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Help - Bottom front teeth trouble!

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Help - Bottom front teeth trouble!

My bottom front teeth have been throbbing for a few days now. The pain ranges from mild and tolerable to where I don't want to talk and just feel nauseous. It feels similar to the throbbing I get when using whitening strips, since my teeth are too sensitive for them. I noticed this happened after flossing my teeth a little too hard, so I thought maybe I just irritated the gums. It's hard to tell exactly where the pain originates from since it radiates through the area.

My bottom and top teeth are a little too close. Sometimes they hit, and I noticed tiny chipping on my lower teeth! My old dentist filed down the back of my top teeth, which helped temporarily, but I think they have shifted a little more again. I'm actually doing to my new dentist tomorrow to ask about everything, but wanted to get some opinions in case anyone has been through something similar, so make sure the dentist's opinion sounds reasonable. I'm wondering if one tooth could have gotten slightly worse over this week. I thought about asking about bonding and also a nightguard. I occasionally grind my teeth, but I mainly just want to protect these front teeth. I can control it during the day by keeping my teeth separated. I saw that veneers and lumineers are options for chipping, but I think that would only make my teeth too close again.

In the long run, I'd like to get invisalign and do plan on getting some information. Unfortunately I am going through some other health issues, and with the cost, it just has to wait for now. My teeth are not that bad and just a little crowded. Also, the chipping is very minor. You really have to look up very close in the mirror to notice it.

If anyone has any helpful tips, please let me know I was using a toothpaste with baking soda and peroxide, which I realize I should no longer be using! I switched over to an enamel-protecting sensitivity toothpaste. Also, I noticed that if I completely covered my lower teeth area with gum (I know, kind of random!) the throbbing went away. I definitely need some kind of protective barrier over wherever it's coming from. I noticed a slight improvement over the past couple of days. Today I went a few hours before the throbbing started!

PS - I'm also a little concerned about the nightguard idea. Are they really as uncomfortable as I've heard? I'd like to see if there is a softer, more flexible option. If it's a harder piece, I don't think it will work as well for the front teeth if the tops have chipping. I'm a light sleeper and often wake up uncomfortable. I have neck issues that radiate pain up into my face, so I worry that the nightguard might make that even more uncomfortable! Most people I know say they are a little bulky compared to some other similar options. I'm interested in the devices that go between the molars on either side and are connected by a bar too.

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Re: Help - Bottom front teeth trouble!

Update - saw the dentist and they said my teeth and gums look healthy! However, the only trouble they saw was how my bite is too close, so my top front teeth hit the front of the bottom teeth and there are little chips because of this. They recommended I start looking into invisalign and after that, they can do some bonding once it's corrected. In the meantime, I am not sure what to do! They are going to call me back in a week to see how I'm doing to see if the fluoride treatment and cleaning will help at all. No luck just yet. To prevent further damage until I get invisalign, I have been very good about keeping my teeth parted during the day and chewing softly. At night, I have a night guard to use.

Some other things that I find interesting is that the pain is gone temporarily in the morning. This makes me believe it would NOT be caused by nighttime grinding or clenching. The pain starts up before I eat or drink anything. Also, it feels BETTER when I apply pressure on the outside of my mouth, just above my chin. Most toothaches get worse with pressure.

Another possibility is something coming from my gums. Since it radiates through the area, I can't even tell where it starts! Hoping I get this figured out, because it's really uncomfortable and distracting from my day.

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Re: Help - Bottom front teeth trouble!

I'm so sorry your having pain and sensitivity. I don't really have any specific ideas or advice except to say.... MAKE them correct the problem. I have had a ton of dental work done over the years and I have been amazed at how much just having your bite off even a tiny bit can really cause some severe pain.

My dentist has also tried the fluoride treatments and then send you home and hope it solves the problem. I do recommend using a toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth. I have recently been using one that addresses pain and sensitivity immediately. It's by Colgate and it's called..... Sensitive Pro-Relief. I have found it to be very helpful.

I hope you post back and let us know what they end up doing to help you.

Just hang in there and keep after them until they fix the problem. Dental pain is the pits for sure.

Best of luck


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Re: Help - Bottom front teeth trouble!

bullymom - Thank you for your reply! I occasionally do grind my teeth at night, and I'm wondering if I possibly was grinding one night and cause a tiny bit of shifting and maybe that's what is bothering me. Usually when my teeth shift or I've been grinding, it's more of a soreness or tenderness, but it doesn't feel that way. It definitely throbs and is a sharper pain, but I imagine every case is different. I also could have worn down the enamel a little by doing this, making it constantly sensitive. The odd thing is that I don't notice cold beverages bothering me any more than the normally would. I was able to pinpoint where the pain is coming from, and it's where 2 teeth meet. I did have some mild tartar build up here, and with the crowding, my dentist said it could have caused the pain since the teeth were even more "packed" with needing a cleaning to remove the tartar.

I think the toothpaste you mentioned is the same one I'm using now! Hopefully with a little more time, it will help. I did see another sensitivity toothpaste out there with a different active ingredient (by Crest, and it was supposed to offer results in minutes, rather than 2 weeks like the other, but that sounds a little too good to be true). I can always try it in the future.

Since putting pressure on it helps, maybe it is some minor shifting that just feels different this time around. Using a night guard for now on should hopefully help if this is the case! My x-rays looked fine, so there doesn't seem to be any damage, but maybe the enamel is thinner here. I only had one day where it was hurting in the morning, so I have been doing better with less grinding at night. Sometimes I clench my teeth during the day, so I'm paying more attention to stop doing that too.

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