concern for me .... cause the laser does take tissue away. but attachment is the key her I suppose.. i have 24 hours to decide will call on root issue but I don t like having this put off either.. thanks for post and will keep in touch..ggood luck mm

willow22 12-02-2009 02:44 AM

Re: Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
You're welcome. It's daunting, isn't it? ;)
Glad you got a second opinion! What's with the 24 hour deadline to decide? It's not good for you to have to make decisions under pressure like that!

So just curious, if it's bone loss and wisdom teeth, do you have to keep the wisdom teeth? Can you just have them extracted? (I think I was 16 when I had mine out, as was common then).

aliensweetie 12-02-2009 03:59 PM

Re: Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
Hey I am gglad you understand ..I don t have any wisdom teeth either.. think the bone loose for me is cause of age and arthritus..but did make an appointment to have one side done they can do it..I don t have insurance so they were doing a cash discount of the 10 per cent..they are doing whole side for the price the other guy was doing just for upper so have to count my is very nerve racking I dont understand their language so have to run it by several other people to help .. but hey my goodness it sounds like you have had alot to deal with too willow with all this behind you maybe youo can relax some..and know your teeth are happy..I have put this off for awhile and feel the lanap is well worth the hassle of keeping my porcelin thanks for all yoour help you did help when I needed it.. bacteria 0 happy gums 10.. let me know how things are will be a couple of weeks until I can get me lanap but now I feel secure and waiting isn t numbering my days just being patient..peace

aliensweetie 01-14-2010 09:26 AM

Re: Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
Hey don t know if anyone is still readingg these post but had my lanap done on my right side about 4 weeks ago it went as described in other posts took about 2 hours the needles were the worst and than they ultrasoniccleaning after the debriement with laser..finally the clotting with the mouth was sore for a few days no bleeding or swellling noticed ..than the second half done last week same procedure . I had two 7 mm pockets on back molars a few 6 s and 5s ..the second side was more sore think cause i have two crowns he cleaned out underneath being the reason.. of course some gum loose due to tissue loose but that seems to be attached so the waiting game go back next week for two week appointment on last part done guess he will give game plan .. i will be glad when i can go to movies and eat popcorn again.. my big question is my bite occulasion ..seems when i bite my one side hits first ..don t know if that is cause they got that bad stuff out or some minimal sweeling around the gum..called my regular dentist to ask if i had that before he said he can t recall any difference through the years.. so I will take that to peridontist next week he may want to hold off on bite adjustment cause that side has fillings and a porcelian crown.. ..I live in tenn..and he charged 3500 with 10 percent of if i pay before hand..for people wanting to know prices.. depends on case and time involved.. too i suppose.. but I feel this gives you more of a chance to save those molars etc.. if it s possible better than alternative surgery ..funny though just eating on half your mouth.. well enough of my rambliing..will post after my following post op..visit...:wave:

lospenns 01-23-2010 01:11 PM

Re: Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
Tim in MA,

Thanks for posting your update. It is so helpful to hear from you again following your treatment in 2008. I'm glad to see that you had some improvement from your LANAP. Even though it wasn't a cure-all, it seems to have helped you some. The alternative slice and dice osseous surgery may not have yielded better results and you'd have been in alot more pain.

rhodell 06-22-2011 02:47 PM

Re: Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
Did you have LANAP? I am considering it and would like to talk to people who have done it.

Goingnuttz 01-15-2012 10:39 AM

Re: Please help: big decisions - LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
Hi, have you had your procedure done? I am going nuts I also have similar problems and am considering the Lanap procedure. I have had so many consultations and am so confused. Any imput would really help. I am interested in knowing the results and how you feel? Thank you' any imput from others would truly help me I am so desperate and driving my family and myself nuts!

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