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17 Years of age and needing dentures :(

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Old 01-31-2012, 05:13 AM   #1
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poole2012 HB User
Unhappy 17 Years of age and needing dentures :(

Okay so im robert. im 17 years old. im from maryland i now live in the sunshine state. family moved here because of the cold weather weve had over the years. im a grade A Student. Roman-Catholic. Never done drugs. ive drank liquor a couple times. big whoop. i have teeth problems. my first teeth which was 2 teeth pulled was at age 12. lower back mid section i area i guess. scared me to death. and when i turned 15 i started having decaying teeth so my dentist did 16 filling 2 root canals 1 tooth pulled over 14 months. and the scary ness and angsioty got worse and worse and worse. it got to a point where they used the strongest pain killer. and relaxation pills. at my recent visit at that certain dentist i had an attack while on the highest rated relaxation pill. and on a pain killer. the dentist shot novacain in my front 2 teeth and the pain with through my nose into my eyes into my head i guess my brain into my chest into my arms into my elbows into my knuckles of hands and fingers and down to my stomach and down to my gentialia and back bone thighs cramped and knees shook and legs cramled and feet shook. i had an angsioty. painfully idk what but crazy attack that pain was going through my entire body and i went crazy i mean nuts i threw things pushed the dentist jumped up screamin acting like a nut and i was No WHERE NEAR! Relaxed. i wasnt light headed or anything i went crazy and nuts. so the dentist didnt make us pay anything he just said leave and dont come back. so on we did just that. i have never felt the same about the dentist again. now im 17 most of my fillings came out fell out root canal fillings came out the stick came out the nerves in one root canal wasnt dead. half of my teeth got infected the nerves finnaly died in some. the rest of my teeth are like volcanos ready and could erupt at any time. most of my teeth have broken the insides of my teeth are soft and spungy thankfully my gums look pretty normal to me. but my teeth arent. ive always brushed my teeth morning night floss. and my teeth kept decaying. and now ive been to few dentistrys. that all tell me i need implants or dentures alot tell me dentures because of my age. my bone structure needs to be fully grown and myy body needs to be fully grown. and they tell me get dentures hollywood style look good. glue them in with denture paste and all. and youll be fine. and when i turn 25 or whatever age im fully grown get dental implants individual teeth implanted in my mouth. like i want. but theres 2 problems im petrofied of having dentist touch my teeth and putting me to sleep never seems to work and i dont wanna die in a dental chair and 2 they have to take all 26 or 27 of my teeth out. yeah so um is there any suggestions and or experinces people have if so please.

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Re: 17 Years of age and needing dentures :(

I think alot of the problem is that the anxiety you have is giving you a heighten sense of pain. I understand the palate shots (the ones near your front teeth), I've had them numerous time for four top front implants, and they are the most painful shots you can get in your mouth. But, if you remember that ANYONE can stand anything for a short period of time, and repeat that over and over while you're getting the shots, your mind will be on something else. If you concentrate on the shots themselves, you freak yourself out. Obviously, from what you say, to a great degree.

So, it seems that you have all these dental problems but your anxiety is keeping you from doing anything about them. Let's pick it apart, OK? You need your teeth removed. You are still a bit too young for implants. Maybe you could check on implant supported dentures. They are mini implants and the denture snaps onto them. My understanding is they can be permanent or removable. Perhaps that would be a option for you.

You can get a regular denture and learn to live with it. They can be very natural looking and after a period of adjustment, as with everything dentally related, they can really be great until you are of an age for full implants if that's what you desire.

Now, how to get your teeth pulled? You could have a general anesthetic in the hospital.
But, to do that, you have to be willing to have an anesthesiologist present and tests before hand, just like any other major surgery would be. For most all that's not necessary, but if your anxiety is that severe it may be an option. But, you have to also be willing to bear the extra costs involved with a regular hospital admission.

How about IV anesthetic? It is administered at the oral surgeons office. It knocks you out completely and it DOES work. You cannot stay awake with an IV anesthetic.
You have to go to an oral surgeon and ask if they do IV anesthetic and find one that does.

Then there is nitrous oxide. It is administered via a nasal mask and not only can be quite effective in reducing painful stimuli, but anxiety as well. Usually an oral relaxant is given before hand. Novocain is also used but can be administered after the nitrous is started.
My 7 y/o granddaughter was able to have extensive dental would with nitrous.

Those are what can be offered. The rest is really up to you. YOU have to be able to stand a bit of pain for short periods of time without freaking out. Is it the pain you can't stand, the noise (use headphones) or what? Dental work can be a very personal thing. A person's hands are in your mouth. Once your figure out exactly WHY you have such anxiety about having dental work done and trust the dentist doing it, it can go a great way to making the experience alot easier for both you and your dentist.

Hope this helps.
My best to you,

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biid HB User
Re: 17 Years of age and needing dentures :(

I have had dentures for nearly 3 years now and I am 20. I had all teeth pulled in one session and I can tell you that the extractions were not painfull. The only thing I complained about was the my mouth fellt so full with the dentures, but that dissapeared in some days.. It is very hard having ppain and bad teeth trying to hide the fact that one have bad teeth. Your general health will improve and you find out that its sooo great to be able to smile.
Implants you can get whenever you want later on. We as you women get used to dentures very fast and the healing is much faster in young people than older.
I do not regret at all that I got dentures . I feel sooo harmonic now and I am socially much more active and have a bf who supports me and love my smile

Old 07-07-2012, 05:23 PM   #4
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slepey HB User
Re: 17 Years of age and needing dentures :(

Holy crap.
Of course he would be anxious at a dentist because no-one should ever get all of their teeth pulled out especially at a young age. It is ludicrious to advice him to go with it.
It is possible for you to save most of your decaying teeth as long as they stay alive. You need a drastic change in diet. I don't know how bad things are but if you are willing to do this it would take about a month for the first noticeable improvements.
USA people are constantly being fed with absolutely terrible processed food, diseased cattle, refined everything, food deprived of minerals, vitamins, nutrients.

You need to supply yourself with meat and edible organs from naturally bread and grass-fed animals, you need wholegrain foods which are not processed or refined in any way, as well as vegetables and fruits and quality fats like milk and cheese which come from the mentioned above healthy animals and also quality fish products. It might not be easy to find all of this but it's definitely worth the try. There's information on the internet about this, there's online shopping too if necessary. I can't post links here but if you're lost then i can PM you more detailed information.

People need to supply their bodies with minerals and vitamins and nutrients in order to maintain great health. You are what you eat. If you are eating fast, highly processed foods frequently then you have been deprived of so many goods which are so vital for teenagers, you are still growing up, your body is still in the process of development and it's in huge need of healthy foods in order to be healthy.

I forgot to state the (hopefully) obvious fact that teeth and your oral health as a whole should be thought of as one living organ, which is supposed to last your entire life in good condition. Oral health and teeth are very dependent on your food intake, just like every other part or organ of your body. The above mentioned foods are especially (but not limited to) good for keeping your teeth healthy or helping them heal and function normally.

P.S. Just noticed that this thread is old, so shameful because i'm probably too late with my advice

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biid HB User
Re: 17 Years of age and needing dentures :(

To Sley an Pool2012.
Its easy to say that one should keep the teeth and treat them to be able to keep them. Some times there are more than one reason for teeth going bad. Genetics, bad hygiene, and even with brushing infections can occur.
My dentist told me that treating the teeth trying to avoid periodontal desease and infections can be a fight against time as bone deteriorate fast under those conditions and when it has come that far that the teeth get loose there is little bone left for a good denture fit and even there can be little bone left for implants.
she told me that she always told her patients this and that pulling the teeth after trying to save them when there is enough bone left is a good approach. Then dentures can be a success and there will be enough bone for implants if one can afford it.
As you are a male gums do not shrink as fast as with us females and the bone is more dense.
My dentist also said that many people has been convinced by the dentist to have implants(implants is of course good) and they have told its good to take loans as its an investment. This can be unethical as people with bad economy can be convinced to take a loan in a desperate situation and get gross economical problems not only for themselves, but for the whole family. So she said that dentures are not that bad and will be a good substitute for bad and painful teeth and can save a family for economical disaster.
When thinking on myself I function very good with dentures and am happy with them and can eat whatever I want. I have no pain, its easy to keep the mouth clean and the general health has improved. And, last but not least I have a gorgeous smile.

And again, the extractions are not bad at all

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