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kittshelby 05-08-2011 11:43 PM

If I ask my dentist to pull out a Baby tooth, would h
I'm 17. The dentist told me I have 8 missing teeth. Most of the teeth with missing adult teeth are still baby teeth right now. Last year one of the upper mouth baby canine fell off. There's no adult teeth to replace it so my dentist got me Valplast. It's a removable single tooth denture which is virtually invisible unless you stare up close. AND, I'm loving it. It was cheap and no pain. I actually prefer having it removable and don't plan to get a permanent implant.

So here's my question. One of my lower mouth First Premolar tooth is also a baby tooth and there's no adult tooth to replace it. It's still not wiggly so I could technically keep it. But the problem is, there's a ugly shiny silver crown cover thing over the entire tooth. And since I'm an adult almost(17), it's really making me feel self conscience and uncomfortable to laugh or smile.

I asked my dentist last time but he told me to leave it since it's not wiggly. But I just can't keep if for the rest of my life. I tried wiggling it but it's blocked partially by the surrounding teeth so I can't only wiggle it one direction which makes it very difficult to wiggle it loose myself. I got it loose, but not loose enough to pull it myself.

So I plan to go to the dentist soon and ask him to please pull it out. And I want to replace it with a Valplast single tooth denture like he did for my canine.

So does anyone know if he will? Cause if he still won't, I will seriously have to use a pair of pliers myself to rip it out cause no girl will ever kiss a man with a ugly shiny silver tooth. At least with Valplast dentures, no one can tell they're fake at all and they're so comfortable and cheap.

The rest of the baby teeth with missing adult teeth are still intact, but I don't mind them cause they are normal looking. I only want to pull that one tooth because it has a silver crown on it.


Gellia 05-09-2011 05:47 AM

Re: If I ask my dentist to pull out a Baby tooth, would h
Before you go looking to have the tooth pulled, perhaps your dentist can replace the silver crown with a regular crown. Removing a tooth also leaves you open to bone loss in that area so if you can keep the teeth it's to your advantage. Bone loss in any toothless area will affect the teeth on either side so you are really better off getting a cosmetic crown rather than having it pulled and a denture.

Hope this helps.
My best to you,

Elizabetho 07-10-2011 01:27 AM

Re: If I ask my dentist to pull out a Baby tooth, would h
whoa! you have another option -- ask him to replace silver crown with porcelain-fused-to metal crown "pfm" (less expensive than procelain crown and can look good since premolar is not a front tooth anyone examines closely). if the baby tooth has a good root structure, you don't need to trash it! second, it may be possible to replace silver crown with what is called a "stip" crown -- basically a soft tooth colored plastic is injected to a mold that fits over the stump, and the mold is removed. all depends on what the status is of tooth structure under the crown. most dentists would agree to try either of these possibilities. hope this helps and the answer's yes!

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