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supereen 12-23-2010 06:51 AM

Front Tooth Extraction a week ago...
...and not sure if what I am feeling is "normal".

Had my front tooth removed due to root resorption - the plan down the line is to get an implant but due to the state the socket/bone was in, I have to wait and heal before the dentist can decide if he can indeed do an implant or not.

Anyway - I had my stitches taken out yesterday and I Was hoping that would alleviate much of the discomfort I am feeling. But it hasn't. Above my upper lip area, its very sore, right up to my nose, and it feels "squishy". When I told my dentist this, I told him that it almost feels like collagen. I had collagen injected into the heel of my foot a while back and the feeling was almost similar. Well, I was pretty taken aback when he told me it sure is collagen, that he injected it when I had the tooth extracted. I wasn't even aware of this. No wonder I look like I had a shot of Botox! But its very sore too. I can't lift my upper lip back very far, and when I blow my nose, its painful. The dentist wasn't too concerned though and assured me the swelling and pain would go away soon. Oh! And the roof of my mouth is still soooo sore. I am supposed to wear my flipper but it hurts too bad. I put it in, wear it for about 2 hours, then it gets too uncomfortable (and forget about eating with this thing in), so I take it out and then my mouth is even sorer than before.

Who has been through this?? Please tell me there is an end to this pain and swelling in sight!! :dizzy:

Gellia 12-23-2010 01:33 PM

Re: Front Tooth Extraction a week ago...
I had my four top front teeth out and implants placed immediately after.

I had pain all up the side of my nose to my eyes. And, yes the roof of my mouth,.. OMG, it hurt so badly I had a hard time using my partial. I found out later this was from the palate shots to numb the area for the removal and then implants.

And, swollen....LOL it was a good thing it was Halloween because my head looked like I had replaced it with a pumpkin!

Swelling was the worst on the third day but it went down rapidly after that. I couldn't lift my lip for weeks!

Many times when someone is considering an implant in the future they will do a syringe of "bone in a bottle" or collagen to help with having sufficient bone and gums to do the crown part after an implant. Your dentist did you a favor.

If you decide on an implant I have to say I love mine. They look natural and I care for them in a natural manner. They do require professional cleanings every three months,
though. Sort of general maintenance, kind of like a car!

For the immediate, try sleeping with your head slightly elevated. Total swelling for me (remember I had four done and implants in at the same time) was about 10 days. I was a little bit sore though for about three months. The roof of my mouth took about two weeks. It was gradual and finally just went away. I would pull my partial down a bit so it didn't rest on the top of my mouth and if someone came by just snap it back up by closing my mouth. And, I ate soft food for for a long long time.

Hope this helps some. It WILL get better. Every day it will improve some and pretty soon you won't even remember you had it done.

My best to you,

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