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brrobert 03-05-2012 02:32 AM

Ten years later, wisdom tooth infected
Had all for wisdom teeth pulled while in military. The bottom left side of my neck ballooned and they threw me on a table, strapped my arms, put a sheet over my head, and I don't remember anything after that. They told me a piece of bone was stuck in my vein and could have killed me... Great, now to the real reason I'm posting here.

My top left wisdom tooth socket becomes infected about once every 4-6 months ever since the removal which was about ten years ago. The infection consists of a feeling of pressure where the tooth was, sore spot on roof of mouth, I become extremely tired for a couple days, and inevitably it end with a massive amount of disgusting amount of drainage coming from the original hole from the wisdom tooth. Do they not sew up the holes normally?

Anyone have this problem and any advice to take care of this without going to dentist? As you may have gathered, I no longer trust these med school underachievers.

Gellia 03-05-2012 05:13 AM

Re: Ten years later, wisdom tooth infected
I'm afraid a trip back to the dentist would be necessary. It sounds as though there are bone fragments that are causing a chronic infection. Unfortunately, this happens esp. when the extraction was a difficult one.

You need to go and have the area xrayed for bone fragments. They can usually be easily removed with a small surgical nick over them and then surgical removal. You can't do it yourself but I do URGE you to go. Chronic infections will only dissolve bone nearby and can affect your other teeth. PLEASE go and have this addressed. You could be saving your other nearby teeth from future failure.

Hope this helps. I am sorry it happened. It does though. Bone fragments after wisdom tooth removal are common.

Best to you,

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